To Steam, or not to Steam!

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Okay well we all know Bioshock is available for preorder on Steam. I'm debating just getting it through Steam instead of brick and mortar, but I haven't made up my mind 100%. I'll probably get it through Steam seeing as how I can play it instantly the night it is released =P

My roommate's computer died

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Well, it was acting funny for a while now, so he has been meaning to buy a new one here sometime soon. The computer just up and died though. We tried everything, even opened the case and made sure everything was plugged in snug and proper. It just won't turn on. At all. No idea why, as we're not exactly geniuses when it comes to computers lol. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't exactly have the money to go out and buy a new one yet, so for the time being he's stuck with a hunk of junk. Which means no computer games! Bad thing is he makes some extra cash on the side doing web design, and he can't do that now because of no computer, and he can't buy a new computer because he can't make some extra cash! DOH! I hope that doesn't happen with my computer *KNOCK ON WOOD*

What I've been up to

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Well, truth be told, not a whole lot. Haven't been spending much time on Gamespot seeing as how I just moved into my new pad this last week. Was a pain, but I had my dad and brother help me out so it went pretty quick at least. I'm rooming in a town home with my best friend and his wife. Pretty cool. We've been playing Dynasty Warriors 4 on the PS2 here lately. Fun fun!

In game news, I'm not sure what to get next. There's a lot of high profile games coming out in August. Lair for PS3 for one. I'm really interested to see how that turns out. HOPEFULLY good, because PS3 desparately needs some good exclusives or they are going to be seriously hurting. I own too many damned consoles lol. Yeah, it's cool having them, but when it comes time to decide what game to get next, it can be a pain. So many games I'd like to play, but I only have a limited amount of time to play them. I should probably rent more. That would be the smart thing to do, but I'm hardly known for doing the smart thing :P Plus, I like owning games. It's kind of a collector's hobby for me. Kind of like REALLY expensive Baseball cards. lol.

I'm still waiting to play my way through Ninja Gaiden 3 for the NES. The only Ninja Gaiden game I haven't beaten. But I'm afraid to start because holy crap, those games are BRUTAL. lol. I'll get around to it one of these days.

Got my wifi setup up and running in the new house. My room is upstairs and the modem and router are downstairs. Was a little worried about what sort of signal I get, but its good enough. Roughly around 50-60% strength on the signal. Thats enough for me. Bad thing was I had to plop down a 100 bucks for a wifi adapter for the 360. That was annoying. If even the Wii can come with wifi, you'd think Microsoft would have included that too...but nope! oh well.

Free MMO's

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Well lately I've been SO desparate for something new, I've been downloading some free MMO games. Surprisingly, I was actually impressed with what I've played so far. Now, let's get something out of the way first; these free MMO games are definitely Korean. Meaning, if you don't like Korean games such as Lineage 2, you're going to hate these :P But I've been having fun with them. I actually like Lineage 2, maybe I'm just weird. Anyway, I've been playing:


Last Chaos


Hero Online

Sword of the New World

I'd have downloaded Silkroad Online, which is very popular, but it was like 6gb at Fileplanet @_@

If you're bored, and want to try some free games, give these a shot.

I hate routers

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Well, my router died. Just up and quit working. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work, and nothing would work. So, luckily, the stupid thing has a 1 year manufacturer warranty, so I just took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it for another. This new one works, FOR NOW. But good god, how many routers are going to just up and die on me? I have the WORST luck with these pieces of junk. VERY frustrating....grrrr....

Games for July

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Well, I'm not sure what to get really, there's quite a few games I'd like to get. Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be released. I'd like to get that, but I'm not sure if I'll get that right away, seeing as how I have Ninja Gaiden for xbox, so it would be mainly for the hi def PS3 graphics. I was also thinking of maybe getting NCAA Football 08, but I'm currently playing MLB 07 The Show and having fun with that, so I don't know if I want to get involved with another sports title just yet (I like playing Season mode, so that keeps me busy for a good while).

Then of course there's my insanely long list of PSP and DS titles I'd like to get lol. (I own too many consoles lol). I bought FF Anniversary Edition with a gift cerfticate I had last week for the PSP. So I need to fire that up here soon. Still playing Pokemon Diamond on my DS.

Then there's some PC games and expansions I'd like to get. I saw this game at Best Buy for PC I hadn't ever heard of, named Fate. It looked sort of like a Diablo style game, which automatically piqued my interest. So I looked it up on Gamespot and it got a pretty good review. I might pick that up. Dunno. But in the realm of expansions, there is the Heroes V expansion I'd like to try. Adds some nifty stuff to the game (though I haven't finished the campaign in the original yet).

SOOOoo I have some deciding to do as I'll only be able to get one, maybe 2 if I'm lucky lol :P

Well my friend is going to work on my website

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So far my website has a whole lot of NOTHING on it lol ( That will hopefully change. My friend who does graphic design for a living is going to make me a spiffy website for my games I program and some web comics I have ideas for. Not sure when he will be able to start working on it, as he's already doing another friend's website in his spare time lol :P

He's really good though, so it should be impressive when he finally does get a chance to overhaul my site. Maybe I'll actually have some finished content to upload by then!

Special thanks to -Gungrave-

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Well some background info here first. I was having problems with Microsoft RTS titles not working. I kept getting the error "MSXML 4.0 is not installed" and the games wouldn't load. EVERY Microsoft RTS title I had quit working....Age of Empires 3, Rise of Nations and Legends, Age of Mythology...none of them would work anymore. I followed Microsoft's step by step instructions for installing MSXML 4.0 but to no avail. I was extremely frustrated.

Then the other day fellow Gamespot user, -Gungrave-, posted on the PC Games forums with the exact same troubles. Well I posted that I was having the same problem and couldn't figure out how in the world to fix it. Well, anyway, today -Gungrave- sent me a PM detailing how to fix it! YAY! :D

It seems you have to register the MSXML4.dll file manually. You go to Start -> Run then enter the command line regsvr32 c:windowssystem32msxml4.dll and that manually registers the .dll file and HOLY GOD my games WORK again!

So, a big thanks to -Gungrave- is in order because I tried everything to get these games to work. I didn't know how to register the .dll file and that seemed to be the problem All in all, I'm pretty happy today :D

Gamespot's new rating system

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Well, at first I was a little put off about it. Let me tell you why.

It wasn't so much the change to .5 incremental scores...that didn't bother me so much as the medals idea. But that was because I didn't fully understand how they were going to be used. For instance, one of the examples cited was "Slideshow" which was a demerit medal for a poor framerate. However, simply using a medal like this as a guideline leaves some unanswered questions. How poor of a framerate? Is it unplayable or just irritating? Can you live with it or is it unbearable? I saw room for lazy editors to leave important parts out of the reviews and just assuming that their medals would do the talking for them.

But according to the Letter from the Editor by Jeff, the written reviews are staying the same. So we'll still hear WHY a game is getting a certain award or demerit instead of merely looking at an emblem. So, after considering this, I think the new change will be fun. It might take a little while to get used to how it works, but overall, I think it's progress in the right direction.

It's official folks - I hate web design!

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So, I've been slaving away on the web design for my website I started out using tables, which is an outdated method of web design. I SHOULD have been using CSS and layers from the start, but I overhauled everything halfway through. I found most of the info I needed about CSS by googling. That's one thing I've learned. DO NOT run out and buy a book unless you absolutely have to. The Internet is actually a wonderful resource for coders of all sorts. You'll find forums, tutorials, etc., that teach you most of everything you need to know.

Unfortunately, one thing that can't be taught is how to make a good website design! I've literally gone through several design ideas over the last few days. My friend who is a graphic designer for the local newspaper sent me a design in photoshop. It looked awesome but it would have taken a lot of work to code that. So, I took the overall design and slimmed it down some. Doesn't quite have the same impact, but it looks good enough. I'm pretty happy with it for now. Now I just need to add the rest of the pages and content. Boring work, because really, my website isn't the focus. It's merely a place for me to store my indie game projects and (eventually) web comics. But first impressions are everything and if your site looks like crap, well, that's bad, because most people will assume the rest of your content is crap as well. So that's why I've been struggling so much with the design. I want it to look cool to attract visitors.

In other news I've begun filming some video blogs on youtube with my webcam. I'll see if I can post them here. I'll probably just upload them if I can instead of posting the youtube links. Not sure if youtube works in the blogs anyhow (guess I could test it though).

But overall I've been pretty busy working on my projects. Here's hoping I can at least get the website out of the way so I can focus on the important stuff!