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So yeah, my gamerscore is terrible :(

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Well, I can blame it on a number of things, everything from simply not playing my 360 enough to changing Xbox Live accounts. No matter the reason, the fact remains my Gamerscore is abominable considering I've had this 360 since launch lol. I guess a big problem is that I'm an active World of Warcraft player, so my time for gaming is somewhat divided. Being a multi-console owner in addition to playing WoW doesn't leave a lot of time. It's kind of sad really because I have a good number of 360 games, I just haven't finished them or played them online or something so that I don't really unlock many achievements. I'm not too worried about it though, anybody who thinks I'm lame for having a poor Gamerscore is probably someone I don't want to associate with anyhow :P

But seriously, I need to kick it into high gear and get me some points!!

New Purchases

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Got some new games. I picked up Twilight Princess for Wii, although I've been dead tired so I haven't had a chance to really play it much yet. Never played it on the Gamecube so this should be a lot of fun. Also purchased Lunar Knights and Custom Robo Arena for the DS on Can't wait to get those.

This month has been a super busy month for gaming. I still have my Halo 3 preorder to pick up on the 25th lol. Busy, but fun!

Well I got my Wii...and I love it!

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The kicker is I didn't have any money to get anything other than Wii Sports and Wii Play (came with the extra wii-mote). I'm really enjoying Wii Sports. Using the Wii Mote is definitely a nice change of pace and really something different in the gaming world. So far my favorite Wii Sports game is Tennis, then Bowling. I really like those two though I enjoy the whole thing. Can't wait to get a REAL Wii game lol :D

My Wii bundlie is scheduled to arrive today

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Well, it's been forever, but I finally am getting my Wii! I ordered a Wii bundle from and according to the tracking info it is out for delivery today! I totally can't wait! I've been missing out on the hottest thing in gaming for way too long now! :D

I'm finally getting a Wii!!!

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Omg, I can hardly believe it. has a bundle that isn't OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. It comes with some goodies and extras to justify the price. Not quite as cheap as just the Wii itself, but I'd have went out and bought the extra wiimotes and stuff anyways. It's just been simply impossible to find one at ANY store in my area and has been really frustrating so I broke down and ordered this gamestop bundle.

Still haven't picked out a first game for it yet....don't know. Probably either Twilight Princess or Metroid Prime 3.

Warhawk here I come!!

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Well finally, Warhawk for PS3 got reviewed, and it apparently lives up to expectations! This next month is going to be quite a wild ride for gaming! First I'll get Warhawk, then I already have my Halo 3 Limited Edition preordered! :) Fun fun fun!

EDIT - Well okay Warhawk may have to wait cause I bought a Wii instead lol :P

Need charter members for Mod Freaks Union!!

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Hello everybody! I need your help! I want to establish a union known as Mod Freaks which is dedicated to map making and modding for PC games! I have sent out invites so PLEASE check your union invites and help me get started! Even if you don't want to stay in the union please help me at least get it formed! This will be a great union where fellow gamers and would be designers can share their works, or learn how to get started in the mod community!!


To be a map maker

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Well, I decided to download the Source SDK through Steam, so I could make maps for Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike Source. Right now I'm focusing on Half-Life 2 Deathmatch maps. The Hammer editor is really very good. I've been using the SDK tutorials and it seems SOOO much better than any other crappy map editors I've used in the past for like Quake, etc.

When I finally get something decent I'll post it on my website for download :)

Negative recommendations on reviews...are they really accurate?

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Well, I have been writing player reviews for games here on Gamespot. Readers can either give it a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on if they like the review, or agree/disagree with it. The problem with this system is that I think it is somewhat biased as I personally feel that people will give you a thumbs down simply because you liked/disliked the game, and don't even consider the merit and quality of your review.

Now it is most definitely your perogative and right to give a thumbs down for any reason. Even if you simply don't like my shoe size, that's your right to give a negative recommendation if that's what you want to do. So, I'm not saying you should NEVER get a thumbs down, I just question the validity of some of these marks.

One thing I have noticed on news articles posted on Gamespot is that a lot of comments get a thumbs down merely for disagreeing with what the article stated. Their comment was written intelligently and was a good contribution to Gamespot as a whole. But yet, the legions of fanboys will have their way.

I feel that the thumbs up, thumbs down system of rating reviews and comments is too easily abused by fanboys. I don't think it accurately represents whether a review or comment was genuinely "bad" or not, but rather an opinion that either agrees or disagrees with fanboy views.

But yet, where do you draw the line? What constitutes fanboyism as opposed to genuine disagreement? You certainly can't police people's actions based on opinions. So, there's really nothing wrong with the system itself. But perhaps people should ask themselves whether a review or comment REALLY deserves a thumbs down, or even a thumbs up.

Food for thought.

Bioshock: The beginning of a new era?

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Well, as I'm sure everybody is aware, Bioshock has been getting outstanding praise and reviews by just about everyone on the planet. It's more than a first person shooter, it's an experience. One to be savored, and not to be missed. According to reviewers, it is truly a next gen game. From the sound of it, you can just about do whatever you want in the game. I really can't wait to get my hands on it. I already have it preloaded through Steam, however, I might just pick up the collector's edition in the store. We shall see. One thing is for sure, I will be playing the heck out of this game.

What will really be interesting is if Bioshock really does server as a wake up call to developers. Instead of giving us the same old linear, generic garbage, will they take the hint of Bioshock and truly start trying to make something that is a work of art? Only time will tell. Either way, gamers win.