Been busy... Whats up you guys?

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Yup! Been working at my new job for almost a year. Wooo... Got some new games and stuff since then. You can find out what they are on my profile. New Vegas, New Goldeneye, and DKC Returns are coming very soon. Cant wait to put my mits on them. lol Still need to get Super Mario Galaxy 2. Idk when Ill get that though... Working, gaming, and other fun stuff. Thats the way it is. If youre bored, check out my Youtube channel: Werd85. I have videos uploaded if you want to see what I do somethimes. See me play Mabinogi or see me with my Fiance doing stuff together in real life.

Anyway, how have you been? All my friends that still, sometimes, check on my profile.

Bethesda! Where is The Elder Scrolls V? Yay for New Vegas!

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OKay, Ive became a fan of Elder Scrolls once I bought my PS3 years back. Then played FallOut 3 and then Morrowind. I got to say it really fun gaming Im having. But its been 3-4 years since Oblivion was released. Im ready to see whats next! New Vegas is looking pretty good from what I saw on G4 at E3. Very excited for it! But it wasnt long ago since they released Fallout 3. I would of thought it would be The Elder Scrolls turn for a new release. I guess Ill have to wait a little while longer. Probably until the next E3. D=

Fallout: New Vegas, though, has the look and feel of Fallout 3, but with a big ZING!!! Twice the guns and the map is just as big as the Capital Wastelands. It also has a companion control feature to gove your companion at that time to do what your want on the mission or whatever you do in the wastes. Better than the simple walk up and talk to them to either follow or wait behind. New Vegas itself, is actually a fully functional city. Where as Wastington DC and thew previous cities in Fallout were barely function to not at all. New Vegas is definitely thriving as the first city in the Fallout series. lol I cant wait to try this for myself. =)

So, Ive been out for awhile...

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I had a lot of stuff happen since my disappearance. Internet was down for a while, then my computer decided to die when I did get Internet. So I had to wait another 2 months to get a new one. But everything has been peachy since I have my new computer. Games run better, less lag, and a pretty good computer. If you havent and want to play a good MMO, try playing Mabinogi. So far, its my favorite MMO Ive played. Its free, and fun! Ive on the game for a year and half. Never thought it would interest me this much.

Werd may be died, but Zero_D85 is still alive

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OKay, I've been real lazy lately. Nothing much has been going on lately. But I've played a lot of games. Werd has been died for 3 years, but that wont stop me from being me. I'm just rambling. Just letting you guys know that I'm alive and kicking. lol

I've been gone, but now I'm back! With a new toy! XD

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I've been gone most of the time cause of work, but now since I'm on vacation, I can finally catch up on some stuff. A few weeks ago I got a PS3 with GTA 4 and Oblivion. OMG, great games! The graphics are amazing! I can't wait until Final Fantasy XIII come out. On this vacation of mine I shall watch E3 08 Live on G4! A week long of gaming heaven! This week will be interesting. I can feel it.

I got Mario Kart Wii, Baby!!!

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Came in the mail today and did a few races and stuff. It's pretty sweet so far. The steering wheel is a nice addition as well. If anyone else has it, here is my FC: Drew: 0344-9799-1072

I'm still pretty rusty with Mario Kart. Haven't played in like ages, but I'll get the hang of it. I'm still playing Brawl too so if you want to fight me then lets have at it! >=D Just to let you, if you do race me, it'll probably be an easy win, but you never know. lol

Mother/EarthBound Series should be state side!!!

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Back in the day, there was a game for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan called Mother. Here is a summerized story that I got from the fan site It's a fan site trying to do a remake of Mother or what some fans call EarthBound Zero. This was supposed to release in the US but was cancelled cause they thought it would do bad in sale cause other games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior were doing well. It's all on


"A young girl looses her mother. A young boy is tormented at his elementary school for his intense genius, and another young boy becomes corrupt, seeking vengeance for the murder of his parents. In the middle of this, Ninten wakes up one night to find his house in chaotic disarray.

After returning the lamp to normal, Ninten ventures out to see things are still not right. Mimmie, Ninten's sister, is terrified in her room when her doll is running amok. Downstairs, Ninten's mother is barricading the door and wishing her husband was home. The phone rings, and who else but Ninten's father calls.

Ninten's father tells him there is something deeper going on, then a mere poltergeist. Ninten learns he has psychic powers, strange and unusual powers that are unexplained, except the slight mention of them in his Great Grand Father's Diary.

It's time for Ninten to embark on a journey, to get to the heart of the plague that has turned honest people into crooks, animals driven insane and piecing together a haunting melody that lingers in the Ninten will unite with the shy gifted one from the snow land, the weakling from the huge city, and the devastated youth of a crime infested town, to find an answer of their own. Who is destroying all these lives, taking the lives of a boy's parents and kidnapping an entire town's adults to leave the children helpless and terrified.

Who has lost his tail?"

Then there was the sequel as a lot of us know as EarthBound (Mother 2). It's about a boy name Ness (yes, the one from the Smash Bros. games) who wakes up after hearing a Meteor smash in the hills of Onett. So he goes to see what is going on and finds out that he is destined to save the world from evil aliens. He has to seek out his 3 alleys, Paula, Jeff, and Poo. Together they can stop the threat of the evil alien, Giygas, from destroying there world. This one actually came out for the SNES to the US in 1995. But it did so poorly in sales. Who would buy a game with a slogan "EarthBound: This game stinks!"? The game didn't stink! It was really really really good......DAMMIT!!! Nintendo messed up there, but doesn't admit it.

Next was the long awaited sequel Mother 3. Original was suppose to come out for the fabled Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, but once that never fell thru, they scrapped it. This game has the Newcomer, Lucas, from SSB: Brawl. I'm not going to explain this one. After that news, EarthBound fans came together to make a petition to bring it back. A fan site known as came on the scene to start the petition to bring it back. After getting over 30K worth of signatures and a little luck, we hoped that this would work. Some time later Nintendo announces that Mother 3 is in the works for the GBA. Oh, Happy day!!! As soon as it came out in Japan, there was no word on it coming to the US. This made US EarthBound fans mad! A lot did get the import, and the others downloaded the ROM. The rest were just disapointed. 2 years later we're still fighting for the Trilogy to be released on Wii Virtual Concole or on the DS. Also, I've played this one and I must say it's absolutely the best. You'll laugh, cry, get confused, and well it's that good!

This series should be released state side cause the fan base increased well over 30K and would do really well in sales. But Nintendo of American will not release it. Why is this? Well, if EarthBound did so bad in 1995 it will do bad now. This is no longer true!

Thank you, for hearing me out. And I must say, this was the longest blog I ever did. lol

Edit: Note: If any other Mother/EarthBound fans see this blog, please tell me if I did anything wrong or if I left out anything important. I want this blog to be as accurate as possible. Thank you.

A belated blog: I'm in the Brawl!!!

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I recieved my game on March 11th! Brawl is amazing! I can't believe what all on there, so many thing to do, unlock, and brawl! lol I'm not going to write down much on the blog. Take my word, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the best fighter game for the Wii! I love the Sub-Space Emissary!!! Such a great story mode! Classic mode is now longer. All round great game!

Edit: Oops! In all the excitement, I forgot to leave my Brawl FC. Here it is: Drew: 5327-0623-5713
My Wii code is on my profile.

I'm such a Brawler! lol

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Almost a month away and really excited! I'm preparing myself for the up coming Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl! By doing so, I'm playing Melee to get warmed up! I got back to the swing of things again. Now to wait for the release. I wished it came out in this month. >.< Most the time when I finish a match, what really gets me pumped for Brawl is when I recieve the Brawler bonus. How you get that is where you only use your normal attacks. *sigh* I'm going to have to sit patiently until the game comes out. I guess I'll do something to keep myself occupied, like homework.

Year 23!

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Interesting way to say it's my 23rd Birthday! lol Well, I got to say it's not going so well. But I'll manage. Oh well, since it's not exactly a great to celebrate, me and my family are going to spread it out all week. Nothing big. But it should be a good week. I don't really celebrate my birthday as much anymore. It's just another day to me. Of coarse, you know how some girlfriends are. Mine said, "You shouldn't say that about your birthday!"

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