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Got wii :D wooooo post friend codes here please :D

Hey guys got wii for xmas its awesome, got sonic and mario olympics, wii sports obviously, mario party 8 and rayman raving rabbids 2. All great but mario party seems kinda boring and not much fun only played for 10 mins at mates house other day and rayman is good but wouldnt recommend playing it on ya own whereas sonic and mario and wii sports very fun on ya own or with mates but better with mates. so i decided im gonna order new game today so i have 1 i will genuinely enjoy on my own or with friends so the next game im getting is Scarface as it is my favourite film ever and wanted the wii game for ages waited till i got a wii cos its best platform to get it on. so before anyones like ye but mario galaxy and zelda and metroid are 100 million times better i really couldnt care as Scarface is my kind of game sure i will be buying zelda and that soon but for now i wanna live the life of Tony Montana (as he is officially the coolest, most badass man out of all films). Cheers for posting, or not posting as ive noticed recently as no1 relli posts on my blogs atall lol thanks to those who have and hopefully you will again someday :D


oh and my Wii code is: 5244397512777583 so if u have a wii post urs in here and add mine thanks :D

Getting a wii for xmas :D Can't wait

Hey guys just writin to say i have managed to track down a wii for xmas finally, didnt think i was going to get hold of one but thankfully i was wrong and am now getting one cannot wait, doesnt come with the best games ever but still ill be buying more asap it comes with sonic and mario olympics which i do want, mario party 8 not so much and rayman 2 also not too excited about but cant wait to play all the nintendo games ive missed out on over the years having only owned a GBA and DS never a N64 or anyhting so ive got alot of catching up2 do, wil be getting mario galaxy, zelda tp, metroid 3, naruto, brawl and mario kart when theyre out and many more hopefully cant wait if any of you lot have wii's and the online post your frriend code things if u like and i will add all of you as soon as i get it hope to talk to you all soon thanks for reading :D

James (ZeroSHEARER)

Could anyone possibly make me a Sasuke from Naruto Banner?

Hey guys i was just wondering if any of you guys could make me a banner i like the one i have and am grateful to my friend r3351925 had to give him some credit for it he made a couple of others for me too he certainly skilled at making them i have to say just i have just got really into the Naruto anime series after the release of the xbox 360 game rise of a ninja i love it relli great game and and a great series was wondering if anyone could make me a Naruto banner if possible would be very grateful to anyone who can make me one i would ideally like it to contain my favourite character Sasuke Uchiha but i have no problem if it has other characters in there too thatd be awesome i got the user icon of him but cant find a decent banner of him anywhere, if anyone can make me one would it be possible to contain my profile name too just to give a personal touch, thanks to anyone reading this and anyone who can make me one it would be much appreciated thanks for reading guys if anyone can just drop me a comment or even if you cant why not post anyway ill be happy to reply. thanks alot guys take it easy :D

James Shearer

Woooooo i finally got my psp slim and lite :D

Hey guys just update on my psp slim and lite purchase, i got it friday :D wooo its cool, much lighter, slimmer faster etc. as promised but hey when you (i) get to the shop to buy it you are informed that sony have not supplied you with a memory stick atall, woooo how hilarious that means you have to shell out more money for that so you buy that and think ye i now have my psp :D so ya go home only to find that you open the box, instruction manual check, ac power adapter check, psp slim and lite check, usb cable che... huh hey wheres my usb cable, oh hang on and wheres my case hey what where the hell is my wrist strap, wow at this point you feel well and truly robbed, yes thats right no usb, no case, no memory stick, no wrist strap so before you can take ur new psp slim and lite to college and show your friends you now have to bomb it back to the shop to buy a case which says £9.99 (in Game official psp case) hey deal of the week £7.99 when brought with anything else in store wtf this case wasnt out when i brought my psp an hour ago "hey i brought a psp this morning can i have this for the deal of the week it wasnt out this morning" errrrmmmm do you have your receipt? "no i dont fu**** have my god damn receipt i wasnt informed of having no case this morning until i got home, oh right sorry no u cant have it cheaper then unless u buy a £1 gift card (by this point im pretty pi**** off and feel like shuvin my psp up the cashiers ass so i ended up payin like over £170 for the psp, case, memory stick instead of £129 so im quite annoyed oh ye that includes 2 years warranty extension too as its new it may break etc for piece of mind really more than anything, it does look better too though more sleek and stylish so its worth the extra money (same price as old 1 for console only without case etc though but more for the accessories on topobviously, i still dont have the wrist strap or usb cable though but my dads sony camera usb seems to fit so hopefully that 1 will work properly but i now have monster hunter freedom 2 and worms open warfare too soon to get the gta's and metal gear portable ops but i recommend the psp to anyone who is looking for a handheld (not instead of the DS but aswell as in my case cos theyre both awesome pieces of kit :D and no mario kart on psp lol so DS still well in the competition. Any other game recommendations will be appreciated cya all soon

PSP Slim and Lite

Hey everyone im gettin the new psp slim and lite this friday (no i didnt have the old one so its worth gettin the new one) the one thing im posting about is to find out what games i should get for it. Ive got monster hunter freedom 2 just waiting for the psp now its frustrating lol having the game and not the console. Cant wait to get the psp itself now. I was just posting this blog to find out what any of you guys think of the psp itself and to find out from all of you what games are the best on the console for me to get. Im going to get gta liberty city stories and vice city stories but i dont know what other games are good on the psp, im thinking of getting gitaroo man cos i like guitar hero, and elite beat agents etc so its my sorta game relli but i dont know what else to get any ideas? appreciate any recommendations from all of you :D i heard tekken is good aswell as metal gear solid portable ops what do all of you think?

Wow i got suspended for a day

Wow how great i got suspended and all because of gamespots stupid fu***** moderating and posting rules i mean i got moderated a while ago because i posted in my friend yes my friends blog and got moderated for bullying or something i mean thats ridiculous, and then on saturday i posted in the forum on the homepage about south park getting nominated for an emmy award, and apparently i was suspended for derogatory use of retar*** i mean thats a load of horse s*** so i got suspended because i commented about how south park etc. deserves the emmy award nomination because it is the only sort of program on T.V. unlike Big Brother then i put in brackets about big brother (bunch of retar** thrown in a house and people are sad enough to watch it) i mean if words such as this are unnacceptable to gamespot why do they let you post it in the first place why dont they just say sorry you need to remove such and such a word because it is offensive or whatever i mean you don't generally think of the word retar*** as an offensive word i mean its not like i said fu** o** or anything so they could at least just warn me or summink i mean as far as im concerned gamespot can shove their blog/forum posting rules up their ass unless they're going to change them i really don't careif i get suspended i mean it was 1 day lol if i don't reply for a while or get banned or something then speak to you all soon, if i do get suspended then it'll be because i used "ass" in my own blog and if that happens that just proves my entire point. Have a nice day :D and don't go talking about anything that may be offensive like i quote "Hello" because you will get suspended or if you use how are you don't be surprised to get banned Cya all thanks for any comments ill reply if im not banned or suspended :D

New 360 no problems yay

Finally got new 360 couple of weeks ago and so far its been workin perfectly :D its soo much quieter aswell cos they changed the disc drive to a benq rather than hitachi i think cos my old 1 was an early model and the new 1 hasnt had any problems at all i can play all my games agen like cod2 which i couldnt play anymore on my old 360 cos it sed reading then open tray on the dashboard and did the same with a brand new testdrive unlimited game but new console no problems got good deal on it too took it back to sainsburys got a full refund then went to game next day and bought  new cosole which means ive got another years warranty plus i got prey and condemned free in a bundle for the same price as i paid in sainsburys nearly a year ago and i absolutely love condemned it is incredibly fun to play plus maybe a bit frightening aswell but none the less all good fn highly recommend it to all first person game lovers. Took out extended warranty too so it covered till like 2011 or summin so to all new 360 owners highly recommend takin out the extended warranty cos most likely summink will go wrong with the console at some stage cya all later :) Peace out

P.S. please leave a comment noone ever does :(

Xbox 360 may be on the verge of death!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very worried at this moment in time about the future of my xbox 360 i have had it since last June and i have had countless disc read errors with it and i dont know what to do about it. It doesnt read call of duty 2 as it says reading.... then open tray as if there isnt a game in the tray. I have had the disc read error so many times with practically every single game i have which is about 20 or so at the moment. My biggest concern is that it will be out of the extended one year warranty that microsoft extended from 90 days to a year recently and if i get it repaired i may still have this problem again and it will take ages to get to america so i would miss the halo 3 beta but if i dont send it until after the beta it'll be out of warranty and ill be screwed. My only other theory i think would be to take it back to sainsburys and exchange it if they can but then what will happen to my hard drive with all my saves and gamer tag etc. The reason im worried about it now is because test drive unlimited which i brought on saturday is now doing the same as call of duty 2 alot of the time where it doesnt read the disc or tells me to play this disc place it in an xbox 360 console i mean now the 360 doesnt know its a 360 how retarded is that?

 Can anyone please give me any advice or solution to the problem.

Gears Of War still fails to frustrate me

Now this is what i call an online game and this is how it should be done.

This is the game i've always dreamed of being created. It is currently my favourite online game on Xbox Live, i play it a hell of alot on online atm and it still fails to greatly frustrate me in any way.

I mean honestly the amount of times i have joined an online ranked match on Gears Of War and have had people constantly shouting and swearing about how they are getting so angry and frustrated by people constantly killing them, if i had a pound for everytime someone said this i would probarbly be richer than Bill Gates himself.

I just do not see what there is in this game reallly that can frustrate people that much. How can this game be that frustrating when you get killed, i mean the shear size and quality of the characters filling the screen is enough to keep the game interesting even if you are losing like 9-0.

Sure everyone gets so excited when they kill someone because that is great entertainment but honestly if someone does sneak up and chainsaw or grenade tag you then that is just as entertaining isn't it? I really dont get that annoyed if someone chainsaws or tags me but oh my if i tag or chainsaw anyone on the other team all hell breaks loose and i get tonnes of abuse e.g. oh well you should have been dead anyway or oh well thats the nooob weapon i mean what is up with that (the noob weapon?) i mean look i have the chainsaw achievement now and am also on the way to getting the grenade tag and execution achievement which half of the wingers dont even have so it's obviously not the noob weapon if i've killed 114 people with it so why do they complain if they don't have it, im not exactly stopping them from using them if they like so i really don't care if someone does tag or chainsaw or kill me in anyway because surely the main purpose of the the online is to have fun and a good laugh so everyone just chill out and enjoy the game.

Free XBL Maps

Recently ive noticed a lot more free content such as maps hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace such as new Gears Of War and Call Of Duty 3, also some free themes and new clothing downloads for Saints Row.

Hopefully this means there will be more on the way, i mean look at G.R.A.W. it was like 1200 microsoft points just for chapter two that has now been changed to 600 points which is better but still rather steep don't you think, i mean we're already paying £39.99 just for the gold membership so surely that should include downloadable content aswell.

Hopefully microsoft will consider more free downloads after the success of the free Gears Of War and COD3 maps. Ok Raven Down for Gears Of War wasn't that great but Old Bones is great. Im sure alot of new people would get Xbox Live which would make up for the money Microsoft would lose on free downlods don't you agree?