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Have no idea

D.amn I suck at blogging, I guess it's because I have no idea what to put on my blog do any of you have any ideas or opinions on what to write about on my next blog?

Twisted Metal Black

I recently bought Twisted Metal:Lost when I was playing it I read the prolouge about the 6 key members that died in a plane crash during the time they were developing the new Twisted Metal.Sony Computer Entertainment America decided not to let the public play the Twisted Metal because of the decesed team members so 2 years passed and a letter arrives at the office of SCEA with the names of all 6 deceased team members and it said that to let the public play what was completed by the deceased team members so then Twisted Metal:Lost came out.

I already played it in every difficulty and unlocked everything but I don't know if the story of the deceased team members and the letter are true.If you have the time and money you should go check out Twisted Metal:Lost.