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Ending blogs, but I'll still be around!

Dear readers aka gamers, online friends!

I've had a brief periode here and there, where I stopped blogging, but I always came back. This time, I'm back again, but I won'tpick up blogging again(hey! this counts!).

I'll reply on some blogs from all of you, but only if it's out of the ordinary, and if I have time to check them:( I don't like making excuses all the time, about why I didn't report back on gamespots for a while;) I AM active on the forums, and that isn't changing. So hopefully we'll hear from eachother on the forums(I hang around "Wii" and "PC" mostly, and ofc OT!)

Thanks for all the funny, constructive and compasionate replies on my blogs and I hope I can find the time to atleast reply on your blogs now and then. Just don't expect to see blogs from ZeroDemo ever again! I don't have that much time anymore, and to be honest, I don't feel like blogging anymore^^

Well...maybe...I can tell you what I'm up to now, as some kind of closure:P So, here, goes...I'm currently back in college again, this will be my last education. I quited my job with TNT(postal service) and I'm currently looking for another little job for me to attend to once or twice a week. All is well with my girlfriend, I still love her madly(why don't you love her madly, tutududu, sorry, the doors came poppin in my head) and we are planning on moving in with eachother. Gaming concerned, I still play PC games, mostly mmorpg's, and ofcourse, my Wii! I haven't dropped music and fishing, but I just haven't spend thatmuch time on them.

Anyway, I hope this sounded logic in a way, I've literally rushed my way through this post since I need to go. NOW^^

Have a good one, in whatever you're planning to do today, tomorrow and the day after that!

ZeroDemo, aka, Boudewijn.

I almost died...true story.

Hello everyone!

Dramatic topic title huh? Well, it's true:| I will tell you the story and post some pics from some items I got from the ambulance:P

So, I was playing a bit of resident evil 4 wii edition(which is bloody awesome) while my girlfriend was laying om my bed, watching and chilling a bit. After a while I decided to stop playing and unplug the plug of my Wii adaptor. This was a bad idea, since I had pretty sweaty hands from playing on my hot attic.

I couldn't put my fingers under the plug because I have long fingernails(I play the guitar) so without thinking I twisted my hand so my fingers where under the plug. Yes, I got 220 volts through my body. It was the most painful feeling I have ever EVER experienced, and I still get goosebumps when I think about it. All my muscles thightened and loosened without me giving the orders to do so. I couldn't breath or move a muscle(literally).

Eventually I "woke" up on the floor, with pains on my chest and a numb feeling in my legs. I told my girlfriend to get help, which she did, and a few minutes later I had a doctor and a full crew of an ambulance in my room. I felt very safe with all these people in my room, because before I really thought I was going to die-.- They did an ECG on me, which is a hart test of some kind( i have pics:P) but it was ok. The doc eventually told us I was lucky, and would only suffer from bad muscle pains for the rest of the week, and a strange feeling in my body.

Overall, gaming nearly killed me. For real. I can laugh about it now, but every time I think back how it felt...I get goosebumps all over. I wasn't fun at all-.-

Anyway, pics!:P Lawl.

This is one day after the accident! I could keep these things as a souvenier, so I cranked them onto my body once more:P Just for showing it to you good people, ain't I nice^^ Don't mind my pale skin please:P

This is from the ECG, the machine the plugged onto my body. Pretty cool huh?^^

Anyway, that's it for today. Nothing too special I guess:P Uhm, keep away from electricity!!! And console plugs!!!


An insight peek!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

So, I bought another DS-lite. A black one, since the white one shows to much dirt in my opinion. I bought Anno 1701 DS with it! What? Anno? It's a well known game in Europe, and less known in the US. To bad, because almost every Anno game is a gem. The latest Anno game, put out by Disney Interactive, is on the DS and it's here to shine. It's the best RTS game I played on the DS, leaving Advance Wars and Age of Empires far graphics, gameplay, length, everything. I'm not an Anno fan really, I can enjoy some RTS games, so coming from me, it's says enough I guess. The game got 5/5 and 9/10 reviews in Europe, and I hope you guys outside Europe can get your hands on it as soon as possible!

Wait until you see it in motion... and yes, it's in real-time!

I also wanted to show my new Nintendo Wii controller protection kit. I normally don't fancy these things, but man, this set really improves how the controls handle and feel overall. The material doens't give you sweaty hands and it looks damn good aswell.

I got the red version:)

And now something completely different. I had to wash "her" today. This task is not an easy one, not at all...I think the picture will explain the whole story. Look at it, think of "her" and me in a shower, combined with the fact that "she" doesn't like water.

Seriously dude, back of.

I'm going to watch Tomb Raider(it's on TV) with my girlfriend tonight, which will be my last free night:( Let's hope it's going to be a good one!

Have a great day,


It's my birthday, and I'm in agony!

Hello everyone,

It's now 2.58 in the morning here and I'm in pure agony-.- My girlfriend is asleep and laying right behind me, and I'm sitting in front of the computer like the sad person I am at the moment...Why you ask me? It's because of something very simple, set so annoying...A mix of a cold, pain in my throat and a body temperature that is way to high. You know the feeling right? You're awfully tired, but when you try to sleep, you immediately wake up because you started to suffocate(your nose is constipated with goo) and your throat makes even breathing feel like pure torture. The hours are long, and you pray that there will be a swift sunrise.

Pretty dramatic isn't it? Hehe, I know, but I just wanted to describe how i feel, on my birthday even! Yes, It's my birthday!:D I just got 22 while feeling as sick as a donkey that just got his immune-system removed. Anyway, in a couple of hours I will get some presents(I hope^^) and hopefully a fun and healthy day!

Happy b-day to me, happy b-day to me....ha...*chokes on goo*

Happy gaming and I wish you all a fun weekend!


p.s Please check out 1 of the two links down here. They are the same topic I made here on gamespot, one in system wars and one in wii. I think it's important, and if you like gaming you should definetely read and maybe post there:)

What's new these days?


Welcome to another blog post of mine, letting all you gamers know what's going on over here, in gaming and more!

So, if you've read some of my previous blogs, you would know that I'm starting to love and collect certain anime movies. I loved "Spirited Away" so much, that I did not resist to buy another movie of the same holy director! "Howl's moving castle" I thought it could never be any better in style, story, and oddness then Spirited away, but it did! I watched it, and experienced the same odd characters, non-linear storyline and overall sense of creativity and emotion. Why the hell aren't there more movies like this out there? If you know any more movies in the style and overall creativity like the ones mentioned above...I'm still open for rec's!:)

The castle, ofcourse:)

The main character. She is unpredictable in all of her actions. Wich I love...

I also bought the complete trilogy from Lord of the Rings. I've watched every part more then 10 times, and the first one even more, but I still enjoy every part of the movies! I'm very happy to have the complete DVD pack in my collection now!

And what's going on with gaming huh? Well, not that much to be honest, but that will change when my copy of Metroid Prime 2; Echoes comes in! Wich is any god given moment:P I played the first and really loved it, but then the cube kind of died out for me compared to the other consoles, so I never got the second part. Wich is kind of wierd, since I loved the first part so much...Anyway, because of the fact that the Wii doens't have that much proper titles out atm, I ordered the second part of the prime series. It should last until Re4;wii and Metroid Prime 3; corruption come out this summer.

I also noticed that alot of people I know online, gamers, are 21 or older. Not very strange, since the old generation of teenagers that played pacman do eventually grow up and still play games;) I'm curious about the age of my blog readers! Note; I don't judge by age so don't be shy posting your age. Maybe your 12-16 years old and your dad still plays games? I know alot of dad's that do!:)

I also went fishing again, and my girlfriend accompanied me! She took two photo's of some average sized, but beautiful looking, pikes!

Isn't she cute?

Some people have asked me to post a "bigger" pike, so here is my PR(personal record). He was 92 cm, and pike can grow up to 150 cm here. So my PR isn't even that big of a fish:P

Yes, I was a bit younger here^^

So, I think I've updated you enough on my gaming, movie and fishing-filled life. I'm looking forward reading your blogs!

Have a good time!




My very first real anime!

Hello everyone!:)

So, I managed to buy my very first anime movies! I also got a new Wii game, mainly for multiplayer.

Thanks to everyone that posted in my "What anime should I get?" topic, the rec's where and still are very usefull!

Anyway, without further adue, here is the blog containing the new stuff I got:)


Thanks for watching, and again, I highly rec Spirited Away if you haven't seen it yet!

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will:D


A new boobtube!

Hello everyone!

So, I just purchased a new TV:) I made a small video clip from it, so you can see it in it's full glory;) I don't like spending gazilions on enormous TV's, so don't expect the typical american stereotype widescreen....(just joking my fellow earthlings!)

I've been fishing illegal the last few days. Yes, I'm a real criminal...The season for artificial bait isn't open yet, but I couldn't resist. Luckily I haven't been caught by the fuzz;) Wich saved me around 100 euro:| A few pics inside aswell! The weather was awesome!

Hmm...who needs gaming now huh? (me me me)

Omg, still a bit tired are you?

Well, that's it for now! I'm going to play Zelda now, so if you would excuse me...^^

Best of luck,



I'm going backwards!

Hello everyone!

As the topic states, I'm going backwards:) On my wii that is! I just purchased a gamecube memorycard, a controller(to bad not the original nintendo one! wasn't able to find one anywhere, might buy it online soon) and Prince of Persia; Sands of time.

I never played the PoP series, but I've seen some friends of mine play it, and it always looked very cool, just never got to it. So now I'm playing the first part of the series, and I'm loving it! The only wierd thing from the wii is that I have to reboot it when I want to play a Wii game after a gamecube game, but that isn't that bad, since it only takes a few seconds.

So I'm currently playing Zelda TP and Prince of Persia sands of time. A good combination for my Wii!

prince of persia

 So, I've watched Trainspotting, and I have to say I was a little dissapointed. I kind of expected it to be like Fear and loathing in las vegas, or some other drugsmovie like that. The story was kind of ok, and the overal atmosphere the whole drugtheme had wasn't that good in my opinion. The first part was really good, with the toilet scene, but after that it kind of stopped being as good as the opening. I still enjoyed it, since I like movies with these kind of themes. I would give it 7.5 out of 10.


My girlfriend is having her first week of work in the hospital, and so far she thinks it's nice to be apart of the section she works in. Kind people and so on make work alot more fun(points out to my own workspace-.-). So if your injured, make sure you contact her, she needs the practice:P

I made a little promotion at work. For the ones that don't know yet, I work at TNT(postal service) where I load and unload trucks for the most part, and arrange all the mail to the desired places. I'm captain of my section, wich is ok, but most people that work there are uneducated baboons. Anyway, the managers kind of like me(in a non ass-kissing way) and gave me the oppertunity to work in the office aswell. I will still be working my ass of inside of the hangar, but at least I have some days that I can spend behind a desk and my own brand new Dell computer;) It's boring work, but it will give my muscles some rest, because the work inside the hangar is not for wussies:)

So, I'm of taking a shower, eating some breakfast, and playing some games until I have to go to work again:( Thank god I'm starting my second education in september...I need to get a real job:P(no offense to people that work at postal services as a real job, you just don't know the people I have to work with:P)

Seeya around!





Your so lucky...

Hello fellow gamers!

This is Zero again, giving you the latest updates on my gaming and real life:)

So, like I said in my last "I'm back!" blog, I recently got my hands on a wii. I was looking for one for a few months, when my girlfriend found 1 in a shop. The guy said to her that it was the only wii he had this month, so that she should consider herself lucky. Well, actually, it's for my boyfriend, she replied^^ YEAH!!!


Yep, I use it in the horizontal position:D

Overall, I was tired on the "latest" graphics and "latest next gen graphicial game" conversations on websites. Ofcourse, graphics matter, and yes, I think most Wii games that are out now have bad graphics. But we all know thats because of the developers, not pushing the graphics and rushing games. I still honestly believe that Mario Galaxy has Xbox360 launch game graphics(and that such graphics are the wii's limit, wich is damn fine for me). So come back later on the Wii graphic thingy when the big 3 are released(metroid prime 3, super mario galaxy and ssbb).

Anyway, still playing Wii sports, Zelda, and now and then some Sonic racing when I'm bored and just want to get some fast action going on:) Can't wait for the Wii's big 3!

I'm going to watch "Trainspotting" tomorrow evening, it's on MTV. Gonna buy some pizza and bacardi and coke:D It's gonna be a good night, and a proper end to my holiday I'm having. I'm working the whole summer also, so I guess I need to enjoy my last day like every man should enjoy his last day off. Pizza, bacardi and coke, a good movie, and a good girlfriend^^

Zero out!




I'm back!!!

Hello fellow gamers!!

Yes, I know, I've been away for a looong time, and only replied on some personal messages to people where I've been. I'm very sorry for all that, since I'm known to be kinda loyal. So this hurts my reputation a bit:?

So, what happened? For god sake?! I will tell what happened....WoW. Again. Yes, even people with a girlfriend, work and a social life can get hooked again on that devil spawned game called WoW. Ofcourse, WoW isnt the big thing why I was away for such a long time. Real life stuff mostly...Anyway, everything seems fixed again, for me to join back my GS community!

Updates on gaming? Well, I'm a proud owner of a Nintendo Wii, and I'm playing Zelda alot, and anticipating Mario Galaxy and Metroid prime 3 like there is no tomorrow! I found myself in this new console! I got bored of buying a new graphics card every year for my PC, or going OOHH and AHH on new screenshots from the 360 and so on. Nothing wrong with it, but I finnaly found a new thing in gaming, the Wii:-) Gameplay ís more important then the graphic generations. In my opinion:)

As some know, I post some fishing photo's now and then, well, I'm still hooked on fishing, so expect some pics again!!

And my girlfriend, still going strong...and we are looking at moving in together in late 2007! Will post a new pic from here below.

As for now, I have some cleaning to do on my account, make a new sig, etc. Don't feel offended if I didnt reply on your personal message! I will check all your blogs now anyways, wich will take a while^^ (EDIT// gs is slooowww, will take a while-.-)

I wish you all the best of luck in life and gaming,


The promised picture updates!


One thing I know, It's better when we are together...

This fish slapped me in the face. He was very angry at me. Dunno why.