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    @way2funny said: @Evenios said: Now that the NDA is lifted.. be advised: the alpha is complete SHIT. Not that the game itself isnt cool. its the state it is in. absolutely horrible. someone said to t...

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    @charizard1605 said: @MonsieurX said: @charizard1605 said: @MonsieurX said: Not too sure about it,but won't the "home console" be severely crippled by the "handheld" one considering they'll use the...

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    so how much did it sell since they provided no figures, knowing UK sales people they love to shout sales but when it comes to figures they're tight lipped about how they might be rejoicing over 10,00...

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    i think the systems only flaw is that its not a flip top handheld. i like it and it appeals to more than the 3ds

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    If he is anything like me, he doesn't give two shits about being banned from a crap site like this. Lets face it, the redesign turn this site into a crapfest.

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    Hello everyone!! OMG! so much time! i miss gamespot feed! What games are play now people