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Monster Hunter - End of Week 1

It is the end of my first Week of playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Alot of good things have happened, not so many bad things.

The Good:

Completed all 1* and 2* Quest Available from the village chief and am working on the 3* ones

Killed Yian Kut Ku, Congalala and Khezu

My Felyne Fighter is level 6

My kitchen staff are Levels 4,4,3

I'm loving Farming monsters to make there items.

The Bad:

Got Killed By a Blue Yian Kut Ku (it was cheap)

Currently running low on Iron Ore to make More Weapons/Armor

Plesoth killed me, due to using Battle Mail

PSP Batteries are made of Fail

Current Hunter Stats


Money: 9024z

Guild Points: 8450

Pokke Points: 893

Currently owned Weapons

GS: Khezu Shock Sword, Red Stripe

LS: Wyvern Blade "Fall", Iron Katana "Grace"

All others are the standard Bone ones

Armor sets: Mafumofu, Battle, Genprey, Kut-Ku

Incomplete: Cephalos

Hope anyone who reads this is also enjoying monster hunter.

Monster Hunter - Week 1 - Day 1

Today is the day Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is released in europe, from the moment i got it till now i have played it.

Current Quests Completed all the 1* Quests and 9 of the 2* quests my current target is the Yian Kut Kut which i shall be attempting tommrow today has been a learning experience in which i learned never to stand still and also if your fighting a Bulldrome do not stand infront of it no matter how far away. the Bulldrome is the only monster i am currently having any problems with of the ones i have attempted due to me using a Great Sword and it moving away or my swing bounces off and leaves me standing in the one place you never want to be, in front of the thing.

Current Status/Equipment:

Weapon of choice: Red Striple(GS)

Armour: Helm - Mafumofu Hood

Chest: Battle Mail

Gloves: Mafumofu Mittens

Waist: Mafumofu Coat

Greaves Mafumofu Boots

HR: 1


1670 Guild Pt

1500 Pokke Points

Also i know no one will probably read this but if for some reason i ever get slightly popular i want people to see the early life of a Hunter.