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2.Ezio Auditore da Firenze His charisma and leadership were perfectly shown. Altair was too weak of a hero. Just an assassin mostly without too much background in the game. Connor on the other hand had a good background but he is too cliche for me.
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Thief Archer Assassin in Oblivion. Pretty much the same formula unless game says otherwise sometimes
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Playing skillfully avoids 80 percent of QTEs ;) Learn how to play better ;)
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He should play Racoon City. It would definitely drive him insane. And RE6 is quite normal compared to this.
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Yes I agree on that. QTEs are not the issue and I got the same feeling Kevin Van Oord just played for a couple of minutes (maybe first chapter of each campaign) to get that impression. Also if you play good enough you will get about 80 percent less QTEs in the game so it is a matter of skill as well. Also I can agree on bad targeting system which always seem to target not what you want. It is especially getting on the player's nerves at harder difficulties. Also the difficulty of this game is insanely hard and I mean it. Even with infinite magnum try to play Leon's campaign on professional then you will understand the true meaning of the word SURVIVE :) Also my complaint is stiff martial arts control (mainly with Jake) which also was not mentioned in the review though it is very obvious and would not be passed if Mr. Van Oord was kind enough to play the game fully. Other than that I think this game is still good and should not receive such low rating as more crappy games. It is still a solid game. Review the game - not the franchise... That is my thinking.
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You will see how it all happened in the way of the campaign. Everything will be revealed to you. And yes it happened after the events of RE5
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I think you shouldn't be so stuck on the old. For example RE4 was bad IMHO and yes 5 and 6 are more action oriented but it is still a good game. Sometimes we should let it go a bit.
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/me does not feed the troll :)
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Leon's campaign was actually more old school RE in a good way. (zombies, dark atmosphere etc). I think it is the best one in the game. Chris's campaign was more action oriented. It seems they wanted to make in more RE5 like. I give it the third place Jake's campaign is like a beta. Trying something new. Martial arts are too unfinished and stealth aspect in his chapter is not so enjoyable like in RE3 Nemesis for example. Fourth place from me. Also Jake's character is quite cliche and weak IMHO. Ada's campaign is the shortest one but it is quite good in terms of the gameplay, action and storywise. Also you are free to use stealth or just go gung'ho. That's the second one from me.
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