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Some brief Introductions should be in place I guess.

Hello. I suppose some people already read my small reviews and were wondering who am I to tell such things. I guess I should introduce myself. I've been a gamer since 5 years old starting with Atari 2600 and now when I am almost 29 I am still a big time gamer and collector. I played nearly all of the good games on NES, GENESIS, PSX, PS2 and many other platforms. I like JRPG games most, however I like almost all games if they are good. Maybe small exceptions are that I don't like strategy and economical games much. Puzzles are also my weak side to a degree. If I would describe most popular genres in terms from most liked to less liked they would be like this: JRPG , Beat'Em Up , Platformer (Arcade) , Shoot-em up, 3rd person action, Adventure, FPS, Strategy, Economical strategy. Of course this is just a brief scheme of what I like and will try to put my thoughts into my small reviews. If you have any questions - please ask. I am not a big blog lover so I won't be writing much blogs but kindly will chat with fellow gamers. Oh and if you were wondering about my gaming score - just so you know. I don't play online so I don't announce my gaming score. This was just the beginning of the console's life. (test) Regards Zeonmystic aka Skeith Of The Azure Flame