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Back for an Update

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Going to try and keep this simple.

Started school last Tuesday, and I'm a Junior this year. Pretty exciting, I guess. Haha :)

Schedule (Just to look at some of my classes)

AP US History


Concert Band (highest level in my school)

Psychology (LOVE IT so far)

Espanol (Spanish) III (3)

AP Algebra 2 with Trigonometry


Alright, so school has been fine. Excellent in fact. If you want to know anything more, JUST ASK.

GAMES I'm hoping for:

Fallout 3-Seriously, this game is AWESOME. I like going so crazy over this game. OH MY GOD!@ I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! So cool features, the whole thing.

Grand Theft Auto IV (YES IT ALREADY CAME OUI KNOW)- Still haven't gotten it, can't wait. Total replay value, super fun.

Skate 2- Fun, enjoyable game.

Gears 2-Nothing more to say, total beast of a game.

CoD5: WAW- Although it'll be instantly killed by Gears 2 (they come out 4 days in between each other) it should still be much better than CoD3 (treyarch's last game)

Wow, so much more to talk about, so little time. :(

PLEASE express your opinions and interests in any game you're looking forward to. God, I am like in love with life right now. PERFECT.

Plus, Debate season. :) (I know cool huh? Haha)

Sorry for the short blog, I'v got homework. I'll post a blog TOMORROW. (BET MY SOUL ON IT)


Just an Update

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Well, I'm posting this from our family's Wii, and don't worry, I'm using a wireless keybaord, not clicking letters one by one. I didn't want to use the computer because it's next to my parents' bedroom, and although my parents have said I'm quiet, I wanted to buy the original Paper Mario from the Wii shop channel, and I'll be playing that shortly. Anyways, as I just said, I bought Paper Mario from the Wii shopping channel. I loved Paper Mario when it came out for Nintendo 64, and I figure it'll have some good replay value. These last couple of days, I've been playing Battlefield and the new conquest mode they released. So yes, I did get back into Battlefield, and it's been a nice change of pace from Call of Duty 4. Last Sunday, I watched the second to last episode of HBO's "Generation Kill," which has been just another well made series from Home Box Office (HBO) and I've also been watching some old episodes of HBO's "Entourage," which will be having a new season this fall. I love ENtourage, and if any of you GS users see this and also like it, send me a message to discuss it. I just can't get enough of Entourage, or HBO for that matter. But I won't waste your time with stuff you may not like. The Olympics have been quite interesting this year with Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals, what a total beast. As of my last medal count, the US had 72, China had 67 I believe, somewhere in the 60's, and the next highest was Russia with 36, which as you know means the US has twice as much as Russia. Also, did you gamespotters hear about that like Chinese girl on their team who was like under aged? She was on the Gymnastics team for China I believe, but did you hear about that? To me, it just kind of seems like China would try to play around the rules like that or something, and when I was over at a friend's house hearing about that news, he went "China must live by the motto "What Would Mao do?"" Obviously meaning Mao Zedong (tell me if I spelled that right) and I just thought it was funny. What have you guys been up to though? Post a comment about it. That's all for now, just a quick update. -Logan

My Love Affair with the FPS Genre

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I just can't stop playing FPS's. They're super addictive, don't get repetitive (to me) and are just a blast.

Recently I've continued to play CoD4, and I currently have over 45,000 kills, and some 25,000 deaths, with a 1.81 Kill/Death ratio, which I'm still trying to get up. I'm still in love with Search (and destroy) where you attack (plant a bomb) or defend (defend the bombsites).

As of late, like the past 3 days, I've pondered whether I want to get back into Battlefield: Bad Company, with the free release of Conquest Mode. BF: BC and CoD4 are both great games, and although I like CoD4 far more, BF: BC is an excellent game. I like both games due to their gameplay styles, while CoD4 has much smaller, tighter maps for intense combat it contrasts well with BF: BC insanely huge maps where team-work comes into play much more than CoD4. CoD4 doesn't take much teamwork, as I know for myself. Just 2 days ago, I went into a Search and Destroy match, and for the first round (out of seven) I killed 4 guys and clutched my team, then in the second round, all my team mates died early due to nades, and a sniper, and I killed all 5 guys on the other team (server wasn't filled to max number of players) and got an air-strike.

But that's what I love about both games. Teamwork, and more tactical games in Battlefield, and intense combat for CoD4.

Also, the Olympics have started, and I'm glad they have. US has looked good, but it's not only about the medals. It's just (to me) about the world coming together and having a blast. But that's kind of ironic since Russia just started a war with neighboring Georgia. Hopefully this won't lead to WWIII. I mean you never know, it could be like Germany invading Poland in WWII, triggering the whole war.

Anyways, just checking in to say hi, enjoy your gaming!

PS: I got the Internet browser for my Wii and I've been using a wireless keyboard fro easier accessibility, and I love it!

I got a Wii and Mario Kart

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Well last weekend, Sunday specifically, I woke up, and my dad said, "Get dressed, we're going to the store." I wondered, "Why are we going?" He responded by saying, "They've got Wii's at Target."

So, sure enough we got a Wii, and Mario Kart.

Yes yes, I'll get Super Mario Galaxy just for you Jerry.

It's an awesome experience, and I'll get it online soon and be sure to give you all my friend code(s).

E3 was about a week ago, and I only watched the Microsoft Press Conference or whatever term you want to call it, and I kind of like the avatar change and the new dashboard. I'm really excited for Microsoft and Nintendo, as I think they're the top 2 (both are tied for number one personally) next-gen brands/companies, as I personally believe Sony doesn't have them in it. SOny has Metal Gerar, won't be another one out maybe ever, and Killzone, THAT'S ALL.

As of late, I've started to get into the HBO Mini-Series "Generation Kill." It's about an elite marine recon unit deployed in the first weeks of the US Invasion of Iraq. It's very interesting, funny, and captivating to watch. In the 2nd episode, it was so beastly what this marine did. There were two terrorists, with mortars, and the marines ahd a spotter and sniper, and as you can imagine, they sniped 'em. It's not all about combat though, as in the first two episodes there has been very little but it has kept my interest.

Also, I'm very excited for some upcoming games.

Far Cry 2: This looks amazing. 50 hours of gameplay in SP ALONE? Hands down, beastly.

Resident Evil 5: Killing undead (the guy said you're not killing zombies) in Africa? Pretty dang cool + co-op=Amazing.

Gears of War 2: Chainsaw battles? Amazing. Cliffy B's demo. Amazing. Nothing more to say it'll be awesome.

Call of Duty: World at War: OK. I admit, I'm a war-loving, vicious, blood-thirst gamer that can't get enough of war, even if it's made by Treyarch. This one looks to be better and build off of CoD3's mistakes.

Can't think of anymore, I'm sorry. I know there are WAY WAY WAY more, I just can't think of them at 3:36 AM time.

But, one thing is certain, it looks to be another amazing year for gaming. :)

Bioshock freakiness, A Wii hopefully this weekend

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Well, right now, it's 1:19 in the afternoon, and I'm not really doing anything, so here's what's going on in my head.

Yesterday night, around 2 in the morning, I watched some BIoshock videos. One was titled "Bioshock- Freaky Moments," and the other "Bioshock-The Morgue." Wow, Bioshock is weird. The morgue one was much scarier. The guy walks into a morgue, in a dark room, with blood randomly splattered.You can see shadows though of the mortician, and the character walks forward, silently, in a pool of water. (I must say the sound effects of bioshock are excellent.) Then, right when he's about to turn the corner to look at what the mortician is doing, the light goes off. But it's the music that gets your heart racing!!! The music is SO well done. But then, the character can't find him, but the mortician jumps out of a cabinet, but then he kills him.

With Bioshock, it's not about the combat, it's a game more about plot, and the ambiance of Rapture. Sounds like I've played the game through huh? No, I just watched so many videos I'm scared out of my mind. I'm a big wuss. I'm a HUGE "scardy cat." I get scared at the stupidest things. But I've figured I'm going to buy Bioshock becauseall of those encouters and freaky moments are all part of the experienc that makes BIoshock such an excellent game.

Now to the Wii part.

I've basically been calling Circuit City and Best Buy 24/7. I've even figured out when their trucks come, and the Circuit City guy on the phone said that if they have Wii's saturday, they'll hold them until Sunday. With Best Buy, I just call and hope basically. Do you guys have any advice for someone trying to get a Wii? Plus, when I arrive at the store early, and when they open the doors, should I run and act like a savage? Or will people think I'm crazy? I think that I care too much about what others think about me. Is that normal?

I don't know what I'll do. I'll probably run just because it's a Wii....


Well now I'm pretty bored, and that's all I realyl want to share.

OH! NBA Finals, Game 4 tonight, Celtics lead the series 2-1, but I'm hoping LA can take these next 2 at home (in the Staples Center) to put them ahead 3-2, then take Game 6 at Boston. Kobe=Best Player to ever play.

Kobe will go down as the single most amazing playerr to ever play the game of basketball. He's better than MJ, higher career scoring average, and if he wins one without Shaq, that's just domination. Honestly, plus you can't say LeBron will be better than him beause LeBron's got no one around him to win a title with!

Done with my rant.


Awake at 1:53 AM

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Although it's currently 1:53 AM, it won't say that as the posted time on Gamespot.

I've noticed many things tonight, that I usually wouldn't during the day. For example, my computer desk. Absolutely filthy. Not filthy, just un-organized. Covered with papers, pens, pencils, mountain dews cans, a pack of gum, magazines, a picture frame, just stuff that shouldn't be here.

Outside, it's raining. The wet, dripping noises coming from the roof are hitting the grass, and you hear the rush of water coming from the drain pipe. Cars go zipping pass, making a wet, slushy sound from the street. I look out, but don't even realize that my window shades are down, and as I'm half asleep, I take another siper of mountain dew to try to keep me awake.

With my good friend, Jerry (Author_Jerry) here on Gamespot messaging me, I go to check his message. Then, I look over at the muted TV, to see what's on Sportscenter at the moment. Nothing interesting at the moment.

It's ironic how much you notice in the early hours, when no one is with you, peace and quiet. How much you can tune in, hear what you never would, feel what you won't feel, it's an eerie, and weird. Almost spooky, but not quite. Surreal.

I just don't know how to describe this experience.

I've done a lot though tonight, I've watched videos of Fallout 3 (creepy at 12:00 midnight), NCAA Football 09 (excited for this one), and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (a def. must have when I get my Wii).

Honestly, it has been a joy ride tonight.

Go live life.


What a Weekend it Was!

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Wow, it was a great weekend. Today, my true first day of summer, (since I had family over last Friday which was my first day out of school) feels good.

It was a great weekend. Friday and Saturday were fun, and all was well, but Sunday really capped it off. I woke up around 8 AM, watched some TV, then hopped in for a shower. Around 9, I was all dressed and ready for my Confirmation. I wore black pants, shoes, and socks, a red/scarlet shirt, with a red tie with black stripes, and little sparkly rhinestone looking things. I looked nice, and were headed over to the church.

We, the confirmands, had to go in a room with our families, and there we received directions on what to do. Plus, we had to give communion which was hard at all, but we almost ran out of bread since it was a packed congregation with all the families of the confirmands. It was a wonderful experience, and at after the service I received a gift from the church. The gift was a nice card, and a plaque with a header saying "God loves you," in a cool text and then a bible verse from Jeremiah Chapter 31 Verse 3 (Jeremiah 31:3) saying "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness says the Lord." But it's not just a bunch of words on a plaque, it's artistic and has like some raised letters, and like a little heart emblem, and it's just very nice.

Relatives came back from the church, and we had sort of a brunch/lunch (it was like from 11-1 that people ate from) and people just socialized. It was a fun, easy-going day, and was kind of tiring that night, but very fun. After everyone had gone home, I opened up my gifts, because I just didn't open them up earlier. I got a lot of checks, and some cash. The total ammount was $285, including some books, photos of relatives that couldn't make it, and some other trinkets. I really liked the book my cousin bought me. It's a sports book titled "It's how they played the game," I believe, and it's about memorable sports figures and atheletes who tell tales of lasting values and moments of life. I'll tell you mroe about it when I finish it.

So now, you're most likely wondering what I'm going to do with my money. Well I did buy Guitar Hero 3 last week, but now with this money I plan on buying a Wii. Last Friday, when I got GH3, my father and I went to Best Buy (We go to Best Buy because we get Reward Zone points which total and at the end of the year Best Buy gives you gift certificates depending upon your point total. Last Year we 8 $20 gift certificates [$160] because we bought basically every game/electronic at Best Buy. Plus, at the time GH3 was on sale.) But anyways, once we picked up GH3, no one was at the Wii Kiosk/Station, my father and I played Mario Kart Wii with the Wii wheel. My father was really good, and said "A Wii wouldn't be bad," and he finished 3 races, with 2 in first place, and the other a 3rd place finish. Now while Mario Kart Wii may not have great AI, the WIi is actually a console my dad can play, due to the fact that Wii (in my opinion) is more user-friendly than some consoles, and takes more hand motions than hand-eye coordination.

Plus, we'd put the Wii on our 46" Samsung HDTV where my father said I couldn't put my 360 because it's a "family tv," and not a place where I can "kill people," haha.

So I called Best Buy yesterday, to know if they had any Wii's in stock and to see if we could get one yesterday. Unfortunately, they were out of stock, but on Friday, when we picked up GH3, there were like 4-5 around the corner.

It doesn't bother me though, because I know they'll get more.

So on my first day of summer, I'm just reminiscing about the fun I had last weekend.

Hopefully this summer will be filled with excellent gaming moments!


Confirmation, Last Day of School, Summer

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Wow, it's been a hectic last 2 weeks of school, and I'm glad that tomorrow (June 5th) will be my last day of my Sophmore year of high school.

But to start out, I'm getting confirmed this Sunday. Yes, yes, I'll get money, but there's a more important aspect of my confirmation. It shows my commitment to my faith and to Christ. I don't really know what I'll use the money for, and I don't really care. I'll have family and friends over all this weekend, and I'm looking forward to it a lot. Plus, it's a good way to end the week with school being out.

I'm kind of worried tonight though, my last 3 finals are tomorrow, but I'm playing at Graduation because I'm in band, which last from 6-8. But then again, on two of the finals I get to use notes, so it shouldn't be that bad. I'm just nervous, and after tomorrow, I'll be worry free.

So yes, tomorrow is my last day of school, and it'll be a blast. Maybe I'll buy Guitar Hero 3 to cap off summer, that should last me the summer at least. Summer is always great, but it's always to short too. Hopefully it'll be nice and hot this summer, as last summer, it wasn't too hot. I don't know why, but I like heat more than cold.

I don't mean to leave so soon, but I have to get back to getting ready for playing at graduation!

Iron Man, CoD4, AP Test coming up

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Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, I've been busy, and I've put this off.

TO start out, I haven't gotten GTA IV yet because my parents won't let me get it, due to all the stuff in it. The only way I can get it is if I get a job, and get the $60, then he'll go to the store with me to get it since i'm only 16. He really wants me to get a job because I'll have m license soon and because he knows if I get a job I'll be happy with the money.

Also, I'm back into playing CoD4's online multiplayer, and I'm over 20,000 and it's been great. I got bored of RSV2 one day and just said "let's put in CoD4 and see how I do," and it turns out I'm doing fine once again. It's just so addicting, fast, and fun. Amazing, basically.

Plus, next Thursday, the 15th is when I take my AP World History test. If i pass the college/university that I'll be going to will see that I passed the test, and then I won't have to take a World History class, which will save us about 1-2K. After I take the test I'll find out how I did sometime this summer.

That's all, but I'll post another blog Friday and give you an update!


I need to blog more

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Wow, it's been a long time. I know I always say this, but it really, really fels like a long time.

I've haven't been blogging as much, I don't really know why either, and I hope to blog more often, especially when school gets out in some 30 days. I can't for summer either, and it'll be cool to play with you live guys out there. For everyone, I'm sorry for not blogging as much. I haven't really been around Gamespot, and even on live I've not really talked to some of you.

Live has been fun lately, and I've gotten to like Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a lot. But let's get to something other than video games, I'm kind of tired of them, and I just want to be down to earth with you guys.

I applied at Macy's, and for those of you that don't really know what it is, it's a retail store. They only had online applications or a store kiosk, so I just did it at the store. When they asked for a "preferred salary," I just put the lowest, and the lowest option was 'At least $7.00 (an hour)," which I thought was very reasonable, considering I know some people at school who get paid below $6.30 an hour working at grocery stores. But I like Macy's, they've got nice clothing (all brands, styles, you name it) and in fact, when I was walking up to where I had to sign the application after they printed it off, they had like a home/furniture section and also a little cafe. I dressed up to sign the application. I figured it'd make a good impression. I signed it this past Monday, and they said I should recieve a call in a week or so.

Also, we've been talking about WOrld War 1 and World War 2 in my AP World History Class. It's been an interesting topic. Apparently, we treated german POW's decently andGermany treated US POW's decently. It was the Japanese who were the brutal ones. Also, Germany's made an effort in these past 50 years to clean up their reputation. In Japan, they don't teach the stuff about WWII in their high school the same way here. I mean, they don't teach the same content. The Japanese military still controls their media, and it's sad to see how a country denies the fact that they've done wrong things. In fact, our AP World History teacher basically said in a nice way, "I fu**ing hate Japan." But our teacher is the advisor/leader of CARE which is like a respect group at our high school, so he like never says bad thing. All he said was "You may notice some attitude from me when talknig about Japan."

Japan was brutal. Go google "The Rape of Nanjing." You'll come up with some messed up stuff. It's sick what they did to people.

One last thing, I only got one game on my mind, Fallout 3. This game looks really awesome. I never played/really heard about the first two, and I find it cool how you can make your own weapons from like everyday items/daily things we use, and it's cool how they can like deteriorate over time.

I'm sick today, so that's why the blog is kind of short.

I promise to blog way more too! I'm seriously going to make an effort to blog more often.

So long (for now of course)


PS: My parents are buying me a car this Saturday. Well, we've already bought it, but they're picking it up this Saturday!