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Let me to toss in a classic, Zords.

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From Cartoon Network, it would have to be Justice League Unlimited. Good call on Megas XLR, that show was the ish. Others would include Ed Edd and Eddy, Dragon Ball, Samurai Jack, and Teen Titans. From AS, it would be Ruroni Kenshin, Trigun, and Outlaw Star.

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Its odd that you would consider jumping from the Senn's to AKG's since they have two very different sounds. If you like the Momentum's you may want to pick up the Sennheiser 650 as your audiophile grade headphones. If your feeling adventurous, get the AKG K 702 or the AKG K 712. My roommate has the 650 and i have the K702 anniversary editions but owned the K 550, the K 702 and the K 375's prior. Also don't forget to invest in a dac. Its basically goes in between your headphones and PC to give you the best sound that your computer just cannot produce. i have an Aune as my dac but there are a ton of them out there. Look into Fiio as a good starting point for a DAC.

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@pimphand_gamer: I recommend a JL W6 10" sub. Its on the pricy side, but you will only need one to fulfill you bass needs. If you want to go less, a W3 would be good as well. If you want to go all out, get a W7.

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"Only two things in life are certain; death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin

"The greatest thing in life is to live with great courage, and die with honor, in service of your home." Alexander the Great.

"Only gods and generals are immortal." From the film Gods and Generals

"Technology in the 20st century has suppased human interest. We have guided missiles and misguided men." Can't remember who said it

"The disease of suspision is not in my being. For I am a king who can respect the relationship that flowers between a man and a woman." Can't remember who said it.

"We are who we are, until we are not. But take note when that moment occurs, for in that instant the choice is made whether we will damn the world, or die trying to save it." Anonymous

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I could name two dozen soundtracks that are simply phenominal. Anything by Zimmer, Williams, Shore, Horner and Gregson-Williams is great

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I made my username after watching this little known film called xXx. I like the name of the antagonist group Anakin99 so i swapped out the Anakin for the first game i ever owned and Zelda99 was born. I only use it on Gamespot however, and use my other username EternlRayne on everything else. The origins of that name could fill volumes.

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@jun_aka_pekto: Recently Windows just has a this thing about giving up on things prematurely or moving on from said things. I head that windows was dropping the Surface line because it wasn't selling well. I had a Windows Phone and loved it but had to switch to Android because Windows just did not release any flagship phones at the same pace as Android.

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I used the iPad for a few days and ultimately returned it because i just did not like it. I'm not an app person so found it near useless. I'll be picking up the Surface Pro 3 soon, but i am a bit worried that Microsoft has all but given up on the Surface Pro 3 and may move on soon. I hate buying outdated tech, especially for such a high price.

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My mother was kind enough to send me an iPad Air for Christmas, but i haven't opened it because I am contemplating just returning it and getting a Surface Pro 3 instead. The reason being is that I have an Android phone, a Windows 8.1 gaming laptop, a smart tv and a bunch of other online items in just my bed room, so i'm not going to be using it much there. I will only be using the device for school (to take notes, write papers, do homework) and for work (I work at Best Buy and use devices to various times with customers.)

I will not download any games (i don't have any on my phone) nor will i use anything but Microsoft Office and the web browser. I like the Surface Pro's keyboard, pen and the fact that it can run Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as the fact it use a USB drive which i carry around with me. I will probably switch the IPad for the Pro 3, but was wondering if anyone had any takes on the matter or if there is something i am not considering.