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The Master Race's little brother...the PS4

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There will be 12 consoles sold...all to Americans vacationing in Japan.

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With the exception of A Realm Reborn, all of the FF games have been shit since FF X.

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The PS4 was never marketed like the XBone was.

Sony said from Day 1 that the PS4's main focus was going to be on games. Compare that to Microsoft who was pimping all of the skype and TV features of the XBone making gaming seem almost secondary.

The PS4 was marketed as a game console.

The XBone was marketed as a glorified $500 cable box with the ability to play games.

I think the gamers have pretty much already spoken about which one they prefer.

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Because most gamers want to buy...you know...a gaming console.

Not a fucking multi-media hub like an XBone or a watered down "next gen" system with no 3rd party support like the Wii U.

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That whole franchise can suck a bag of dicks.

These days, it's Resident Evil in name only.

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Smart people in general don't buy Ass Creed

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I think it's more of a testament as to how great A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time were.