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I'm not going to lie, it looks impressive.

Personally, it was kind of a letdown for me on the PS3.

It's a good solid GTA game, don't get me wrong. But to me the thrill is pretty much gone at this point with just driving around a map shooting at people. Because that's what basically every GTA becomes after completing the main storyline. Hell, even during the main storyline.

Rockstar's open world are immersive in the sense that they do a great job of creating living cities. Well made, in depth characters, Pedestrians who interact with eachother, the games own spin on pop culture, in depth radio/TV stations with their own music and movies, talk shows, commercials, etc.

But they sure as hell aren't immersive in the sense of the player actually being able to interact with the environment.

The brunt of your interaction with the environment is sill going to be spent opening a car door.

One of my biggest complaints about GTA games has always been (other than San Andreas at the time) the lack of interiors. In what is supposed to be this incredibly detailed gaming metropolis, there are literally 8-10 buildings that are accessible in GTA V and that's including the same handful of clothes shops and the 3 main character safehouses.

You can't go inside of any of the diners or bars that you purchase as property later in the game, and you can't even go inside of the fast food places like Burger Shot or Cluckin' Bell anymore.

There's no more stuff like in San Andreas where you could break into houses and steal TV's and stuff for extra cash, territories to take over and build up your gang, etc

Maybe that will change with mods. I don't know.

Basically, both GTA IV and especially the new GTA V have definitely leaped foward in the technical aspect, but at the heart of the gameplay both of them still feel like a stripped down version of a game that came out for the PS2 hardware 10 years ago.

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I'm going get a second STRIX soon. There's a sick joy buying a game and cranking everything to max seeing it run smoothing at 60fps. Just played the Batman Arkham City demo and same deal. Loaded a lot faster, looked better and performance better.... much better and this is just on a single card that cost me $250.

The bad part about PC gaming is when you try a game on consoles and you notice the 30fps cap, the "jaggies", the lower res textures etc, things you never used to notice.

Happened to me recently on Destiny (I have a PS4 I mainly use for FIFA). I had to return it cause the 30fps cap on a shooter makes me dizzy.

I wish I could play shooters on my PC.. but my fingers just aren't fast enough with WASD. I find the controller more comfortable for me. But I agree..I used to think PS3 games looked good and then I started PC gaming and I notice all that crap. But I really only game on my PS3/PS4 for sports/shooting games.. the rest on PC.

Same here

I know everyone says that a keyboard and mouse is the way to go with FPS's, and I've been primarily a PC gamer for about 3 years now, but I still prefer a controller.

And I couldn't fathom trying to play NBA 2K, Fifa or Madden (if it ever comes back to PC) with a keyboard.

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Hell no

There's no real use in buying a 4K TV for at least another 2-3 years.

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Delete your account?

Why don't you just leave and never come back?

Seems simple enough to me

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Played it on a friends XBone around 5 months ago.

It's barely even a game. I'll admit that it was mildly entertaining and looks remarkable for a console game, but the gameplay is damn near nonexistent.

Benchmark whores will buy it, but I sure as hell won't.

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No, not soccer

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Joe Montana

Jerry Rice

Barry Sanders

Curtis Martin

Wayne Chrebet

Joe Klecko

Al Toon

Chad Pennington

Brett Favre

Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant

Shaquille O'Neal

Muhammad Ali

Marvin Hagler

Randy Couture

Chuck Liddel

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Best: WoW

Worst: ESO

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Metal Gear, hands down.

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Worth buying for PC? I guess, just because you'll have access to a huge range of mods.

Worth buying for PS4/XBone? Hell no. It's going to be the exact same game except with slightly improved graphics. Definitely not something I'd shell out another $60 for.