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Wiii ing around

Bought a wii 2 months ago. You may ask why cause wii u will be released next year.

Its basically for gameplaying and casual gaming, and fun with friends - in person. If i would want graphics i have my high end PC.

Anyway if anybody wants to add me to his/her friend list my WII Number is : 6072 7024 9217 2081

Cya Around!

Went Horror!

Now playing amnesia and doom 3.... Yes.. im scared :).

Never played doom 3 before just cause my friends told me very scary stuff about it... In the end you always have to remember is a game made for you to win it and to give you a good time :)...

In anyway... im scared.... never been like that since system shock 2... PERIOD...

Fanboys are screwing the voting... and so are the movies....

in case you didnt noticed, the votings of the best game villain have begun. Now if you check the votation you would notice the huge amount of fanboys saying "this guy is the best", "this guys isnt". Now i wont comply about guys who like x or y villain like ganondorf or bowser cause they have a HUGE gaming history and they deserve to advance quite a lot on the bracket. Neither ill comply to villains of games i hate like arthas, cause he is still a game villain of some history and has a large number of fans. But i comply about those villains that arent begun AT ALL in games like darth vader and the joker.

Yes.. i love darth vader and the joker... but they born in the movies and comics... this is another world.. its the GAMING world. Just having a cool game with cool graphics featuring this guys is NOT a excuse to vote for them. They arent known to be popular on gaming... they are mean to be popular on movies and comics.

Now going deeper... this bracket will hardly show the reality... just the amount of fanboys of this or that villain. I just choose the ones who are so bad, and had such a deep personality they could have a movie based on his life. That´s why i chooser either wesker or kain to win (and im not even a fan of resident evil games).

Yes bowser is popular and has a lot of game history but.. personality? yeah.. sure...

Same with ganondorf, they just do the same thing.. on all games...

MMORPGs... Are We Having Fun?

This is a copy of a post written on mmohut.com about mmorpgs. I dedicate it to everyone who loves to play this games like junkies, specially WOW or AION fans.

"In most MMORPGs, the goal of the game is to get to maximum level as soon as humanly possible. Those of us who are the type to race ahead are in a rush to get to that all-important, defining aspect of the MMO; the end-game. The end-game is what we've all been waiting for. The end-game, we might tell ourselves, is the point when the game truly starts to matter. The end-game counts, while everything preceding the end-game does not. The end-game is where the money is at. The end-game is where the fun is, not like this stupid not-so-end-game which really seems like nothing more than anextremelylong tutorial.

So we race ahead, determined to get to the fun, to the real meat of the game. To get to that high tier PVP, or the end-game dungeons, or the raids, or the bragging rights, or all of the above. We'll spend weeks glued to our computers, pushing ourselves and pushing ourselves to get whatever that other, higher level person has. We must get to where all the cool kids are. So, inevitably, if our endurance pulls through, we finally reach the destination. Our goal is met. The finish line is crossed, at long last, rejoice! Rejoice! We can finally havefun!

Or can we?

Soon we realize that, stretched out before us, is a vast, barren wasteland very closely resembling the long process it took us to get here. Go grind something, the game tells us. Go LFG. Go get crushed in PVP by those who have had the patience to acquire better gear. Go, go forth, and be ENTERTAINED. So we do, don't we? This game is the greatest! Oh, sweet lady Gaga! The limitless opportunities to have fun! Here we come, gear grind! Here we are! Grind, grind, and grind some more! Don't let up, don't get discouraged. Watch the high quality drops slowly fill your bank. Do you see on this supplementary website that there is a fancy mount that strikes your fancy? Do you see, it has a 2% drop rate on a boss in a dungeon that takes six hours to get to? Do you see it? Don't youwantit? Of course you do!

We grind and grind. We get our epic lewtz. We collect a menagerie of exotic and rare mounts. We complete ourselves. We reach the point of MMORPG nirvana. We can enter into PVP areas and duels, slapping down the poor noobs with ease. We don't care for their tears, for their cries of imbalance and frustration, for we were once them, and they too can rise to our level, if they only invest thetimeand theeffortnecessary. If they only show the dedication we have shown. So pitiless are we. We who have ascended into the heavens as digital gods, as number-crunching monsters.

Then there are those who whine and complain about the game in public channels. Those who resent the long grind and excessive time investment required to make progress. Those who "expose the system" to others, decrying it as a churning machine with a bottomless hunger for "progress". What awful people, they are. If they don't like it, they should quit the game. If they don't like it, they can just go do something else. Write a damn book about it.

We're havingfun. Right?"


Lowered carbon score to 6.0. I was playing on full max but the shading till i got to silverton. On silverton, i just had broken fps, also speed effect looks like you are drunk and car reflection looks like some sort of "force field".. eww..

The joy of COOP gaming

As some people may look at my profile, im playing 2 games.. borderlands and dragonica online. You could think, "whats about it?". Well the very special think about it is that i play those games ONLY and ONLY with my best friend, and only playing together.

Really playing a game and ending it with a partner for a coop its as satisfying as watching a movie with him. Really, you get everything easier and you have some help when you face something tough. And i mean on PC, in the cold and lonely PC. Cause on console you can see your friend on the other sit. But in this case you dont.

Just grab a good coop game, headphones with mic, and a program for audio chat like teamspeak, skype or ventrilo, a Real Life friend (you do have rl friends, right? =) and youre in. Why having a lonely and boring solo adventure when you can play it with a partner the same way. Of course, you cant do this on all games but on those you can or those specially made for it, its extremely cool, try it.

What games you say? I recommend these:

Borderlands - Im actually playing it, solo it and get bored in 1 hour, coop it with at least 1 guy and have tons of fun, get a 4 coop for and you got a PARTY!.

Diablo 2 - Try leveling with a partner... without the rushes that normally "online gaming" implies.

Left 4 Dead - Never played it but heard its also tons of fun.

If you lack money, try ANY massive multiplayer rpg and play and level ONLY with a partner, trust me, it makes stuff easier, funnier and less adictive (for those who think addictive games are a problem).


Weee!! got new video card!!

Finally i could convince my father to buy me a new video card, im so happy.

Its a Geforce 7600 GT, now i can play more powerful games and also make more powerful renders on viz - 3dmax - maya.

Dont wonder yourself if u find me to get lots of new games to play with, and maybe a few reviews of them, hehe.


My First Video

Well.. I finally made it. Finally found a program to make game videos. So this is my first try. I got to find a better codec but i think is ok for my first video.

I made it for the game Guilty Gear XX #Reload. It is very good fighting game. Good think is that is for the PC, cause i cant afford a ps2 to play it. The fight is not very spectacular, but ill promess to do a better video with maybe better quality and a better fight


Went Racing...

i just got NFS most wanted. I must say it has been a long time since i havent played a car racing game since gran turismo 2.

The game is quite fantastic i must say, im stucked on blacklist #6 by now though but i must say it is pretty cool. Im playing at the very low resolution but nevertheless it looks great, cars are amazing, and cops steal the movie ^^.

At the top u can see a pic of my lovely supra, won from blacklist #13 but changed to my own style, hope u like it.
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