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Compared to pretty much any other form of entertainment (except books), the $/hr value of Diablo 3 is pretty good. Even if you were able to beat inferno in 60 hours (which I'm quite sure you can't) it would still be only $1/hr. Plus that's just one character and then there's hardcore mode and there will be PvP too. If you think it's a bad value consider a movie theater date is probably gonna run you $20-30 for, at most, 3 hours so a value of around $10/hr. I'm still poor so I havent been able to buy it and I haven't gotten a guest pass yet (PM me one if possible) but this is just something that's been bugging me as I read diablo forums.
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Can someone please pm me a guest pass...I'm a recent (and unemployed) graduate and I have lots of time but little money. Thanks!
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i loved that game. the sequel was ok too, but the mannequin sequence stands out as one of the best game sequences i've ever played.
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i think some of you may be overlooking the bigger picture here. consider that these thousands of soldiers' sacrifices and billions of dollars may have saved much more in terms of American lives and monetary costs.
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Celebrating the death of someone, no matter how evil, seems very depressing to me.

you think so? really? Osama would have celebrated your death

Yeah, I often find myself asking What Would Osama Do?
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Does this prove Obama isn't the anti-christ now?

that's just what he wants you to think....
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2 things 1) 'MERICA! 2) Anyone that thinks Obama is THE reason this happened is an idiot. This is the result of decades of hunting bin Laden. Not sayin Obama shouldn't get any credit but he's far from the main reason.
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I honestly think it deserved better than a 7, but I don't think it's more than a rental. I have gamefly so I never buy exactly for this kind of game. There were certainly some rough spots and the ending was pretty abrupt, but I still thought there were a lot of great moments. Worth a rental for sure.
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5 minutes after a mass text from the school website there were no less than 20 people in the liquor store I headed to. gotta love college.
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I just watched a short film which made me think what I'd do if I knew the world was gonna end in a few hours (get really drunk). What would you guys do? p.s. this is the video if you're interested http://foreversnotsolong.com/