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More on the PS3....wow...

sony, are you serious? you don't make all games support all output resolutions? what the **** kinda bull**** is that? I didn't even realize this at first because MGS4 actually does support all resolutions and that was the first and only game I played to begin with. and of course the 65" tv in my house goes from 480p to 1080i (think it has 720i tho). so I'm forced to play just about all ps3 games (I thought it was only on early games like resistance one, but heavenly sword and EVEN RESISTANCE 2!!! are like this!!!). sony you need to get with the ****ing program and standardize **** like M$. one online account for all games. make everything the same. i got a ps3 for blu ray and video games. I DIDN'T WANT A DAMN COMPUTER that has compatability issues and crap! seriously this is the nail in the coffin in my argument for 360 over ps3. **********EDIT**************** I just read that what it actually is is that 360 up converts to 1080i whereas ps3 doesnt. i'm no less disappointed in them because thats equally stupid. here's a comparison of 1080i vs 480p...http://www.geocities.jp/bellinus_crispa/cg/480p_versus_1080i.jpg

PS3 impressions

I'll be honest I got my 360 at launch and have waited until last friday to get my PS3. i got an 80gb with rachet and clank and casino royale bundled with it and purchased mgs4. i've been loving mgs and R&C is just like on PS2 (which isnt bad). and i can't wait to build up my blu ray library. HOWEVER, am I crazy to think that sony is a bunch of asses for not including ANY form of HD connector? i was really shocked when i went to set it up and realized i had to go and the component cable seperately (glad i didn't want the HDMI because that one's $80!). few other gripes: you have to install things? WHY? 360 doesnt have to and the graphics are comparable (some might even say 360 is better). also the cord to recharge the controller is like 2 ft long...who the hell plays 2 feet from the tv? (well i do in my dorm but otherwise i'm like 6 ft back). not to mention the hoops i had to jump through to play metal gear online: 1) sign up for psn 2) install MGO 3) register Konami ID AND game ID 4) click on link to activate account 5) play. and i skipped a couple of other parts like the initial installation of MGS4. even with the limited time i've spent with my PS3 i can safely say that i much prefer spending $50 a year to have a competent online service than a free piece of crap (there's hardly ANY content!). ok so you probably think i'm just a pissed off lemming ranting and raving (which isn't ENTIRELY untrue), but I'm still glad that i bought it and would make the same decision again. I don't think PS3 will overtake 360's place in my heart, but it will definitely bring me a lot of excitement with great exclusives like MGS, Resistance, and (hopefully) Killzone 2. (might even give LBP a try).

My presidential debate prediction....

As anyone who has seen an interview with Barack Obama can attest, he is pretty long-winded. I think that is going to be his downfall in these debates. He's a great orator when going off a teleprompter, but as soon as that's gone and he isn't reciting his usual "change" mumbo jumbo he begins to stutter and forgets the meaning of the words concise and succinct. If given an unlimited amount of time, Obama might be able to do well, however he isn't and as such he will likely get cut off and it's at the end of his long winded speeches that he presents the point. I'm predicting he will get cut off at least once and not get his point across as a result. And he's already at a disadvantage having so little actual foreign policy experience.

video games s u c k

well i mean i love video games so i gotta get that out of the way, but why do they piss me off so much. few things make me madder in life...and nothing does it so consistently. in fact i rarely ever get mad unless its because i'm in a bad mood from playing games. i really wish i could just play games cooperatively with friends online and work toward a common goal because that way i wouldnt get as pissed about not being as good as the other person or the AI. unfortunately i can never seem to get friends that do this. im really hoping that gears 2 allows me to do this at last with Horde mode. if there are 50 levels for each difficulty it sounds like i could be busy doing that for quite some time. if anyone wants to play coop with me just send me a friend request (gamertag: crimson07). alright thats all for today folks. p.s. sorry i don't have any insightful thoughts into the election this post.

What do a porn star, a coke head, and a very sexy man have in common?

They all think they have some sort of obligation to "save" us. Matt Damon was first, and I've already addressed him in a previous blog so on to Pam Anderson. Anderson, who is apparently a PETA activist (aka joke), said that Palin, a proud hunter, "can suck it." As if bar wasn't low enough Lindsay Cokehead, oops I mean Lohan, joined in on her myspace blog and even quoted Pam...now isn't the point of quoting typically to say what you want to, but by using someone else who has worded it well? I mean has Lindsay's brain been fried so badly that she can't even come up with something at least as good as "suck it"? I can only pray that anyone that would actually look at Lohan's myspace blog is under 18. To me the most disappointing celebrity move recently was Oprah's decision to openly support Obama, and even worse, not have Sarah Palin on her show. Thank God, McCain is actually ahead in the polls now, so maybe...just maybe we are not quite as dumb as the media thinks. Also, apparently Obama said the foreclosure rate is the worst since the Great Depression, but according to reliable sources they are a full 2.6% higher than the 1.9% low of Clinton's administration. He also said during the Great Depression more than 50% of all houses were lost....Mr. Obama please use hyperbole in things that people will understand are being exaggerated.

Why Matt Damon...why?

Dear Matt Damon, Why did you feel the need to get involved in politics? I have always really liked you as both a person and an actor. However, I cannot deny that I will almost certainly not see some movies you are involved in just because of your comments on Sarah Palin. Your comments did nothing to help anyone, and the only thing it really accomplished was making yourself enemies. I really don't think many people in America actually take celebrity opinions to heart so to all celebrities, STICK WITH WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT! (except you Whoopie, you're not good at anything so you can just stay in your house the rest of your life.) Sincerely, crimson07

Blog Party!!! (like bloc party...the band...get it?) 10th blogday!!!

w00t!!! tenth blog. its official im a blogger...lol idk. anyway i gotta say one of the things i hate about games...i get bored with just one, so i switch and i play different ones...but that keeps me from getting REALLY good and sometimes it will make me stop playing a game i really like for a long time, for instance...i stopped playing bf badcompany shortly after maxing out my lvl and at that point i had about 2000 kills and thought about going for 10000 achievement, but that thought made me go play gears to go for that...well thats pretty much impossible however i got hooked on that and started playing it quite a bit and stopped bf. now i come back to bf and i go from being lvl 4 to lvl 27 in about 2 days lol...luckily im back to lvl 15 now but my chances of getting that 10000 kill achievement is pretty much gone now since soon i'll get rb2 then far cry 2 then gow 2 and i am saying this now...I WILL GET SERIOUSLY 2.0...yes the 100,000 kill achievement in gears 2. no matter what i will be getting this achievement as i sincerely regret not getting seriously or this bf one.

Back to school special (fashion, politics, and media)

well didn't really post anything this summer because i was actually kind of busy, but now that i'm back at school i can get back to business and post great rants and reviews online for millions (or just myself) to enjoy. i'm kinda tired right now so if there are grammatical errors please excuse them. also this doesnt much have a point although i really wanted to say something about the fact that I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY. my wonderful girlfriend introduced me to it two summers ago and i'm absolutely hooked, at first it was just some of the ridiculous characters, but now i actually find myself discussing the qualities of individual outfits with my gf and it's so much fun! speaking of so much fun, this week has been really great watching all of the republican national convention stuff! i've watched so much cnn, fox, and msnbc this week i feel like my grandpa. anyway this is my straight talking summary about the channels...cnn is the best because it is the most balanced and while some of the anchors are quite leftish they always have a good variety of analysts from both parties present, fox is not quite as good because the anchors are unabashedly right but since everyone knows it they aren't sneaky about it which can be whats annoying about the leftish media. the problem with fox is that often times their debates end up being nothing more than yelling matches back and forth where you cant hear anything anyone is saying...i didnt watch as much msnbc as the others but it seemed to be pretty fair i suppose and they were pretty professional. NOW I'LL GIVE OUT THE AWARDS!!! best anchor: Brit Hume i think thats his name, i really like his mannerisms, hes pretty quite/soft spoken at least at first glance but then he can be ferocious runner up: wolf blitzer (i LOVE his name) best interview of the week: Cambell brown interviewing the spokesperson of the mccain campaigh it was really funny and resulted in the mccain camp. kinda ignoring cnn for the rest of the week runner up: part 1 of obama/o'reiley interview (maybe if it wasnt part 1 of 4 it would be better) best outfit of the convention: sarah palin's outfit she wore during her speech i loved the look runner up: cindy mccain's green dress, it made her stand out great! (dont you love how i combined fashion into this when i was talking about fashion earlier ;)?) and that concludes this nights stream of conciousness please leave me a comment if you actually read a word of this...

Movie Review: The Strangers

Now I'm not scary movie junkie but it seems to me that there are two main types in recent years. The slasher gory movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the creepy little girl type of Japanese horror like The Ring. The Japnanese style are definitely much more psychological in nature and they show you less and the pace of the movie is usually a bit slower (I think this is why people see them as more "sophisticated" than "American/Slasher" horror movies). While most movies fall somewhere in the spectrum between The Ring and TCM, I think, The Strangers has come the closest to dead center. Even though there are no surprise twists and it's about as predictable as a Land Before Time movie, it has still got some pretty good scares to offer. Unfortunately after the first few, they begin to repeat...close up of a mask!....slowly walking or standing still person in a mask off in the distance....then close up of mask again! There are also a few scenes which drag on a bit longer than necessary. But despite some minor annoyances it was pretty refreshing to see protagonists with at least a little bit of sense, unlike most horror flicks, and if theres one thing that frustrates me in movies, its a stupid protagonist. And even though there is some pretty intense violence in this movie, it's done in a way that isn't very gory (for better or worse). 4 outta 5 stars Moral of the Story: Good scary movie no matter what kind of horror you're into, but probably won't change the way you look at the genre.

Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

what can i say...funny stuff from funny people no surprise there...what is a bit surprising is the heartwarming story that the humor is made of. and even more surprising is the depth that each character has. Ms. Marshall appears to be a flat out b*tch in the beginning ends up looking more like a naive young woman who made some serious mistakes. the man with whom she cheats on him appears at first to be a thick headed sex maniac ends up looking more like a really loveable sex maniac. its a shame the "Superbad" guys don't get more credit for the stories behind their humor because as quotable and "lol" funny their movies are, the stories are even better. while FSM isnt as funny or memorable as Superbad, it is as much of a must see. it also gets bonus points because it can be considered a "date" movie because it's primarily about love. 4 outta 5 stars Moral of the story: see it with the boys, see it with the girls, see it with both, see it with yourself...no matter who you see it with (or without) you'll be sure to have a good time....(unless frontal male nudity is awkward with a certain person...because theres more than enough in this movie)
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