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Same thing here. It happens pretty regularly with a thread here and there. Most recently, it's this thread for me: Club Nintendo Shutting Down, Flipnote 3D in February.

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That thread appears to work fine in Firefox, haven't tried Safari.

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I haven't even played the game but I think Shovel Knight would make an excellent addition to the Smash Bros roster.

And I'd also love it if Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be brought into the mix. I wished that Square-Enix would have tried to get a character into Smash Bros, and I think Sora would feel right at home in the gameplay department. Of course it won't happen now, but if I was to have a new third-party character in rather than a returning one, Sora would be my pick.

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I can't say whether or not Shadow of Mordor is deserving as I missed out on a lot of games this year, but I am eager to play it with all the recognition it has garnered.

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I'm getting a similar problem but for the dark version. I get this on the dark version but the light version is normal.

Same problem here. Thought it was a problem with Chrome so I switched to Firefox which was automatically set to the light layout. Switched it to the dark layout and the page changed to what the image shows above.

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I'm playing through Knights of the Old Republic right now. Never beat it but I've played Taris a bunch and have moved past it one time; finally sitting myself down to beat the game.

This time, I love it. I know I have KotOR2 after this, but I would love a new Star Wars RPG done in the style of KotOR.

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I saw the movie for the first time last year and was disappointed, but I can see why many people praise the movie. Another classic that I felt this way about was Citizen Kane. I can appreciate what the movie is and what it has done, but I really did not like it.

But that's okay. We all have different tastes. It's just that mine are worse.

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As for the latest season with Capaldi, I'll say this. Who has been on a fantastic role this season in terms of content. It may not have been mind-blowingly awesome episode after episode, and I'd say one or two were duds out of the bunch, but overall it was awesome. Capaldi is fantastic and could possibly beat out Tennant as my favorite Doctor, take that as you will.

My biggest complaint about this new season though? Not enough focus on the Doctor, and instead so much focus on Clara Oswald it might as well be Clara Who. Seriously, we have such an amazing actor playing such an intriguing and mysterious character and so much of the focus is off of him. I hope this changes next season.

Now, my favorite episodes:

10. The Waters of Mars - 10th Doctor - It's a tension-filled special, and what I truly loved about it was how the Doctor felt at the end of it. "For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I'm not. I'm the winner. That's who I am. A Time Lord victorious." - The Doctor.

9. Listen - 12th Doctor - I thought this episode was great because it was the Doctor hunting out a monster, an idea. The closed-timeline can seem either good or bad depending on the viewer, but I liked that how it all came together and we got to see that piece of the Doctor's past. It was a good character study, and again another episode that left you feeling nervous about it all and left you thinking.

8. Vincent and the Doctor - 11th Doctor - You watch that moment when Vincent is in his own art exhibit and you tell me that doesn't hit you in the feels!

7. The Name of the Doctor - 11th Doctor - A rightfully tense episode focusing so much on the death of the Doctor and Trenzalore. While seeing Clara going through the Doctor's time-stream was a neat moment and why she's the Doctor's Impossible Girl was cool, in the end it was one of the more lackluster events. But it was made up for when the Doctor went into his own time-stream after her, leaving us at a very long cliffhanger when we saw a past incarnation of himself, one that he knew was trouble... John Hurt as The War Doctor (this piece of the credits was also really weird in the moment but whatever).

6. The Angels Take Manhattan - 11th Doctor - This episode has one of the most emotionally heart-wrenching moments in my eyes, which would make it an astounding episode if it wasn't for the incredibly lame Statue of Liberty Angel. That took it just a bit too far. Everything else about the episode was good though. And seriously, that send off hits you right in the gut.

5. Army of Ghosts // Doomsday - 10th Doctor - Goodbye, Rose. Her connection with the Doctor was something special; it crossed two incarnations of him and it always felt genuine. She was our introduction into this new Who, for many of us an introduction to Doctor Who in general. That moment when Rose loses her grip and almost gets pulled into the portal just as her "father" crosses dimensions to save her then vanishes forever is an emotional moment. The rest of the episode was fun, and I love the 3D glasses, but it's the emotional highs and saying goodbye to Rose that made this episode memorable.

4. The Day of the Doctor - 10th & 11th Doctor - David Tennant came back! Peter Capaldi made an brief appearance! :D :D :D Overall, the episode didn't do anything spectacular, and I really wanted to see more of the Time War and see why the War Doctor was so "feared." In the end, John Hurt, who did a spectacular job, felt like the Doctor. That's what I wanted, but he didn't go far enough with that attitude I thought the War Doctor should have; this is definitely a personal thing. Despite those criticisms, it was so much fun seeing Tennant and Smith work together and play off each other. It's just classic Who with multiple Doctors; a celebration of the program.

3. Dark Water // Death in Heaven - 12th Doctor - This is a tough one as I'm not sure if I should put it this high since it's so recent, plus the second episode in this two-parter is a little lacking when compared to "Dark Water" itself. But wow, did Dark Water hit a lot of amazing notes. First off, it was one of the few episodes in the season that showcased Capaldi wonderfully. Then there was fantastic tension, set-up to the Cybermen was terrific, and the revelation of Missy. Plus, all of the despair of Clara losing Danny which led up to one of my favorite Doctor moments of all time: when Clara took him to the volcano to throw away the keys, demanding that they go back to save Danny. That moment right there was amazing, coupled with the rest of the episode just pure awesome, save for the Nethersphere bits. Death in Heaven had some weird pacing and didn't live up to what Dark Water set up, but it did have some good moments as well, like the Doctor's reaction to Gallifrey's location.

2. The Impossible Planet // The Satan Pit - 10th Doctor - "But that implies, in this big grand scheme of gods and devils, that she's just a victim. Well, I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods. I've had the whole pantheon. But if I believe in one thing... just one thing... I believe in her!" - The Doctor. 'nuff said.

1. The End of Time - 10th Doctor - My favorite Doctor Who story, even with it being a little absurd for the program. It's a fantastic farewell to one of my favorite Doctors and it has my absolute favorite companion ever: Wilfred. The threat is crazy, it's ending epic and... sad. And that's what I wanted from a Doctor's departure: a strong, emotional send-off. And I think that was fitting for such a humanized Doctor.

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Ugh, too many sometimes. But I enjoy it. :P Finally got all caught up on Hannibal and wow, that's good television.

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Still need to check out A to Z, The Blacklist, Forever, and probably one or two others. Then Top Chef, Constantine, and a couple other shows have yet to even start. Probably missing some too. Woof.

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I played the Hunters demo cartridge more than I played the actual game, and I beat the damn thing.

I enjoyed it enough to finish it but I wouldn't go back to play it again. Don't recall any hand-cramping or anything, but I do remember it looking like rubbish.

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Seriously, I mean they only get like 4 posts total before they hit the new user limit and then end up getting banned. They probably spend more time setting up new emails/accounts than actually posting

But they're doing it for the lulz! It's just so funny wasting time for little payoff!