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Avengers movie

Going to a private screening of the avengers on Saturday being organised by the owner of my LCS. Excited becuase it's also supposed to be a pretty good movie.

Also: I'm trying to figure out whether to buy a Wii, 3DS or Vita. I already have a P33, PSP and PC (PS2 and GBA too sitting there gathering dust)...Any suggestions? All three? :)

Fast 5 pretty good

NO SPOILERS.....Saw Fast 5 in the cinema today and thought it was really good. Lots of car smashes, gun fights and jumping across favela rooftops a la Modern WArfare 2. And there's afight scene between Vin Diesel and the Rock which is pretty bad ass too.(I won't say who won!) Lots of precision driving a la Tokyo Drift, etc. Ludacris and Tyreese were pretty funny as the comedic pairing and I thought the inclusion of Spanish speakers in the crew was pretty cool too (it was set in Brazil).

Mass Effect 2 demo

Downloaded the demo for Mass Effect 2 on PSN and it looks AMAZING! Can totally see why so many Xboxerswanted it to be GOTY.

Played Killzone 3 Beta

Played the Killzone 3 beta yesterday. It looked really, really cool. Was playing team deathmatch type game. In a snowy level. The water effects looked AMAZING! it's that oil rig type scene that the soldiers are travelling to in gunships (from the trailer that you might have seen). There were options to pick different pre-made soldier classes (engineer, medic, sniper, etc) which was cool. Not sure if that will translate over to the final game, but there was one thing that was really, really cool. A modified melee kill, when you're close up. Really cool.

Killzone 3 Beta

I was invited to participate in the Killzone 3 beta! Can't wait to play it...have never been involved in a beta before so not sure if I am supposed to write down thoughts in the forums, or what...but anyway, from the footage I've seen of it so far, it should definitely be one of the best shooters of 2011! So many good games (so little time) :)

Salem and other bands

So I bought the Salem King Night album on iTunes. It is really good. Deserves the 9 out of 10 NME gave it. And I agree that it does kind of leave you with a kind of "unclean" feeling after repeated listenings...It's wierd. The sounds are AMAZING. It also got me listening to a bunch of Daft Punk, Massive Attack, NIN, Tool and even some early ninetiescompilation dance CDs I kept. Guess it's the electronica vibe that I'm going for right now.GUess if you're not into rap/hip hop and are tired of your rock/alternative CDs, nothing beats a little darkelectronica to get the feet tapping again.

Demon Souls

You gotta love Demon Souls.

OK, so I've never written about a game on this page before. And to say that after over 1.5 years thAt I want to write about Demon SOuls. Speaks volumes about how good this game really is.

To be sure, when it recieved the GOTY 2009 award from gamespot I was dubious. I mean, Uncharted 2 was jaw-droppingly gorgeous and MOW2 is addictive as hell. So WTF were the gamespot editors thinking picking this nobody game that no one had ever really heard of?

And then I picked up a second hand copy and started playing it about a month ago now I guess. Well, I don't think I was ever as nervous playing a game for the first time as I was with this one (there was a lot of mysterious bulid up, about it being super hard, etc. - which it is by the way).

I must admit that I wanted to quit several times and move on to another easier game, but I've persevered and now am over 50% through the bosses and build my character up to around level 45 after around 50/60 hours of playtime.

So Europe, enjoy this game when you get it over there this year. It is definitely, definitely worth it!! (P.S. - Meat Cleaver ROCKS!)

HUrt Locker

HUrt Locker was great on DVD. Definitley worth watching! THE Iraq movie, like I think Apocolypse Now and Deer Hunter are THE Vietnam movies. Metacritic gave Hurt Locker a metascore of 94! No less than 18 publications gave it 100%.= including the NYT and Washington Post. So go rent it!

Winter Olympics are cool (on TV) not on video games! :) Re: video games, Batman AA is cool as well is Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Bioshock exclusive downloaded content.

Patapon 2 on PSP and Braid on Pc.

January movies

Avatar is fantastic!! You should go see it in 3D for sure!!!

Sherlock Holmes is pretty good too! It's fun!

Currently playing Patapon 2 for PSP, Call of Dutry Modern WArfare 1 and 2 for PS3 and Freedom Force, KOTOR and Braid for pc, even though I got to get to Assassins Creed 2 and Batman Arkham Asylumfor PS3 and Chinatown wars for PSP to crack open - plus I want to get a second hand copy of Demon Souls too! Financial crisis - what crisis!

Good DVDs are The Hangover, District 9 and '9'.

Tunes = Animal Collective, Post Merryweather Pavillion, Wild Beast, Two Dancers, Glasvegas and The Strokes, is thisIt.....


mErry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all! Winter is here and its a great time to stay in and play some games! :)

This year I'm hoping Santa will bring batman arkham asylum, assassins creed 2 and COD: MW2!

Bring on the fun until 2010! Currently I'm playing Infamous, Uncharted2 and everything else that I got for PS3 since 2006!

At the movies, Hopefully Sherlock Holmes will be good!


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