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Lots of Scarecrows

Been a very long time since I have been here on this site. This place just not as entertaining as it was long ago. So my fellow crows are you scared or excited of these new consoles, games, and movies? 

We are finally at this point in time where nothing is going to happen until our holiday season. So I'm glad these summer movies are going to rock our socks off. But I'm still not at ease with the gaming community. They claim they lose money on them, but if they were smart they wouldn't spend it on all this fancy stuff. Go in a new direction cause shooters have been done to death. The Indy games are popular cause they go back to simpler story telling.

The next generation of consoles ( that doesn't include the Wii U which is dumb) seems unnecessary. Some publishers call this a fresh start, and most of us call them foolish. Foolish because a new IP is possible whenever you want. Don't try to appeal to the cod players cause that's all they play. A big reason why some games never sell well.

So will the crows get the corn or will they be scared off by straw dummies?

.4_imperssion of DmC

It has been a very long time since i have done one of these and what better way then by grading the demo of DmC.

Now what i thought of it before was that this is not Dante and this is not devil may cry. So did the demo change my mind?

ABSOLUTELY....not. Its not bad and its not great. Its first problem are the controls. They just lack the control over the character. It just feels like i'm flailing about not really doing anything. The way the game wants you to play is heres your enemy send it flying and juggle it in the air because gravity does exist. I feel like i'm playing as nero because you can ether pull them to you or you to them. The only time i go to them is with the stinger or the trickster abilities and the game doesn't have the stinger or styles. Alright it has both but not the way i want it. Stinger happens randomly since its not in the movelist and the styles are angel/demon which are just annoying to use.

After i played the boss fight and was then sickened because it wasn't a devil may cry game where Dante would do something bada$$ and go about saying why he was better than the boss. Instead it was like silent hill. It was just an eyesore to look at then i got to listen to both of them saying F*ckU to each other for a minute before the fight actually began. Overall i am still very disappointed with it but thats all i just hope i'll get to see Devil May Cry 5 the way it should be.

.4: year of the dragon

Its been awhile since i've bother to post a blog. After the holiday season stuff i can ring in the year of the Water Dragon. Fun stuff to think about their.Whatcan the stars tell about your life is odd. Where doyou the origins for these mythos came from? All answers about the past seem shrouded in mystery. Thats enough of my ramblings on philosophe.

Well lets see recent updates. Got me some of J Scott Campbell art books that were signed by the man himself in great condition. The box that it came was pretty beat-up and inside my books that had bubble tape wrapped around them and some paper stuffing. Plus the books have a plastic casing which keeps them safe from the elements. Mark Crilley has a how to draw book that goes the distance where some dont go far enough. This is worth a look at when it comes out in March.

Finally picked up FFXIII and still on ch1. I have two problems with it. (1) the claims that it breaks systems and (2) i got it used which i hate. EB games or gamestop whichever you call it is the most evil part of the industry (besides capcom).Why you ask. They over priced games and you know it. You cant return a game even if you never opened it for store credit which is half the value of said game. This was all yesterday. Went to superstorewhich must be Canada only store which is like walmart seeing how its across the street from it but back to the story. I saw marvel vs capcom3 for $35 and right next to it UMVC3 for $38 b@stards. The things they sell.

You know i got java updated and that fixed my image loading problems and wouldn't you know i cant upload again...

.4:November break down

November 1. Well whos sick of christmas already cause i am. This year the stores had all that crap up in October when its all about Halloween. Not a Holiday by technical, but its better than fearing what goes bump in the night. I think last year i did some artical on it and its origin.

Today is when uncharted 3 comes out. I also happen to be watch a review on it by people whos opinion on games are good not biased. The uncharted series for me has had very very good stories in them with minor control problems. NaughtyDog has been able to craft very human characters. It brings this head to head with Indianan Jone and Nathan Drake for greatest male treasure hunters seeing how Laura Croft is up their too. The charcters in any medium are THE most important part of a story.

With the talk of great characters one of my favorites Batman and his two games Arkham Asylum/City. I believe it took me a week to beat both games. Asylum was great for everything EXECEPT boss fights. How can this be? Other than that near perfection. City Made the environment more open with respawning enemies. Combat made even better with the original being very solid. The negatives are bosses and the story. The story just lacks what asylum had. Batman villians make very short appearances then run off. They lack the depth that the characters have in the comics. The sidemissions where apparently alot. I count 12 where some are divided into three parts which you must wander around the city to find. Then the riddlers crap and i don't think i've resented a character more than him in this game. He's the last one on my list here. Now the biggest issue is the dlc. Catwoman is $10 if you didnt buy it new. Robin will $7 just like nightwing and they come with two challenge maps. The icing on the cake are all the batman skins which will be $5-$7. That should be in the game not here it is at release. If anything wait till january and add some side stories with them or something better than challenge maps.

Well thats the break down. Enjoy playing all the crappy games that will come out after this day. Take care.

.4_Arkham Insanity

On the 18th of this month Batman:Arkham City came out and on the 16 their were rumours that both Asylum and City were bundled together at Walmart. Yesterday i went into town and their it was. The best deal i have seen in a long time.

So i've start on Asylum and really enjoyed it even though i'm sitting at 33% completed. Not used to game just throwing me out there with no hand holding. Its nice but boy if you don't think about things like batman you'll get stuck. I cant wait to jump into city right after asylum.

I'd go out and get this deal if you dont have ether version. Short sweet and to the point. I'll have another after beating both.

.4_Back 2 Drawing

Well if you recall about a month ago i said i was starting a comic idea. Over the past while i've been designing my characters. Ive got about 6 rough design's of characters and a skylined story. Over the past few days i've had some interresting story arc ideas that i think are interesting. I understand its hard to visualize a story when your given a blank canvas. So the story is loosely based on this world. It takes elements of the present and adds the belief's of the old worlds god's and monsters. What i have ended up with is this world where some people choose to either worship these gods or ignore them for their lack of presence on the (world,midgar,gaia,ect.) The most menacing part is the legends of these mythology's that i'm attempting to mold into this great story.

The second part and in my oppinion THE most important part of my blog here is this author/illustrator has helpped me hone my skills. His name is Mark Crilley. He has a youtube channel that shows you how to draw manga styles and real life. This guy has many videos on how to draw just about anything at this point in time. I'd like you guys/girls out there a chance to see his work and support his books. I'll try to put an image up but with my luck it will fail cause Gs seems to be giving me a cardboard house here.(YUP STILL BROKEN)

.4_take that Chaos!

I finally did it i beat inward chaos in dissidia final fantasy. That is the and i mean THE hardest boss i fought and final boss Vergil in DMC3 is hard. Like all bosses he was cheap and unfair. Yesterday i was so frustrated with him after three hours with him i got him down to 83 hp and lost. This morning i was calm and cool and beat him with my lvl 100 Terra Branford. So i am quiet happy right now.

EDIT: got a new header on my homepage.

Now i'd like some oppinions on some things i'd like buy.

1: Resident evil 4 hd - considered the greatest game of all time by some for $20.

2: Rosario+Vampire - now Viz Media has this 4 for 3 deal going on and for those who dont know what that means buy 3 and the forth one is free and i got that priced to $102 for 14 books since i got 2 already.


.4_wrong thing to say here

Given what the title is i'll be say what i've been thinking this past while about this UltIMate mARveL Vs CRaPcOm ThREe. Now before i jump right into this i'll state that Crapcom releases all of their AAA titles AFTER the holiday season for earnings. Cause you cant compete with everyone else coming out for christmas or for all the cry-babies X-mas. (Look at gears of war 3 suppost to come out april 15-ish and then got pushed back for now) Mvc3 jump to this ultimate edition gives us all the stuff we NEEDED through PATCHES! Spectator mode and balance of characters/x-factor could have been done this way. The new characters/backgrounds could be sold for a dollar since they were OBVIOUSLY meant in this game. When you compare this to street fighter 4 and its super (which is older than mvc3) had tons of modes in it. Umvc3 gives you nothing. So your getting nothing. This is getting released 5 months after the original and in the holiday season. So apparently this game sold so poorly that they go and rerelease this at this time.F^ck them! What do get for buying this "ah sorry it was a $70 beta." Its unacceptable for this to happen. Capcom barely gave us a game and then they just barely update it to this version. Wait for Super ultimate fantastic marvel vs capcom. I bought the limited edition in a steel case with the dlc characters jill and shuma. Now i gotta upgrade to this. If i'm told to just sell my old copy for $10 bucks then ultimate only costs $30 i'll punch them in the face cause your retarted. You just got a ten dollar discount on a $100 game you F***ing moron. If you buy this your part of the problem so just bend-over and let capcom give it to you in the @ss cause you are OFFICIALLY their B!tch.

.4_GBA games the best?

In my experiences with handhelds my grand favorite would be the Gameboy ADVANCE. A game i've been craving for a weird reason was yugioh... I'll call it for what it is. "What a dork." Anyway that was fun until i found the best game my brother ever got was DragonBall Z Supersonic Warriors. Without a doubt this is the best DBZ game ever made. Unfortunatlyi have some control issues with the game so using special moves like the Kamehameha only happen if im lucky and the button command actually registers. So the game plays either stupidly easy or ridiculously hard. Now i know those battles that are hard i could stand a better chance using Goku's or Son Goku's ultimate attack labeled above. I suggest atleast trying this game cause shes a good one.

The last game is FinalFantasy VI (or 6 for those who dont know Roman Numerals). I've gotten about halfway through the game and i find it crazy how similar it is to VII on story. It plays just like any game in the series except for the status effect Zombie which is annoying. I went here on the site to the review and you want to know what "the bad" was... repetitve and tedious combat. Seriously that should Never be used in a review since in a shooter what are you doing point,click,next. Thats a game. With that aside i went out of my way in the game to level up Terra(who is the main character) a whole ten levels above the rest so here i have: Terra-43,everyone else-27. At this point the party is split up in my game and i could have winked at the enemy and killed him. I took out the ultima weapon single handily with her. Now i dont have her. So why must my luck be so bad.

STILL NO PICTURES GLITCHSPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.4_Hippo eats dwarfe

Now thats a freaking headline. Well last time i wrote this up i wasn't particularly happy with this place so with all negatives aside other than the devil may cry reboot that the series doesn't need and ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. With the particular thorns in my @ss in the re-view mirror i'd like to focus on some more positive things for a change.

Devil may cry is 10 years old and hopefully Capcom does something cool and stylish with that. Maybe HD versions of the games with soundtracks cause the music for the series is just so F**KING amazing. The best metal rock today. With that capcom should say something about that rather than pouringattention into a game we already hate.

Played some red dead redemption and now i see exactly why reviewers keep talking about it. I'm personally not connected to the GTA franchise other than plan fun. Red dead's story just dragged me right into it. G0d d@m it was a cowboy, a lone ranger who used his gun for justice like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne...except for the few sheriffs i killed cause they were shooting at someone. Nothing feels better in that game than the feel of it. You get highs like being perched on a cliff and using your six-shooter to take down a fleeing criminal. Then you have unreal lows like breaking a horse...down a cliff.I still dont know how we both survived but we did. Its definatelly worth a look at. I would have bought this already but with rumors of a GOTY of it coming in september its worth the wait.

Lastly i'm going to trying getting this comic idea i've had for a while off the ground. So take care.