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Stupid AV Cable

This just happened two weeks ago. I was playing Red Dead Redemption, I was completing a hideout to get some XP. So I was very excited using the dead eye against all my enemies when suddenly after I pull the trigger to fire the audio just turned off. Didnt know why, so I came to check if the cable was ok, I just moved it a bit (not in the ports) and then the audio is just fixed but just after I fired again the audio dies again. So I tried using my PS2's AV cable and it was working good, but I sold my PS2 to my cousin and he took the cable with him. Now I am going to buy a new video component cable because I dont have an HDTV. But it is really hard to find a video component cable in this city, everybody has HDTVs now though they are really expensive here. I am also going to buy a router so I can play online, stay here in the computer and my mom wont need to ask for my computer again. Cya guys. Thanks for reading.

Just got Red Dead Redemption

Hey ya! I bought it to a friend!. I just started playing it yesterday and damn, I have a lot of things in my head I want to say about this but I dont know how to start. It is a very hard game, you have to keep in cover if you dont want to die. Trophies are kinda hard to get them or that is how I see it cuz I dont know how to play poker or blackjack or those things. I havent tried the multiplayer yet but soon I will and I think it will awsome. I expect it is better than GTA IV multiplayer mode. A friend bought a PS3 and I will ask him to come and play the coop missions you download from PSN.

It is a awsome game, I still cant believe I got it.

I will have to start over

I have been playing GTAIV again because I want to get the 100% completion trophy. My actual % is 98.33% and I am missing two random characters which I cant find anywhere. I have done all activities with my friends, I have got the highest score in QUB3D, got all the stunt jumps, killed all the flying rats, won in darts, bowling and pool. Won all 9 races, I checked my statistics and I saw "Random Characters: 12", I cant find the other two ones cuz I already found them!.

Merry christmas my friends

How are you doing?, I just wanted to say hello and wish you a merry christmas. Here in my country people's mood isnt the same since we are going through an economic crisis thanks to that **** called Chavez. But well christmas is about spending time with family and friends and that is what I am going to do.

Merry christmas! =).

The end is near my friends!

It has been a very big while since the last time I wrote a blog. Dont know how much time, I think I could check my last blog's date and I could see when I wrote it hehe.

I had a lot of plans for this december, the most important one was to visit my cousin at Toronto (I live in venezuela) and spend the holidays in there), also I wanted to get some info about the colleges because I am interested in studying there, but the most important thing, well it is not the most important one but it was a very important one, I wanted to go and buy some new games for my PS3. I was expecting to add Red Dead Redemption, Black Ops. and probably Gran Turismo 5 to my owned games list. Also I wanted to taste a real winter, I wanted to feel the snow in my hands haha, I have never touched snow in my life, because here in Venezuela we dont have snow, there are only a few places where you can get snow but it is unpredictable. So, now you might be asking yourselves, "what happened with your plans?". I'll tell you what happened. I don't know the reason why my mom and I started to put in order the papers and permissions for the Canadian Consulate just 2 weeks before the travel day. So the first week my mom took the papers to the consulate and all we had to do then was wait for the answer. So one week later my mom went to the consulate again to get the answer, if we could get the visa or not and the officertold her that he didn't checked the papers. After I heard that I was like O__O. That happened on Thursday and the traveling day was the Sunday at 24 o'clock. All that happened to weeks ago. Tomorrow, December 13th, my mom is going to the consulate again to get the answer, I guess it is a bit late but I am expecting to travel there in February.

Well I wanted to write about this a few days ago, but I haven't been in a good mood to play videogames or write blogs you know.

A few days ago I was bored and I entered in to see the new iPod nano (wow it is very nano) and I went to the Mac tab and I found the iMac a very interesting computer but I would like to know the differences between a common PC and an iMac. All I know is that musical producers use Macs, that is all I know. If you know something else I would appreciate you tell me. Thanks.

Well this is all for today and I don't know when I am going to write again but thanks to take a moment to read this and have a nice day =).

PS: I was going to write something like 2011 is coming! that is why I called the post like this but I forgot what I was going to say xD.

Got a new pc!

It is very nice, it is not a powerfull one enought to play games ly Crysis 2 but it is still better than my old one.

I just saw Toy Story 3

Well I went to the cinema with my mom and dad. It is weird 'cuz they are divorced so I am very used to see them separated. Anyway, I know I am sixteen years old but I grew up watching those Toy Story movies and I needed to see how it ends. I enjoyed the movie but I would like to see it on 3D, unfortunately in my city there are not 3D cinemas.

I think I want to be a firefighter

Im not joking, I have been thinking what I am going to do with my life and I think being a firefighter is a very interesting thing, it feels good helping other people and I like to have action moments in my life. Unfortunately here in my country being a firefighter is not something very important but my goal is to finish the high school and move with my cousins in Toronto, there are more job options in there.