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Any Skeptical Thoughts to the Vita?

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Not trying to be a buzzkill. I actually love the PSVita's improvements over the PSP. I even dropped down the preorder for the Wi-fi bundle to get the system a week early from its original launch schedule. Frankily though, I must get this out of my chest and hope I am not alone in this train of thought.

For me, With all the improvements and features a lot of gamers seem to tout, I think there is still some credible concern:

1. Sony's stubborness to rely on proprietary media ~ This is a heavy issue that can be remedied down the line.

Sony is notorious for monopolizing on proprietary formats. With the PSP I could use third party media pro duo since they costed less for me. The Vita looks like this could very well happen as well, but at the moment, Sony seems to have a stranglehold on our throats for a new format of storage media specifically tailored for this system. It also doesn't help that as a BC gamer (I play mostly old games anyway), the bundle only alots 4 gb. Have you guys seen the price of the 16 gb? The 32 gb one I nearly fainted at the $100 tag.

2. Lack of PSP titles on the PSN ~ This also can be remedied down the line and is only a heavy issue to an old PSP user like me.

As it stands, the following games in my collection are missing in action on PSN:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Star Ocean: First Departure
Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Kingdom Hearts: BBS
Book of YS I & 2
Book of YS: The Oath in Falghana

If these two issues are resolved (that and for some a possible price drop), I think the system will do very well against the targeted markets its trying to achieve. Does anybody have similar skeptic thoughts? What are your thoughts on the downsides of the system?

So Begins Our Revolution....

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I have joined a cause to bring high quality profile titles to the North American market. I have joined a unit with that soul purpose of showing the internet of what is capable and what is not. I am a part of a unit with one important mission. An operation, a voice, to speak against a company I have loved since the NES days. I am part of:

3DS Know-How: Playing WEP DS games without sacrificing WPA/WPA-2 security

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Alo everyone! I just tried this and I am pleased to announce that this method does indeed work. All you need is a wireless router with an AOSS feature (Love my Buffalo Wireless N router), and your 3DS. Also it's quite easy!!!

Step 1: On your 3DS, go to Settings.

Step 2: Under settings, go to Internet Settings

Step 3: In the internet settings, you click "DS CONNECTIVITY"

Step 4: This will prompt up the old DS connection interface.

Step 5: Select an empty connection slot (preferably the first one)

Step 6: Select the AOSS icon

Step 7: Follow the prompt to have the 3DS utilize the DS's AOSS search component while pressing the AOSS button on the router to activate the AOSS search to give the "DS" an encryption key.

Step 8: Upon successful completion, pop in a game (for me it was soul silver) to test to see if the WEP game plays via the newly set up AOSS connection.

Viola~! Now you can play WEP DS games as well as your WPA-WPA2 DSi/3DS games. :D



PSP2/NGP - Deja vu?!

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Note: Before any declare me a *insert something here* fanboy, allow me to clarify. Yes I am a Nintendo guy. I do however branch out and buy other systems from different corporations to get the best experience possible as a gamer (My sigs are current and a testament to that).

On to the topic:

After watching the Sony NGP conference (as I have dubbed it), I must say I am impressed at the lengths of improvements they made over the original PSP announcement years ago.

The improvements:

~ Better user interface

~ Better proprietary format

~ Better Online implementation

~ "Second Analog Stick"

~ Front touch Screen

~ "PS3 like graphics"

Note: I put at least two in quotations. Despite all the other aforementioned improvements, these two are the most touted by Sony fans. With cries like "With this, the 3DS is dead!" (or somewhere along those lines), I can't help but feel a deja vu moment where the sony fans of yesteryear said the exact same thing when the DS was introduced....yet it rose to become the gameboy of our generation....

I am not touting the 3DS over the NGP at all. I won't out of due respect that I admire the NGP's improvements over the PSP (which addressed all the complaints I had with it (even though I still own it). Forgive me, however, for being skeptical when I feel reality hit me harder than a ton of bricks:

1. While the NGP is backwards compatible with PSP games, it only is backwards compatible with DOWNLOADABLE PSP titles. I own many local and international UMD games, many of which are not on the PSN network. This alone hinders my consideration for buying an NGP.

2. Another thing that irks me is the fact that some features I saw on the NGP were absolutely unnecessary....The back trackpad and the two quoted good points on the NGP. If the machine has a front touch screen, there is absolutely no need for a back one. As for the other two, I deem a second analog stick a more worthy feature than "PS3 like graphics" because it improves all the problems I had when enjoying complex PSP games. It also, however, also serves with the "PS3 like graphics" as a catalyst for the next reason stated.

3. The point of a handheld is portability. It is to pick up and play ON THE GO. Graphics should not be a high priority at all when it comes to a handheld. And even though the NGP is shooting for a 4-6 hour battery life (which is good to me since the original PSP was 2-6), a second stroke of reality hit me. The reason why I do not play my PSP as much is because it gave me the "console on the go with a limited amount of play time" feeling. Which means that games I can play on the NGP, I can play on the PS3 that I own as long as I want. Hell that's why I even play Monster Hunter Tri over Monster Hunter PSP iterations.

And finally the stark reality:

The last time I checked, Apple and Android control the mobile entertainment market with apps, music, phone, and the like. Nintendo dominates the game specific genre, and so far this situation doesn't seem to change. I know Sony released the NGP to attack all markets simultaneously. This is either a very strategic front, or a suicide mission destined to fail, and truly consumers are the be all and end all of said fate.

After the conference ended, so to did my deja vu of the PSP announcement era. I felt the conference was rushed since it was trying to steal thunder from the recent 3DS announcement. It would have done well too, except there mostly tech demos showing the possibilities of what the NGP can do. This left a "me too" feeling and usually that is never a good thing, especially when I have high expectations from both Sony and Nintendo alike.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Did anyone else experience this deja vu?