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Games That Gave Me A Feel

There are numerous games out there that try to catch your eye with their graphics, entice you with their music, or pull you in with their storyline. However, it seems that few are capable of feeding you a story that actually makes you feel in touch with the characters or the plot itself. Below is a list of the top three that made me feel so hard, I practically shat myself.


THREE:Final Fantasy 7 / Final Fantasy 8


So we have Cloud from FF7 and Squall from FF8. Sure, the love stories in both of those games were neat, but the adversities that both the characters faced were very well played out. Heck, the stories as a whole were amazing. The way that the games were pieced together was just simply incredible. Introducing each character in their own unique way really made you learn more and more about the characters and their personalities.

TWO:Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


Ever since I was little and my brother had his Playstation 1, I was a fan of Metal Gear Solid. So as I grew up, I followed Snake through all of his main adventures, playing through Twin Snakes as well as Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater. The stories of each were neat, though I didn't understand many of the political references. However, MGS 4 was released for the PS3, and I was torn since I only had an Xbox. I ended up watching an entire series of YouTube videos of a guy doing a playthrough, and he never skipped any of the cutscenes. SPOILER ALERT! Snake is old and on the verge of death, which is sad enough because I have "known" him for so long. But when he thrusts himself into the microwaved passage and ends up CRAWLING to save the world, manly tears were shed. My heart was in pain. Mr. Kojima, that was one of the most well-orchestrated parts of a video game I have ever seen. The build up to it, the way it was presented, everything about it gave me a feeeeeel.

ONE:The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


I know, I know, this seems a little weird. There are tons of other games out there that would have beaten this game for "Best Storyline As A Whole", but it was just one part of this game that gave me the biggest feel. It was almost like I was a part of the game itself. SPOILER ALERT! When you are in wolf form and Midna is dying on your back, you are tasked with whisking her across Hyrule Field to bring her back to her old self. I'm not entirely sure why, but the way this part occurred was absolutely mind-shattering for me. The music was an extremely big part of it, and I felt so much grief and anguish over Midna's suffering. Maybe it was simply the fact that Link and Midna were beginning to become real companions by that part of the game, or maybe it was just the fact of saving someone. In any case, still to this day, that is the most emotion I've ever felt while playing a video game. Simply extravagant.

The Hidden Goodies

No, I'm not talking about genitals. By "hidden goodies", I mean the somewhat dated, usually cheap video games that you find in your local store and decide to give them a try. I walked into my Gamestop originally looking for a Katamari game since I just love to roll my balls over deer and desks and children and houses and make them stick to them. Upon finding that there were none for the 360, I glanced over at the cheaper games to see if I could just grab something else. And lookie here, I found a RPG for the 360 that I had never heard of, called Enchanted Arms.


You play as a young University student named Atsuma, who has a wicked messed up right arm. Though I haven't beaten the game yet, I'm learning more and more about his tarded arm as the story goes along. You get new party members and whatnot, and the battle system is set up a lot like Megaman Battle Network. Though the voice acting is a little painful sometimes, I find the most intriguing part of the game to be the Golems. They follow almost the same mechanic as Pokemon as in finding them, training them, and using them in your party. But, the Golems are not found, they are built. You must first either purchase their "Core Material" or fight a stronger version of that Golem in a sort of mini boss battle to get their Core Material. You then use that item to build the Golem with the required ingredients - a certain number of three different types of gems that can either be purchased from the world's shops, found in the environment, or won in battle.

Though the game does have its downfalls like the voice acting and somewhat easy puzzles, as a whole it has provided a pretty good challenge. If you are into the whole Square Enix-esque RPG types and don't mind the different battle system, I would certainly recommend this game.

Laments of a Final Fantasy Lover

Final Fantasy 13-2 stares me dead in the face...simply sitting there, shining, glittering, almost as if it mocks me. Every time I do so much as even reach for the disc, it laughs in my face and yells, "WAIT WAIT! You haven't beaten 13 yet!"

Well, suck my slightly-leaning-to-the-left scrotum, 13-2, because I just did.

13 made me angry with so many changes, including, "OH DEAR LORD OUR PARTY LEADER DIED GUESS WE CAN'T FIGHT ANYMORE EITHER LOLOLOL!", the no-MP system, no armor except accessories, and no experience points. There were tons of things that made me think this game should've been called someting other than Final Fantasy, maybe something more along the lines of "People are Turning into Crystal and Stuff...13". Even though I wasn't proud of the game's mechanics, the graphics at every single moment made me touch myself with jubilee, and the new crystarium system was rather interesting. 13, you will long be remembered as the one game that has caused me to curse more than any other due to your mother effing impossible boss fights.

But, now that's all over. I beat the last boss the other day, made sure my roommate wasn't in the room, and then proceeded to calmly put down the controller before I jumped up with my hands in the air and promptly shat my pants out of sheer excitement. I was considering finishing the cie'th stones, but once I failed multiple times at that Inertial Barrier-using retard I gave up. Maybe I'll come back to it eventually. Maybe not. Maybe I'll burn the discs and wee wee on the ashes for bringing me so much internal suffering. Or maybe I'll frame the discs and put them on the highest point of the shiniest wall of my non-existent house for the beautiful cutscenes, good storyline, and teasing me with almost being able to see Fang's and Vanille's boobs in a few cutscenes.

So now, 13-2, I have had you since the weekend after release, and I can finally play you. I can only hope you are as good and as changed as the reviews and other crap say you are. I also hope Serah's boobs are in it...heck, I'd even be content with just one boob. Or even a sideboob, for that matter. Nevertheless, I beseech thee, ENTERTAIN ME!