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Looks like this could be my last ever blog on Gamespot

A few months ago I said I wasn't going to blog again until if and after certain problems in my personal life were fixed.Well those problems have gotten better(too complicated to explain what they are)but Gamespot deteriorated and is nothing like the site it once was.

1.I can't see which of my friends are online

2.It's hard to find my friends profiles or see their new blogs

3.I don't see the point in blogging anymore since most of my friends probably won't see my blogs and have left Gamespot.

To all the idiots who said people were ''complaining about nothing'' or ''people who were threatening to leave Gamespot were never really going to leave'' they are just as foolish as the staff who made all these changes.

It's like the changes to Gamespot discourage blogging and try to encourage people to post in forums but that takes away much of the fun of Gamespot.

I have found a new and better game site now,it's called Gameinformer and here is my profile

and many people who were very active on Gamespot for years have left Gamespot and post on there now,it's a better site because it makes it easy to find our friends profiles,see their updates,see which friends are online and we can delete comments that get posted by other users on our profiles which discourages the bad trolls from trolling our profiles and friends profiles.

I really didn't want to leave Gamespot,I was a very active user since 2007,I made lots of friends,posted over 300 reviews,rated thousands of games,became a well known user and earned emblems for good game reviews and blogs but now it's time to leave and it makes me sad by saying that.Anyone who wants to stay in touch with me,I strongly recommend you create a gameinformer account and I can help you make good friends quickly,such as Matastig and he can help you make many good friends quickly and have fun discussions on there or you can email me or add me to PSN TidusandYuna1983 but my PS3 is in another country and I won't be able to use it for a long time.

Anyways,goodbye.Well done all the Genius Gamespot staff who brought these changes and members who encouraged these changes,this site is shit now but you guys should stay here and eat your words because you guys wanted these changes.