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Beat Ni No Kuni


Watching the ending now.The final form of the final boss is more annoying than difficult.It's cheap with it's chaos attack.It took me many tries to beat that boss and I was a couple of hits away from beating it but it put Oliver to sleep and then it was going to cast chaos attack which is capable of wiping out my whole party,even if they have lots of HP but luckily I got a 'chance' which means the enemy got stunned or something but Oliver was asleep so I ordered my party to all out attack and they finished off the boss themselves.I still want to platinum the game,I hope the optional bosses aren't too difficult.I had to use one of my 5 items that fully restore HP/MP which I wanted to save incase the optional bosses are even harder,but I still have for of them left.I will save my post game data to a seperate save file incase some of the stuff I need to do to plat the game can only be done in post game.

I won't talk about the ending,but near the end of the game the story became fairly emotional and heartfelt,lets just say it shows us sometimes we can't have everything we want(I'm not refering to any particular character)which is something all of us will have to deal with.I also like how the story has a couple of romance stories too.

While I'm trying to platinum Ni No Kuni I will begin playing Sleeping Dogs and Journey and later on if I can spare some cash I will move onto Fire Emblem Awakening(everyone is talking about it and being a SJRPG and the fact people say it's story is emotional and you can create romance which affects your party members in battle makes it sound like it's my kind of game for sure and now I don't regret buying a 3DS anymore).

Ni No kuni is the first 2013 release I've beaten.


Ni No Kuni progress

I'm up to Castaway Cove.I have Esther in my party now(she's a blonde-haired girl)and I can now catch familiars(the creatures in the world that you can level up,customize and use in battle).

The battle system feels much more fun with Esther in my party because since I now have 2 familiars participating in battle at once it makes the battles feel more epic.I've seen many people complain about Ni No Kuni's battle system but I think it's battle system is fun and has a decent amount of tactical depth,such as how your familiars have stamina and when they become exhausted you'll need to switch them out for a while and switch to another familiar and since each character can only have 3 familiars with them you need to think carefully about what type of familiar's you have in your party since they have distinctive advanagtages/disadvanagtes such as how some are good with physical attacks,some can use healing magic,and their elemental properties make them have advantages/disadvantages against certain enemies and some familiars can put enemies to sleep.

I love Castaway Cove,it's a seaside village with beautiful blue water and tropical atmosphere.The way the cel-shaded artstyle blends with the beautiful light-blue water and tropical atmosphere and the charming character designs reminds me of Zelda Wind Waker.

I've been playing the game for around 15 hours and I've finally encountered a boss that's challenged me.I've metamorphasized my Mitey one time and not far of doing it a second time.Some of the dungeons add a bit of variation to gameplay such as making you use both controller thumbsticks to control 2 characters over falling platforms in a dungeon.


Ni No Kuni first impressions/Playstation 4 announced.

I've been playing the game for 4 and a half hours and I'm loving it so far,Truly,I'm finding the game quite addictive because it's so charming.

I like how the story has been so far,you play as Oliver who's an ordinary boy from an ordinary little town and one night Oliver and another boy get up to mischief and try to drive a vehicle and Oliver ends up in the lake,his mother saves him but she dies afterwards.Oliver's tears make a doll named Drippy come to life and it tells Oliver of another world named Ni No Kuni which is parallel to the world Oliver is from and there is a person in Ni No Kuni that shares their soul with his mother and if they go to Ni No Kuni it would be possible to bring his mother back.

I love how the story is presented because at times it feels like I'm watching a studio Ghibli anime film because the story presentation gives time for Oliver and his mother to grow on you by showing you what is happening in their normal/daily lives and then when Oliver has to travel to Ni No Kuni which is a world much different to his own because it has walking/talking animals,magic,medieval in style etc.

The battle system is fun,it's action based but you have a timer to input commands,selecting attacks and spells sounds simple enough but occasionally you'll need to block a powerful attack and you need to do so within the timer.So far my party consists of Oliver and 2 familiars plus Drippy.Familiars are creatures that you can level up and you can select familiars to use during a battle and they have certain advantages/disadvantages.Same with Oliver,I can use him in battle and his physical attacks are weak but he can cast offensive spells and healing spells(where as my familiars can't so far).This adds strategy to battles because Oliver and certain familiars are better/less effective during certain points in battle and you can switch whether you want to control Oliver or a certain familiar.

Also,you can run around the battle area as a means to dodge enemy attacks(but like I said the powerful attacks/spells certain enemies do need to be blocked)and you can pick up orbs that give you more HP and MP on the battle area when you're moving around.

The story also seems like it's building up to something epic because I remember a scene with a mysterious looking character who I don't know if they're good/evil seemingly happy Oliver has entered Ni No Kuni.

The visuals during the gameplay are beautiful and charming and colorful and if you're a fan of old style JRPGs but you haven't been able to get into JRPGs this gen,like I said this game has lots of charm and good story telling and it has a world map,towns to visit,sidequests to do etc.

I also like how the game still lets you return to the town Oliver originally comes from(Motorville)or how sometimes it makes you return there because it's nice to switch in between a real style world and fantasy world and I like how the game makes you use magic outside of battle to make things happen in the story(you have to think how to use certain spells that affect a person's heart so they think differently and let you do certain things)and sometimes you'll need to use spells for puzzles in dungeons and it can feel like a Zelda game at times,especially when timing and correct patterns for when you use magic for puzzles in dungeons is crucial and just like in Zelda games you have a limited amount of MP to use for puzzles in dungeons and if you run out you have to grind more/find more.

But yeah,Ni No Kuni is one of the most addictve 7th gen games I've played,along with Yakuza 4,Lost Odyssey,Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core,The Last Story and NieR.



We all knew it was coming,SONY has something big to reveal to us and we knew it had to be the Playstation 4.I'm happy to hear a Final Fantasy game has already been announced for PS4 because the other games announced for it so far don't really excite me but to know a high production value JRPG shouldn't be too far away for PS4 is something that makes me happy,and if it looks as good as Final Fantasy Agni Philosophy demo,it will be epic.

It sucks it won't have native PS3 backwards compatibility,hopefully this stream/cloud idea that will let us play PS3 games allows me to play non mainstram PS3 games that I love a lot such as Ar Tonelico Qoga and Clannad.

I think it's good the PS4 is being released before the Xbox720 because SONY lost a lot of market share to Microsoft,partially due to releasing the PS3 a year after the Xbox360.Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys like to mention the PS3 is behind the Wii and Xbox360 in sales but the PS3 sold more units in the first 5 years of it's lifespan than the Xbox360 did but the Xbox360 had the one year head start and since many games are multiplat,many people decided to stick with their first console.

Finished Chrono Trigger

It's a masterpiece because it's story is very well put together.Even though many stories use time travel,the way Chrono Trigger uses so much creativity with the concept of time travel and timelines as well as using charm and serious story moments makes the story another brilliant work of Sakaguchi.I love how you can be far in the future with robots or tens of millions of years in the past with dinosaurs or in medieval periods and the battle system is quite good for a JRPG released during it's time.I like the variety of characters too(they come for vast periods in history so they have distinctive personalities and ways of speaking).

The only thing that I would like the game to have had is a stronger love story but otherwise the game is a masterpiece and a must play for JRPG fans.

I saw the balloon ending.


Tomorrow I will begin Ni No Kuni

Favorite couples in games/anime(Valentines special blog)+purchased Hyrule Histor

I'll add pics later because my net connection isn't good.

Tidus and Yuna


Tidus can make Yuna laugh by acting goofy,despite the fact Yuna is often sad because she knows she has to sacrifise herself thinking it will save their world and also due to the fact many people in their world are getting killed and entire villages wiped out by a creature that they believed can only be killed temporarily if someone summons a mystical creature to stop it.Yuna is very beautiful and kind and I like Tidus because he's a different kind of protagonist,he's not a tough guy,he's a goofy guy and sports star and I still remember the scenes when Tidus told Yuna if she laughs out loud it will cheer her up and she did do with him and it made them both laugh.Also the scene in the lake when Yuna was thinking about running away with Tidus back into the past(which later turned out to be a dream world) but decided not to because she wanted to try to save the people in the timeline in her world and Yuna cried and Tidus hugged and kissed her and he held her in the water it was truly beautiful.Also,the ending was sad when Tidus told the group after they defeat Yu Yevon(to make their world safe again)he would disappear but they knew they had to and Tidus started to fade and Yuna tried to stop him but she went through him because she wasn't able to touch him anymore.In FFX-2,Yuna tries to find Tidus once again.

Squall and Riona


I like their love story because Squall reminds me of me because he's anti social and I like how a beautiful girl named Riona who's the opposite to Squall takes a liking to him and I remember the scene when they were dancing and he kept tripping but she giggled.

Zack and Aerith


Aerith is a very sweet lady,she tries to grow and sell flowers to brighten up people's lives a bit because Midgar is a dark,ugly,polluted,slum filled city and Zack tried to help her sell the flowers and they even had to deal with obstacles such as needing to find parts to make a cart to transport the flowers.Eventually Zack goes on a mission and cannot see Aerith for years and he gets attacked by many soldiers when he was on his way to see Aerith after being away from her for many years and as he was dying the last thing he could think about was seeing Aerith again.

King and Queen in NieR(I forget their names)

The queen is attacked by wolf shades and as she's about to die she gives her husband a farewell and he has to deal with the reality he's going to have to live his life without her and he is prepared to take him and his men on a suicidal mission to slay the wolf shades but luckily your group is there to stop him getting himself killed and to defeat those shades.

Zidane and Garnet and Steiner and Beatrix



Zidane is a likeable,friendly guy and he loves princess Garnet there comes a time when she cannot be with him because she has so much responsibility but of course they end up together and there's some cute romance scenes between them.Steiner is a very devoted royal servent and he likes Beatrix so he wrote a letter and left it somewhere for her to find it but other people found it and they thought the letter was for them and from a person who they liked and thought that person liked them too.

Zael and Callista


Zael is a mercenary who lives day to day,doesn't know when he will get paid next,doesn't know if he will be killed doing his job tomorrow,he said he didn't care about anything until he met Callista and Callista wants to be with Zael but she doesn't allow that(at first)because the royals are very corrupt and she knows he will be in danger if she be's with him.

Yamato and Honoka


Yamato originally liked a girl named Suzuka but when she didn't share the same feelings back he became the boyfriend of a beautiful and kind girl named Honoka who was willing to do a lot for Yamato and she had liked him for many years,way before he even met Suzuka but Yamato didn't know.However,Honoka broke up with Yamato because he kept talking about Suzuka and focused so much on her but Honoka was thinking about asking Yamato out again but Yamato kept focusing on Suzuka even though Suzuka talks down to Yamato a lot and yells at him and many people think Honoka was a much better girl,she even took care of Yamato when he was sick and always worried about him.Eventually,Honoka tells Suzuka to not pass the opportunity to be with a great guy like Yamato and she said she wanted to be with him but Yamato only has room in his heart for Suzuka.

Kenshin and Karou


Karou had feelings for Kenshin for a long time but Kenshin was always busy trying to help others in need to give her much attention,after a long series,there was indication they would become a couple and in OVA's it showed Kenshin and Karou got married and had a son but he went on a journey again and left her alone again and when he came back he was dying from an illness so Karou made love to him and she contracted that illness and they both died together.


I've purchased The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia.It's a book that is supposed to explain about the history of the world,concept art and has manga in it.I've been fascinated by The Legend of Zelda storyline,Link characters and Hyrule for a while because some of the Link characters in Zelda games are either ancestors or decendants of other Link characters I like the time period when most of the world was flooded.I'll talk about the book after I read it :P


Fire Emblem:Awakening,games I'll play next and my ever growing backlog.

Fire Emblem Awakening is a turn-based strategy game and it's quite story driven and allows you to create romance which affects how the characters involved perform in battle and whether characters survive or die depends on you.


It's a game that I have my eye on and it's probably the next game I'm going to buy,it actually looks like a personal game of the year possibility because I know what I like games to have and FE Awakening has all these things(emotional story,allows you to create romance,Asian artstyle,strategic gameplay).But after I beat Chrono Trigger I'm definately moving on to Ni No Kuni and I'm going to play it until I platinum it(which will take a long time)and then I want to play Sleeping Dogs and Journey because I didn't get to play many 2012 releases and they look quite good but after them I'll play Fire Emblem Awakening for sure.

I'm a long way into Chrono Trigger now and I've extended my time in Thailand by another 7 days so I should nearly have it beaten by the time I'm back in Australia(where my PS3 is)and after I beat Chrono Trigger I can move onto Ni No Kuni.

After I beat Fire Emblem Awakening I'll move onto my backlog of shame.

Tales of Graces(I'm a long way into the game,but couldn't keep playing it after I left Australia,which is a shame because it's one of my favorite RPGs of the 7th gen).

Tales of the Abyss(I've progressed far into it but things have stopped me finishing it).

Skies of Arcadia(I paid a lot of money for my copy of it and it has a unique setting with good old style combat system but I didn't have the time to keep playing it and didn't come back to it even though I was enjoying it a lot).

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door(I was lucky to get a PAL version of this game for the price I bought it for 2 years ago and had to outbid people to get it and I've played enough of it and have seen enough of it to know how charming it is,one of those games that I didn't have time to keep playing and never went back to it).

Paper Mario(Very charmingly presented story and artstyle but didn't have time to keep playing it).

Shadow Hearts Covenant(Haven't even started it)

Jade Cocoon 2(Haven't even started it)

I also own a copy of one of the Wild Arms games(can't remember which one and I've never played it).

There's also Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Rogue Galaxy on my backlog list,Another Code R(Another Code R looks so intriguing I really have to play it one of these days),999(which already has a sequel)Chrono Cross(I own a copy of it but it won't work on my PS3 and I couldn't be bothered creating an account for NTSC region to download it from PSN)and there's also Zelda Twilight Princess and Zelda Skyward Sword(haven't bought Zelda Skyward Sword because I don't have time to play it but I've already bought all the other games I've mentioned except Fire Emblem Awakenings).

Like I've mentioned before,I'm a long way into Chrono Trigger and I've seen enough of it to know why it's one of the best JRPGs of all time and one of the best games of all time,however I have to admit it wouldn't make the top 20 list for my favorite games of all time and it wouldn't make my top 10 favorite RPG list,I just want to say it's a great experience that all gamers should play because of how it uses different time periods and charming story presentation very well but I don't want to jump the bandwagon of people who say ''Chrono Trigger should be in everyone's top 10 RPG list'' because not everyone feels the same way about everything and I've played so many RPGs that is inevitable many great RPGs aren't going to make my top 10 list.

I've had people mock me for putting NieR in my top 10 favorite RPGs of all time list,but some of these people haven't even played NieR but they said ''it scored 5.0 from Gamespot so it must be bad'' or they judge it purely on a technical level and even though I must admit NieR's graphics and gameplay could be better(although I think it's artstyle is beautiful and it's gameplay is fun)it's story drew me in so much and was such an emotional and captivating experience and I was so addicted to the game because of it's story it made it a more fun experience for me than many big name RPGs,but certain people get offended when I say I enjoyed NieR more than Chrono Trigger or Skyrim and I think they're forgetting what gaming is about,and that is to have fun,not to judge everything on a technical level or trying to convince others they should think/feel the same way you do about certain games.

Chrono Trigger progress and my thoughts about the Playstation 4.

I'm up to the time period where the world looks like a frozen,futuristic wasteland.I love this game,it's story presentation is incredible.I like how you can go from a time period where there's knights and castles to a futuristic environment with robots and I know there's bigger leaps through time to come.It kinda reminds me of why I loved Star Ocean Till The End of Time so much because at times it was very Sci Fi and you'd be traveling through space but at other times you'll be on worlds with medieval technology.I love how Final Fantasy X uses time travel and diverse technological ages,except in Final Fantasy X when you go 1000 years into the future the world is full of nature and machines(machina)are forbidden but 1000 years in the past you begin the story in a futuristic metropolis.

People are talking more and more about the Playstation 4.The PS1,PS2,PS3,PSP have given me some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.I've had fun with the Vita and although none of it's exclusives are even close to being the best games I've played it's still very early in it's lifespan and I'm sure it will have memorable exclusive games eventually.However,I feel less excited about the PS4 than I did about the PS2 and PS3 because when I played games on the PS1 and PS2 there were times when I thought some of their games have ugly graphics and I even thought the best looking PS1 and PS2 games could still look much better and more realistic.However,when I play PS3 games I don't get this feeling,the PS3 games which take advantage of the PS3's hardware such as Final Fantasy XIII and Uncharted 2 have realistic looking graphics and sure they could look a bit better and a bit more realistic but it's not something I'm fussed about.I remember when I played Final Fantasy VII and FF VIII on the PSone and as much as I loved those games the graphics for their world maps hurt my eyes and even for their time I thought they looked a bit rough.Final Fantasy X is one of the most beautiful games I've ever experienced from an artistic perspective,but on a technical level Final Fantasy X's graphics did look a bit rough.

However,when I play high production value PS3 games such as FFXIII,Uncharted 2 etc. the graphics look very real to me,sure they could have a bit more polish or detail but I don't expect something on the level of Crysis,I just want games that try to give the player realistic environments to look close to being realistic(which FFXIII and Uncharted 2 already do)I don't expect their graphics to look super realistic like with Crysis,after all artstyle is important too and artistic effects can go a long way to making the visuals much more pleasurable to experience(like with FFXIII).

This gen I'll probably stick with only SONY and Nintendo consoles(already own a VITA and 3DS and I'll probably buy a PS4 and Wii U)and I'll probably skip the Xbox720 unless it gets some great Japanese exclusives.

Went to Pattaya and haven't been gaming lately.

Pattaya is on the east coast of Thailand.It's beautiful,fun and kinda wild place.It's the first time I've ever been to Pattaya.It's very popular with tourists.However,Thailand gets a lot of it's negative stereotype from Pattaya because pattaya is a city full of brothels,bars,seafood,kebab stalls and near beautiful beaches.I live in Bangkok and have been all over Thailand except the deep south and I can tell you Thailand is not like what you see on western made documentaries/movies which makes it look like Thailand has brothels everywhere,in Bangkok sure there is redlight districts but there's many of them in Australian cities,there's many of them in American cities.But I've noticed Pattaya seems to be the example that westerners compare all of Thailand to.Much of Bangkok looks like a very modern city with skybridges called 'BTS'  tha have skytrains that take you to many places in the city or which you can walk across if you want to cross a busy road.The skytrains come every few minutes(unlike Australia's crappy train system in which you'll have to wait 30 minutes-1 hour for a train).Some regions in bangkok have expensive apartments and of course there's medium and lower class apartments and I love the area of Bangkok in which I'm registered as living in called Dusit because it has gardens throughout the region and has a more traditional look to it.There's also suburbian style places in Bangkok where some of my relatives live and there's nice houses with little stores near by that sell yummy food.In the north of Thailand,it's a lot more rural.The more south you go,the more tropical Thailand becomes(it starts to look more like Malaysia)and many westerners love Phuket and Rayong in south Thailand(Final Fantasy X was influenced by southern Thailand).The very deep south of Thailand has a muslim majority population although 95% of Thailand is Buddhist,because most people in the very deep south of Thailand have Malay ancestory.

I haven't played more of Chrono Trigger because I've had more problems in my personal life.My girlfriend(who I've been with since April 2012)was pressured into agreeing to marry a rich Australian guy who's double her age(she hasn't married him yet but they've planned it) and I don't need to explain how I feel,what's sad is this is the second time something like this has happened to me in the space of a few years because a few years ago my Indonesian girlfriend was pressured into marrying a man because her parents liked him and his family and because they didn't like the fact I'm not muslim and now I've been screwed over again,this time it's because of money.Basically if she marries him,he's supposed to take care of her family.I know it sound like a bad part of Thai culture but many western guys marry Thai women who are half their age or 30 or even 40 years younger than them naively thinking the woman is really going to love him and I blame part of the problem on the stupid western men who think to themselves ''they are one of the few lucky western men who can be with a woman who's more than 20 years younger than him but who still loves him''.And yeah my girlfriend,if I can call her that is still seeing me,please don't judge her,she really didn't want to marry that guy and anyways,he calls her on the phone when she's with me and my girlfriend has tried to tell him she doesn't want to be with him anymore(I've heard her tell him this many times)but the idiot paid my girlfriend's family sid sod(it's like a payment men often pay to a Thai lady's family before they marry her)and often sid sod is a lot of money,especially if her husband is a westerner because they know they can get more money from him and her family don't want to give the money back to him.Please don't judge all Thai people because of this,honestly there's many great Thai people who would never use their child or family member in this way.

I love my girlfriend but I don't have time for this **** had the same arguements with her that I had with my Indonesian ex girlfriend,they told me they have to do what's best for their family and blah blah blah.My Indonesian ex girlfriend told me give her a few months to divorce her husband,waited nearly a year(yeah I was stupid to do that but she kept saying she needed more time over and over)and I don't want to go through that again.

It sucks this happened right before I am due to go back to Australia,because I'll be far away from her and that guy is going to visit Thailand when I am in Australia and I cannot extend my ticket date back to Australia because I'm running out of money,I still nearly have enough money for a house in rural Thailand but a ticket to Australia costs 1/4 or even 1/3 the value of a cheap house in Thailand and cheap but nice hotels cost me too much and I don't want to be a burden to my relatives.

Ong Bak Tri

It's a video game based on the Ong Bak movies which are action movies starring Tony Jaa and the fighting scenes use a lot of Muay Thai kickboxing influence(Muay Thai involves using lots of knees and elbows).

I've seen Ong Bak 1 and 3 and I thought they were quite good,they have great fighting scenes and a bit of humor and I like how they're set in very different settings(one of them is set in modern Thailand and the other is set in 1431.

I think the game footage so far looks quite good.


It's being developed by a Thai developer(Hive)and I like the fact it is because it nobody will know how to do more authentic Thai environments than a Thai developer and it's good to see Thai developers making video games which look good,since Japanese and South Korea have made many popular games already.

Chrono Trigger impressions.

Being a diehard JRPG fan I'm ashamed to say I haven't play much of Chrono Trigger until the last couple of years.The SNES version of Chrono Trigger was never released for PAL region but back in 1999 I played a bit of Chrono Trigger using a RoM but I wasn't into JRPGs back then.Later in 1999 I bought and played Final Fantasy VII and it got me into RPGs and afterwards I played Breath of Fire III and IV and Final Fantasy VIII but took a break from gaming and when I started gaming again the PS2 was already out and then I became occupied with PS2 games,not just the JRPGs but the other games on PS2 as well and then later the Gameboy Advance was released and I became occupied playing it's games because it allowed me to play handheld versions of my beloved SNES games such as Super Mario World and A Link to the Past.Then later on the PS3 was released and I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyways,last year I started playing Chrono Trigger again and I was loving it but certain things prevented me from finishing it and when I started gaming again I moved onto other games but I've started playing it again and have progressed far enough into the story that I can see what a masterpiece it is and how it's story is superbly presented.

It uses the concept of time travel and timeline paradoxes,charming characters,seeing the world in different technological ages so you experience a mixture of prehistoric,medieval and Sci Fi and great battle system that encourages you to experiement and combine the attacks of multiple party members together very well.The only 16-Bit era JRPGs that I think can match Chrono Trigger in terms of story are Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI.

Sakaguchi and Kitase were involved in the development of Chrono Trigger(Sakaguchi wrote the stories for Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI).Chrono Trigger uses the artstyle of Dragon Ball Z artist Akira Toriyama and it gives the characters personality too.I like the dialogue for Chrono Trigger,it's charming and makes the characters likable,not jus the party members but the NPC.The characters have charming personalities too.

I like the DS version of the game because the touchscreen makes it much easier to maneuver around.

I'll try to hold off playing Ni No Kuni until I beat Chrono Trigger.