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The Big Blue(from Ecco the Dolphin's develpment team).

First,I'd like to give a big thanks to Matastig for telling me about this game that is due out next year,named 'The Big Blue'.

It's being developed by the team who developed the Ecco the Dolphin games.It will allow you to explore fully 3D and detailed underwater ocean environments and just like in the Ecco games there will be quests and puzzles and you'll encounter dangerous sea life.The Big Blue underwater world is supposed to be much bigger than Ecco Defender of the Future(which is the only 3D Ecco game that was released).

Besides dolphins you can control whales as well as creatures that have evolved millions of years in the future(because this game's story takes place millions of years in the future after humanity is gone and after an alien invasion),and some of the creatures have evolved in unique ways such as creatures that have evolved from chemical reactions with plastic trash in the ocean,as well as ginormous creatures which make whales look small as well as sea-dragons which can fly above the water,which can dive to depths that no other creatures can but they're extremely rare and you can play the game for months without seeing one.

The game will also have a collector card system which will show at least one picture of the animal and will have information about the creature and some of the creature cards will allow you to spawn creatures and some creature cards are very rare and you can trade creature cards with other players.

The game has been announced for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS and Android but it could come to SONY,Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

The game has multiplayer too.

I am excited about this game because I'm a big fan of Ecco Defender of the future,I loved exploring it's beautiful underwater environments and I loved how artistic and detailed it was,for example in the shallower waters you would see sandbeds and the water would be a beautiful light blue from the sunlight penetrating but the deeper you got it became more dark and you could explore caves and communicate with other sea creatures and explore underwater strucutures made by civilzations as well as go on quests and fight against sharks and aliens.There was other details it had that made it's ocean environment feel so alive such as seeing schools of fish swimming around and seeing underwater vegetation and coral.

It makes me exciting The Big Blue is supposed to be a huge underwater world,it's the type of sandbox game that makes me excited when I think about exploring it's world.

The Big Blue is not a sequel to any of the Ecco games although it has lots of similarities.

Ecco Defender of the Future's music and underwater sound effects gave a beautiful sense of calmness and tranquility,I hope The Big Blue can do the same.


A link for where I go the info from that also has footage of the game and CGIs for the game.

EDIT:Unfortunately,for the game to go into development it needs over 600 000$ to be raised in the next 20 days and so far only 40 000$ has been raised.

RUMOR: Bravely Default Coming to the West

This info is from a VG charz article from 1 day ago.

Square Enix's upcoming RPG Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has been tantalizing many of us on staff. RPG fans outside of Japan have been hoping that the game would make it out of the Japanese archipelago. While there is no official statement from Square Enix, Japanese-game focused website Siliconera is reporting that "trusted sources" have informed them that Bravely Default will be getting an international release.

If true, this means that the constant handwringing from JRPG fans can finally cease, as Square's charming, oddly named RPG will find its way into international 3DSes.

Link for info:

From the Ashes of dreams.

Soon it will be 1 year since April 7 2012 which is an important date in my life,I won't say why but the next 11 and a half months after were the happiest of my life.

When I was with her it felt like a dream,I even lived with her and slept next to her everynight and could cuddle her everynight and every morning when I woke up next to her.

But the dream ended.I don't want to go into more specifics about this but I just wanted to express what I'm feeling right now and to tell others to appreciate the special person they have in their live while they still have them.

Ashes of dreams is actually a track/song from NIER's soundtrack.NIER has my favorite soundtrack for any video game.I even like to listen to NIER's soundtrack when I sleep because it has many,many beautiful songs.Sure Final Fantasy X's soundtrack has beautiful music but NIER's soundtrack has a much larger number of beautiful songs and when I listen to NIER's soundtrack it makes me feel numerous things,the feeling of love,the sense of loss,the feeling of despair and trying to find the courage to overcome seemingly overwhelming odds and the need for sacrifice.

This is my favorite song from NIER's soundtrack(The Ultimate weapon)

But I also love:-

The love incomplete Stone

Ashes of dreams

Hills of Radiant Wind

Snow in Summer

Emil's Sacrifice(also used for the emotional wedding scene).

Next to beat will be Another Code:R and Tales of the Abyss.Bought FE Awakening

Some of you will know I love story-driven games,I find a good story prevents a game from feeling repetitive because lets face it,in most games the gameplay eventually gets repetitive but when I care about the characters/story it gives me motivation to keep going.

That's why Another Code:R is the type of game I like.It's story has drawn me in a lot with it's mystery story that gets deeper and more intriuging the more you experience it.The story is about a 16-year old girl named Ashley who's trying to find out what caused her mother's death and she's experiencing flashbacks for around the time when her mother died but it happened when she was 3 years old and her father who she rescued in the first Another Code game has become distant from her and is acting weird and even though she's travelled all the way to another town to spend time with her father he is still acting distant and seems distracted and weird things are happening to people in the town and some people have disappeared.Basically Ashley is trying to find clues about her mother's death and about the other mysteries in the town and as to why weird things are happening.

The artstyle for the game is very beautiful.Much of the gameplay is point and click and searching for items and puzzles and traveling around the town,which isn't the most exciting gameplay but I think it's gameplay suits the story of the game.




Tales of the Abyss has a love story that builds up well and an interesting and entertaining main character and good plot twists and an interesting main plot with an epic adventure and even though I haven't beaten it I've seen enough for it to be my favorite Tales game.It's battle system is easy to get into and it has things old school JRPG lovers will love.I'm playing the 3DS version of the game,the 3D effects aren't ugly but they aren't great.I also own the PS2 version but never played it.



I've purchased Fire Emblem Awakening but I will wait until after I beat Another Code R and Tales of Abyss because my backlog of shame is still too long.I'm happy I finally beat Tales of Graces and experienced the full extent of how great it is and I beat Ni No Kuni and experienced how wonderful it is and in a past blog I said those two games were the two games I wanted to beat next and I've done so,plus I beat Journey too.After I beat Another Code R and Tales of the Abyss,I'll move onto Fire Emblem Awakening and then I'll move onto my backlog of shame which includes my copy of Shadow Hearts Covenant which I've never ever played,same with Jade Cocoon 2,Sakura Wars So Long My love,and I've played not much of Paper Mario Thousand Year Door and Sleeping Dogs and I still need to beat Resonance of Fate and these are all games I want to play through and review.

Beat Tales of Graces and all the stories in Dynasty Warriors 7 and other things

Tales of Graces turned out better than I thought it would be,I was expecting it to be a solid JRPG because the Tales JRPGs are usaully quite good but Tales of Graces ended up being my second favorite Tales game after Tales of the Abyss and I liked it even more than Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia even though they're great games too.I like how it's story builds up by showing the lives of certain characters when they're kids and when they're either in their late teens/adults because it builds up the romance in the story even more and it made me connect with certain characters more and the story is quite emotional and I like it's plot twists and how it has a lot of Sci Fi(I know other Tales JRPGs have Sci Fi)but Tales of the Abyss uses numerous very Sci Fi concepts and it makes the story more exciting.


If you like charming and old school JRPGs(by old school I mean ones that have a world map and towns and that let you talk to NPCs)maybe this game is suited for you,especially since many people love Ni No Kuni's old school charm so much and Tales of Graces has a lot of old school charm too and an even better story.I beat it on easy difficulty level,I tried beating it on normal difficulty level but I was unable to even though I don't know what I was doing wrong,my characters were around level 57 which was below the recommended level of 60-65 but I was playing it on easy.However,I didn't get a trophy that says I beat the game(you need to beat the game on normal difficulty or higher to get such a trophy but I got a gold trophy for beating chapter 8 and I saw ending scenes and got a game clear thing added to my saved data.

As for Dynasty Warriors 7,the stories for Wu and Wei made me love the game a lot,especially the Wu one because of it's love story(which is presented artistically) and I really like Sun Quan and Lady Sun and Bu Liansh as characters plus other characters in it's story.I like how when you see the kingdoms fighting for control of the land you'll see the map with the narrator explaining in a poetic fashion the strategies and battles being fought and showing territory being captured and lost which makes things tense.The Jin story gives the game a nice evil and dark feeling to it too.

I think I might buy Fire Emblem Awakening this week.I really want to play it because it looks like a game of the year contender for me personally.

I so can't wait for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD collection and I'm also excited about Lightning Returns(I must be one of the few people who are actually excited it's coming soon)and other 2013 releases I'm looking forward to are Soul Sacrifice(perhaps it's another killer exclusive the Vita needs to gain more popularity worldwide since the Vita has many games which look good but aren't localized),Time and Eternity,Drakengard 3,The Guided Fate Paradox,Remember Me.Tales of Xillia looks and sounds great but I've heard it's boss battles are very hard which is why I'm going to wait for there to be more player reviews of it before I buy it(if I buy it).

I also watched a movie named Cloud Atlas the other day and I liked it,mainly because it showed a futuristic version of Korea(as well as other places over various time periods)and as you probably guessed I liked it because it does have an emotional love story and interesting Sci Fi concepts in regards to the futuristic Korea but honestly if it wasn't for the futuristic Korea I wouldn't have cared for that movie.

Loved Wu's story in Dynasty Warriors 7

I had previously beaten the Wei and Shu stories but the Wu one is my favorite by far.It's story is presented in a poetic yet suspenseful style and it's romantic story moments are shown in heartfelt/charming ways and like the Wei story it has lots of diverse and interesting characters as well as powerful and emotional story moments.

I really like Sun Quan as a character because I can relate to him in some ways,and I like Bu Lianshi who is his busty,beautiful female companion who gives Sun Quan self-belief when he needs it and I love her long black hair and revealing outfit.I also like Lady Sun who is Sun Quan's sister because she is cute and did something important for the good of the kingdom even though it wasn't necessarily the best thing for her personally.


Bu Lianshi and Sun Quan


Lady Sun

I'm now playing the Jin story,I kinda like it because their faction feels different to the other 3 in the sense the general/politician named Sima Yi is is portrayed as being cold and evil and someone who obides by cold and merciless philosophies where as his son Sima Zhao has a more casual and less serious attitude and it looks like the story is building up to something,and the fact Simi Yi and Sima Zhao can use powerful magic makes them and their faction feel much more powerful and intimidating than the other 3 factions.Sima Yi has an evil laugh when he uses magic attacks for his musou and has a creepy voice which makes him an even more likable villain.


Sima Yi

I also wanted to say the Wei story was quite epic and suspenseful too but the Wu story is far better and is why I love this game.

Yes I know Dynasty Warriors 8 is already out in Japan,I'm not super excited about it because even though I enjoyed Dynasty Warriors 5,6 and DW Next I didn't love them,the main reason I love Dynasty Warriors 7 so much is because of it's stories.

Drakengard 3,Soul Sacrifice and other things.

I haven't played any of the Drakengard games but I've heard good things about them and the Drakengard series is set in the same world as NIER and I'm a big fan of NIER,it's one of my favorite JRPGs of all time which is the main reason I'm looking forward to Dragengard 3 as well as the fact I enjoy most JRPGs I play.I love Drakengard 3's darker style and bleak looking post apocalyptic world and gorey combat,which NIER has too.

Drakengard 3 Image

Drakengard 3 Image

Drakengard 3 Image

I've decided to hold off buying Fire Emblem Awakening for now because eBay sellers who sell NTSC versions of it charge want over 50 AUD for it plus another 14 AUD for postage or they charge over 40 AUD for it but charge 20 AUD for postage.I guess I'll buy it when sellers ask for less money because I don't want to have to pay over 60 AUD for a handheld game.

It's okay because I have many other games I've yet to beat so that's what I've been focusing on doing instead.I beat the story for Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle,well I think I did but it didn't give me the trophy for beating all the stories/stages in story mode and it's supposed to be an unmissable trophy if you beat story mode but I did beat story mode and I even got ending credits and then it brought me back to the title screen.

I've been working on beating all the stories for all the kingdoms in Dynasty Warriors 7.The story for Dynasty Warriors 7 is epic and quite captivating,even though the story changes everytime you select a different kingdom.It's platinum trophy looks fairly easy but time consuming but I'll get it one of these days.

Speaking of trophies,FUSE is annoying because it's finally started mentioning everytime I get a trophy and updated my trophy lists after a year of not doing so,however it only updates the trophy lists for games that I've earned trophies for recently but there is some games that I cannot earn anymore trophies for and since I earned 100% of their trophies in the time period when FUSE wasn't working it means it won't update the trophy information for those games.I earned 100% of Final Fantasy XIII's and SEGA MEGA DRIVE Collection's trophies a few months ago when my FUSE trophies weren't getting updated and it still shows my FFXIII trophy completion as 21 out of 36 trophies and my SEGA MEGA DRIVE Collection trophies aren't even listed,but it's showing all the trophies I've earned in the last few days plus trophies I've earned during the period FUSE wasn't updating my trophies IF I earned more trophies for those games in the last few days.

I also can't wait for Soul Sacrifice,which is going to be an action-JRPG that's exclusive for PS Vita and it's localized version is due out in April/May.It has a darker theme and you can sacrifice party members to win battles but you lose them forever and you can sacrifice parts of your character's body to perform devestating attacks.I mentioned about Soul Sacrifice on a previous blog as one of my most anticipated titles of 2013 because it's screen shots,trailer and the way it sounded were awesome but I didn't say I was super excited about it because about it because I've been very excited about certain IPs in the past because they sounded great when I read about them but they ended up disappointing me(such as White Knight Chronicles)hopefully it won't be the case with Soul Sacrifice and it could end up being that killer exclusive the Vita needs(sure Uncharted GA is a great game and is graphically stunning for a handheld game,but many handheld gamers would rather play a JRPG than a shooter)and as great as Persona 4 is it's still a remake of an already existing game which is why many people would rather get a 3DS to play new games such as Mario 3D Land,Kid Icarus Uprising,Fire Emblem Awakening which are also great too but Soul Sacrifice could be that brand new killer exclusive title the Vita needs to get some momentum.





Finished Journey and finally played Jet Grind Radio

Journey was a truly spiritual experience,I love it for the same reason I love Flower(which was developed by the same developer)and for the reason I like Linger in Shadows which is because their worlds are full of mystery and they have that abstract/artistic feel to their stories and for Journey's and Linger in Shadow's artistry.

For example,in Journey and Flower you'll see ruins of civilizations but those games don't tell you what happened to the people in their worlds,in Flower you're a lonely flower pettle trying to restore civilization,in Journey you're a mysterious hooded character on some mysterious world and you'll encounter other people(human players)but they can't communicate with you through text or verbally and you and them can try to guide eachother through watching what other people do and even though you're not alone,in some ways you are because you can only guess what other players are trying to tell you or are doing.They might be trying to show you the way out of the area you're stuck in,or they might be searching for hidden secret items,or they might be exploring,it's a very spiritual journey.The beautiful sand dunes and yellow sky and occasional ruins/structures blend together beautifully to make the world feel mysterious but one you want to explore and learn it's secrets.

You won't just be in the desert though,there is times you'll be in a thick snowstorm and it's emotionally draining but I don't want to spoil it for you.

The game is very short but it's a cheap price and has replay value if you want to earn all it's trophies.



Jet Grind Radio AKA Jet Set Radio(which I'll refer to as JGR)is a game I have talked about wanting to play many times in numerous blogs because it's a SEGA Dreamcast classic and was exclusive to it for many years and it has a unique,stylish,Japanese feel to it.I must say it's one of those games I want to love but it has annoying problems which is extremely disappointing considering how fun the game is at times.Still I gave it a high score because it was unique for it's time.

The objective of the game is to skate around on inline skates and avoid policemen and spraypaint graffitti on walls before a time limit expires.It might sound simplistic but it's lots of fun because you'll need to find spray cans to graffiti on the walls and sometimes you'll be grinding rails or skating over objects that are up high and you'll need to time your jumps and you can perform tricks when you're in the air and it's kinda fun.The gameplay delivers a rush at times.However the controls are very problematic and doing something as simple as changing direction when you're grinding or jumping off from the rails you're grinding on or when you're trying to guide the direction your character is skating/jumping is much harder than it needs to be.For a game released back in 2000 it's controls are forgivable but for a 2012 rerelease they should be much better.Also,you'll be skating around Tokyo and some of the policemen look charming in how they act.

So yeah,if anybody asks,yes I know Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio are the same game,but I gave the Dreamcast version a score of 9.0 because for it's time it's control problems would have been more forgivable but I've given the Vita version a score of 8.0.


Level 64.

Finally,it took me nearly a year to get past level 63.

I've played a bit of Sleeping Dogs,it's very atmospheric and very violent(you can put heads of enemies into a spinning fan blade and see blood splatter everywhere and you can slam people's heads into objects).The combat system is quite fun,you'll need to delicately time counters which prevents it being a button masher and the story looks like it's building up to something good with you being an undercover cop.

Been working on Ni No Kuni platinum(playing from a post story game save)and have done 30 or so bounty hunts and wanted to do more but more aren't available right now and I've been trying to do the side quests(there's over 100 of them to do).

A week ago I read Final Fantasy X HD footage was shown on PS Vita a few weeks before(I didn't blog about it because I discovered that right after I did a blog about Ni No Kuni)which makes me very happy because it's my favorite game of all time and to know the game really is in production and Square Enix didn't just announce it but then forget about it like with FF vs XIII.

Here is some footage.

Beat Ni No Kuni


Watching the ending now.The final form of the final boss is more annoying than difficult.It's cheap with it's chaos attack.It took me many tries to beat that boss and I was a couple of hits away from beating it but it put Oliver to sleep and then it was going to cast chaos attack which is capable of wiping out my whole party,even if they have lots of HP but luckily I got a 'chance' which means the enemy got stunned or something but Oliver was asleep so I ordered my party to all out attack and they finished off the boss themselves.I still want to platinum the game,I hope the optional bosses aren't too difficult.I had to use one of my 5 items that fully restore HP/MP which I wanted to save incase the optional bosses are even harder,but I still have for of them left.I will save my post game data to a seperate save file incase some of the stuff I need to do to plat the game can only be done in post game.

I won't talk about the ending,but near the end of the game the story became fairly emotional and heartfelt,lets just say it shows us sometimes we can't have everything we want(I'm not refering to any particular character)which is something all of us will have to deal with.I also like how the story has a couple of romance stories too.

While I'm trying to platinum Ni No Kuni I will begin playing Sleeping Dogs and Journey and later on if I can spare some cash I will move onto Fire Emblem Awakening(everyone is talking about it and being a SJRPG and the fact people say it's story is emotional and you can create romance which affects your party members in battle makes it sound like it's my kind of game for sure and now I don't regret buying a 3DS anymore).

Ni No kuni is the first 2013 release I've beaten.