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The 8th gen is here but my heart still is in the 6th gen.

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Right now I'm enjoying Shadow Hearts Covenant a lot and honestly there's something 6th gen about it that makes me enjoy it more than most of the 7th gen JRPGs(and I've played lots of 7th gen JRPGs).I guess it's a combination of it's creative story setting,the way it's towns look and the way it's battle system is and the way it's cinematics don't try too hard to flaunt the PS2's graphical capabilities and instead focus more on being artistic and give a beautiful dreary atmosphere with beautiful use of shades of yellow for it's lighting but it has enough technical realism to give a nice real world feel.

Not long ago I beat Fire Emblem Awakening and even though it's technically an 8th gen system,it's visuals are a mix of 16-Bit and 6th gen quality visuals and I loved it's in-depth story telling for the game's characters and turn-based system.

Earlier this year I beat Ni No Kuni on the PS3 and even though it's an 7th gen game,it feels like a SNES/PSone JRPG because of it's charm and because of how it's world map is set out and the way it lets you visit towns and interact with NPCs.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is one of my favorite games of all time and is a PSP exclusive and even though techically the PSP is a 7th gen console it's basically a handheld PS2(PS2 is 6th gen).

Lost Odyssey is one of my favorite games of all time and even though it's a 7th gen game,it's style is much like a 6th gen JRPG(which is part of why people criticized it).

I can't wait for Final Fantasy X HD(a remake of a 6th gen game and my favorite game of all time).

Even though FFXIII,Demon's Souls,Valkyria Chronicles,Resonance of Fate are great and innovative 7th gen JRPGs,I still prefer many 6th JRPGs over these games.

Many people bought Persona 4 The Golden which is a remake of a 6th gen JRPG.

Some people say Star Ocean The Last Hope reminds them of the PS2 JRPGs and is why they love it.

This is why after I beat Shadow Hearts Covenant I'm going to finish Tales of the Abyss and then I'll move onto Wild Arms 4 and then Paper Mario Thousand Year Door.I'm even tempted to buy a Wii U simply to play Zelda WindWaker,one of my favorite action/adventure games ever to be released,which was released for Gamecube during the 6th gen.

Shadow Hearts Covenant first impressions

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I've been playing the game for 5 hours and the story seems like it's building up to something interesting because it has evil factions whom use sorcery and want to rule the world and people in the world can fuse themselves with demons to make themselves powerful and since it's set during world war 1 the group of characters experience war-related obstacles which makes it harder for them to travel around Europe and they need to because the main character named Yuri has been cursed and they'll need to stop the bad guys anyways.I like how the characters and demons have an effect on World War 1.The story already has a big and well thought-out plot twist already.

Even though I haven't played the first Shadow Hearts game,I read what it's story is about because I wanted to get a better understanding of the story for the series and the characters and I must say Shadow Hearts story sounds quite emotional and now I can understand the pain Yuri must be going through in Shadow Hearts Covenant after certain events in the first Shadow Hearts game.

I like the cast of characters,Yuri the Japanese man whom can fuse with demons and


whom lost the woman he loved in the first Shadow Hearts game


Karin is a busty,female German military officer whom has reasons to join Yuri,Gapetto is an old man and famous puppeteer who uses his puppet in battle and Blanca is a white wolf whom can unleash powerful physical attacks(Red XIII anyone?).Other characters might join my party but these are the characters in it so far.Also,one of the villains I've experienced so far is quite interesting(I won't say who it is because it will be a spoiler).

I like the battle system because it's turn-based but uses a ring system where you need to press the button at certain times to perform attacks and how much damage you do depends on the timing and it's possible to miss out on a turn if you time your button press badly.I like how the game encourages you to utilze various character abilities/stats.For example,Gapetto can perform powerful summon attacks but due to his old age and frail-looking body he is vulnerable to physical attacks.Yuri can transform into various demonic forms which gives him various elemental properties.Karin has good physical and magical attacs and Blanca has the most powerful physical attacks but his magical abilities aren't good(so far).I don't have a healer in my party yet,so it's a bit annoying relying on healing items.The battle system also has a combo system which focuses on risk vs reward.

Like I said on previous blogs,I love the dreary cinematics,I love the shades of yellow and lightning the cinematics use.

Anyways I'm enjoying this game and it looks like it's going to build up to be something epic!


Time to dust off the old PS2 and play Shadow Hearts Covenant

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I'm happy my PS2 still works,and yes it was covered in lots of dust.I'm happy my copy of Shadow Hearts Covenant works,I bought it years ago,PAL versions of it now are rare and expensive,I bought my copy of it for less than 40 AUD in very good condition.The cinematics are quite beautiful and I love their dreariness.I'll talk about the game more when I'm further into it.


Beat Fire Emblem Awakening

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I can see why many people say it's so great.It's story has great plot twists and can be emotional and I like how you can make characters get married and have children and even use your children in your party.The characters are very charming and I got a feel for the characters because I like how the game shows a profile of the characters(it displays the birth date and name of character's spouses and kids/parents.


I like how the ending explains what the characters did for the rest of their lives after they defeated the final boss and I like how it mentioned how much the character I created loved his wife and how his daughter looked up to him.


This is the first Fire Emblem game I've played and I'm very impressed.I also like how character relationships effect characters stats greatly,attack ability,defense capabilities when they stand next to each other.

My favorite character in the game is actually Anna,she's very funny and is the woman whom my character married and I like how Anna is perfectly imperfect and she's cute and her presense in the story made it even more brighter and more heart felt.


Fire Emblem Awakening is only the second 2013 game release I've beaten this year,the other is Ni No Kuni.Even though they're the only two 2013 releases I've played they're both great enough to be 2013 game of the year contenders for me personally and for many other people.In fact,if my game of the year choice came down to one of those two games,I would have a hard time choosing which game deserves the award.I know it seems unfair to compare both games since one is a more traditional style JRPG and one is a SJRPG,but I will anyways.

I think Fire Emblem Awakening has a better story than Ni No Kuni but I think Ni No Kuni's story is presented a bit better,both games had enjoyable stories nonetheless.

Fire Emblem Awakening's story uses the concept of romance a bit better than Ni No Kuni which can be a big factor for me.

No No Kuni's battle system is more unique and fun in the way it combines using monsters and human characters in real-time and I like how in Ni No Kuni's battle system humans and monsters have distinct advantages/disadvanages when the player uses them in battle.But Fire Emblem Awakening's battle system has a bit more tactical depth to it but isn't as unique.

Ni No Kuni obviously has better graphics from a technical perspective and even though Fire Emblem Awakening has beautiful use of artstyle,Ni No Kuni's uses of artwork for it's visuals are even more appealing because of studio Ghibli's involvement with the development.

Fire Emblem Awakening has very beautiful music and to be honest I can't remember much about Ni No Kuni's music.

But yeah,it's good that I can play two truly great newly released JRPGs early this year.


Watched the Rurouni Kenshin film

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It was awesome.The characters are portayed well and the cinematography is beautiful and the choreography for the action scenes is tremendous.The movie is over 130 minutes but it felt much shorter(probably because I was enjoying it)and I'm happy the story for Rurouni Kenshin is going to be made into a movie series(more Rurouni Kenshin movies are going to be made)especially since the movie ends early into the anime series.


Fire Emblem Awakening first impressions

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I'm loving the game so far,even though this is the first Fire Emblem game I've played I find it very accessible and easy to get into.I love how it's cinematics sometimes look like they're from a painting and sometimes look like hand drawn anime style.Even though I'm only a few hours into the game I can see the potential for romances and the way some of the characters flirt is very charming.I like the battle system,it kinda reminds me of Disgaea 3 except the characters have more diverse abilities such how some of them can used ranged attacks to attack from a safe distance and units retaliate after being attacked which makes you think more about the strategy.You can do team style attacks on units of course and I like how every time you use a unit for a turn they gain some sort of experience points,even if they did something as simple as heal another unit so it encourages you to use all your units because even if none of your units need to be healed but you use Lissa to heal one of them anyways she'll gain experience points.

I can see how the permadeath can be devestating emotionally for the story because if a character dies then so does the possibility of them creating or continuing romance with another character.

I like how the story has a lot of imagination,I don't want to spoil it for you but it has a bit of fairy tale stuff mixed with more serious,intense stuff.

Only thing is,I've tried to connect my 3DS to the internet but I cannot and I don't know why it won't detect my wifi conection,but with the Vita I could connect it to any free wifi connection quickly as easily.

Oh yeah,I've tried to rate Fire Emblem Awakening aready but Gamespot says that feature is unavailable right now.Gamespot won't even let me add it to my collection.


Beat Another Code R.Copy of Fire Emblem Awakening arrived.

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I've said many times why I loved it's story and like I said it's story keeps getting better and better(it's starts off fairly interesting)and at the end it has some emotional and shocking story revelations.It's a shame the developer who made Another Code R(Cing)went bankrupt.They also developed Hotel Dusk Room 215,the first Another Code game called Another Code:Two Memories,Little King's story.

My copy of Fire Emblem Awakening has arrived.I am thinking maybe I'll jump to Fire Emblem Awakening first and then move onto Tales of the Abyss and Shadow Hearts Covenant after,the reason is because it seems many people are talking about Fire Emblem Awakening right now and maybe people would rather hear what I have to say about it now than later on when other new games have those people's attention.

I've only just discovered Project X Zone is going to be localized,it's a SJRPG with characters from Street Fighter,Tekken,Mega Man,Virtua Fighter,Valkyria Chronicles 3,Resonance of Fate as well as Kos Mos from Xenosaga(I like her)and characters from other universes.The NA version is due out in late June.

And with Bravely Default most likely coming,it looks like it's going to be a great year for 3DS owners,especially with Fire Emblem Awakening already released.Before anyone mentions it,yes I know Etrian Odyssey IV is already out but I wasn't a big fan of Etrian Odyssey III because I don't like playing RPGs in first-person.Hopefully Beyond the Labyrinth gets localized too.

Getting close to the end of Another Code R/Backlog updates.

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I haven't progressed through it as quickly as I hoped,even though the game is mostly a visual novel with the occasional puzzle and searching for items,the game is supposed to take around 15 hours to play through but other things keep taking up my time.

It's story gets better and more captivating as I progress through it with big surprises and the way the story is presented and the things in the story make me care about finding out what happened to Ashley's mother and Matt's father and why the people in the town are acting weird and why weird things are happening in the town.

I think it's a hidden gem for the Wii but it's not a game for everyone since it's like a visual novel for the most part.I think the game is relaxing when I hear the waves of the lake in the background,after all the game takes place in a town called 'Lake Juliet'.



In another blog I showed my backlog,I have some updates for it.

Tales of the Abyss

Shadow Hearts Covenant

Jade Cocoon 2

Sakura Wars So Long My love

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

Resonance of Fate

Wild Arms 4

Skies of Arcadia

Tales of Symphonia

Rogue Galaxy

Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne

I have decided to take Sleeping Dogs off my backlog as it's a newer game and I'll have years to play through it,I want to play through some of the great PS2 and GC RPGs.I know RoF is for PS3 but it's been out for a while.Rurouni Kenshin Enjou Kyoto Rinne isn't an RPG,it's a Dynasty Warriors style game but I want to beat it because Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite anime series.

There's some other games that aren't really on my backlog because they don't interest me as much as the games on my backlog but they look/are fun and I want to beat them.They include:-

Tales of Legendia

Suikoden V

Suikoden Tactics

Atelier Iris 3

Basara X

Cowboy Bebop Tsuioku no Serenade

Ghost in the Shell SAC

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Star Ocean Second Evolution

Zelda Skyward Sword

Zelda Twilight Princess

Gravity Rush

Record of Agarest War

Rune Factory Frontier

Sleeping Dogs

Also,this doesn't include games from this year I want to play but haven't played yet such as Fire Emblem Awakening,Soul Sacrifice,Lightning Returns,Remember Me(it looks cool and story/gameplay sounds interesting),FFXHD,Time and Eternity.To be honest,I thought Beyond Two Souls trailer looked meh,but it could surprise me.

There is games I want to play but I don't own yet such as Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2.


I've noticed some people have taken photos of their game collections,I'm thinking I might do that sometime so I can show my rare games and imported games.


The Big Blue(from Ecco the Dolphin's develpment team).

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First,I'd like to give a big thanks to Matastig for telling me about this game that is due out next year,named 'The Big Blue'.

It's being developed by the team who developed the Ecco the Dolphin games.It will allow you to explore fully 3D and detailed underwater ocean environments and just like in the Ecco games there will be quests and puzzles and you'll encounter dangerous sea life.The Big Blue underwater world is supposed to be much bigger than Ecco Defender of the Future(which is the only 3D Ecco game that was released).

Besides dolphins you can control whales as well as creatures that have evolved millions of years in the future(because this game's story takes place millions of years in the future after humanity is gone and after an alien invasion),and some of the creatures have evolved in unique ways such as creatures that have evolved from chemical reactions with plastic trash in the ocean,as well as ginormous creatures which make whales look small as well as sea-dragons which can fly above the water,which can dive to depths that no other creatures can but they're extremely rare and you can play the game for months without seeing one.

The game will also have a collector card system which will show at least one picture of the animal and will have information about the creature and some of the creature cards will allow you to spawn creatures and some creature cards are very rare and you can trade creature cards with other players.

The game has been announced for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS and Android but it could come to SONY,Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

The game has multiplayer too.

I am excited about this game because I'm a big fan of Ecco Defender of the future,I loved exploring it's beautiful underwater environments and I loved how artistic and detailed it was,for example in the shallower waters you would see sandbeds and the water would be a beautiful light blue from the sunlight penetrating but the deeper you got it became more dark and you could explore caves and communicate with other sea creatures and explore underwater strucutures made by civilzations as well as go on quests and fight against sharks and aliens.There was other details it had that made it's ocean environment feel so alive such as seeing schools of fish swimming around and seeing underwater vegetation and coral.

It makes me exciting The Big Blue is supposed to be a huge underwater world,it's the type of sandbox game that makes me excited when I think about exploring it's world.

The Big Blue is not a sequel to any of the Ecco games although it has lots of similarities.

Ecco Defender of the Future's music and underwater sound effects gave a beautiful sense of calmness and tranquility,I hope The Big Blue can do the same.


A link for where I go the info from that also has footage of the game and CGIs for the game.

EDIT:Unfortunately,for the game to go into development it needs over 600 000$ to be raised in the next 20 days and so far only 40 000$ has been raised.