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Boredom leads to spending money.....

Definitely went on an ebay spending spree a couple weeks ago. In the end I broke down and got a couple of games to kill some time...and lots of time they shall kill! I'm pretty sure both Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Legend of the Dragoon take like 50+ hours a piece to complete, so that should keep me preoccupied, not to mention I got both for 21 bucks! Ah, the thrill of getting games for cheap. :D

I return to school on the 23rd of this month, where I will no doubt play lots of Madden 06, Halo 2 and Puzzle Fighter. This will only help to interfeer with the whole "class" aspect of college...but I'd rather enjoy Xbox Live than Art History.

Couldn't be more productive if I tried

Been a hot minute since I wrote an entry...but i've been busy in that gamers sense. I decided to dust off some of my old games I hadn't picked up in a while and try to put them down for good so I can rest a bit easier at night. I started with Chrono Cross, I game I had had since when it was first released on PS1 but had just been playing it off and on. I had gotten stuck on one boss at some point in time for like and month and 1/2...tried to beat him like 30+ times and was smoked each time. Miguel was a huge beyatch, but after taking a break for a while to play some other games I managed to come back and give him a smoking of his own. I recently picked the game up about three days ago and realized how close I was to I just sat down and grinded it out, finally beating the game. Sad thing is I barely remember half of the story. Hell, with soooo many freakin playable charcters, it's easy to lose track of things. So I put that game away and picked up Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. I had had an early infatuation with this one, i'm all about being a vampire and sucking people's blood. It's always nice to have a game with a different twist on it. The game itself isn't the greatest, but I only had about 2 hours of gameplay left to beat it, so I decided to get that one done too.

Sooooo, that's two games down and a bunch more to go. The game I'm closest to putting away next would be Devil May Cry 3...but it might be a bit before I finish that. I'm on the last level and the boss is....lets just say, recockulous. After that the list is as follows....

  • GTA: San Andreas - After having my save game file deleted while I was gaving up video games for lent I sat down and played for a few days to get back to the 2nd city of San Fierro, but I still have a ways to go to complete it fully.
  • Star Ocean 2: The Second Story - About 70 hours into it and on the 2nd disc. Basically at the doorstep to the final dungeon.
  • Beyond Good & Evil - I've heard the game was really short, so judging by my play time i'm probably a little more than half way there.
  • Silent Hill 3 - Barely even scratched the surface...finished the first area and it's all daaaaaaammmnnnn scurrryy. I'll probably pick it up every now and then for a cheap thrill.
  • Final Fantasy V - I've been playing the game on my emulator and i'm pretty far, but I might just start it over on the PS for the sake of simplicity, not to mention a nice CG movie at the end.
  • Legend of Legia - I've always thought this game was special in its own little way, the interesting martial arts fighting system for an RPG was a nice change back in the day, but in a present day's light it's kinda dull. Might just end up scraping the adventure all together.
  • KOTR - Started playing the game over christmas break on my little bro's xbox and i've got to say it's a really cool game, I just haven't had the chance to get back into yet. I'll probably do so before I head back to school in august.

Well, that's all for now...until next time.

- Zaknaifen

Up late again...some things never change

Really need to get on a normal sleep scedule...especially when I actually start working. Up mad late again...this time playing Fire Eblem. Hopefully I can put this one away in a week or so, that way I have more free time to.....hmmm, who knows.

This game's very addictive though...simple yet extreamly enjoyable. Well, i'm out...see you all in the AM, or most likely PM.

- Zaknaifen

Wednesday, June 8th Early in the morning...rising to the street

Woke up mad early this morning to drive my step brother to the airport...too bad I was up till 2:30 playing Devil May Cry 3. The game is insanely difficult, at least according to reviewers...but they're sissies. I've been playing the game on normal mode since I picked it up, easy mode is totally for quiters. Just reached level 18 and discovered I have to go back and beat 8 bosses over again in one level...should be insanely frustrating. Hopefully i'll beat it by the end of the month. After that i'll be trying to polish off some of my old RPGs for PS1 that I never bothered completing (Chrono Cross, Star Ocean 2, Legend of Legia, etc.) Eventually I'll start getting money from work so I can get a couple new games off of eBay. Ah saving money is niiiiiiiice. Still awaiting the actual release date for Final Fantasy XII and Grandia III, who knows which will come out first.

Till next time, i'm out.

- Zaknaifen