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I won't be here as much.

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Well, I haven't been as active here lately, and I doubt I will be for some time. Reasons? Not too much really. I've been active at other websites and doing other things, so I rarely feel in the mood to come here anymore. I've also noticed that the strictness really keeps the forums quite boring at times, and with all of the old members leaving or getting banned, it just doesn't feel the same anymore. I think a bit of a break might be best for me.

I'll still pop in here from time to time and make a few posts, but I probably won't be active again for a while. Just a heads up in case anybody is wondering.

lol wat

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So, I've been pretty bored with my summer lately. Due to failing Science this year, I now have summer school which, as you can guess, totally sucks. My usual day is waking up at 8pm, playing video games/watching stuff/surfing the internet all night, going to summer school for a few hours, coming home, and going on the computer for a few hours before I get tired and go to bed at 12pm or so.

As you can see, my summer is pretty lame so far. What are you guys (and girls) doing with your summer? I need some ideas so my two months aren't totally wasted :cry:

I'm finally 15 years old as of today.

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So, it's around 3:30am and I'm playing video games, staying up all night once again when it hit me... it's my birthday. Today, May 9th, I'm finally turning 15. But man, I don't feel 15. I may feel like it sometimes, but I still feel mainly 13 or 14 in the inside. This is the age where I consider you move from your childhood and move more onto being a teenager/young adult. I still feel like a kid though.

So, we'll see how the day goes at school and at home, though I can't guarantee it'll be anything special. Still pretty happy I'm another year older, and one year closer and one year from being able to drive a car.

I wonder how this year of my life will turn out.

5,000 posts

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It's been quite a while, over a year and a half here on the forums, and I've finally hit my 5k. I'm pretty surprised I've managed to stay with a forum for so long. Halfway to a whole 10,000 posts now, hopefully within a year or so if I'm still here by then :D

Christmas and new year... late, I know.

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Christmas was pretty cool, though the feeling was pretty weak this year. It felt like just another day to me, no excitement or anything, which is a shame since I was obsessed with Christmas time before. What I got this year was a bunch of clothing (t-shirt, hoody, belt, shoes), the new iPod Nano 8GB (video=yes), and Call of Duty 4 for PC. Clothing is sexy, and the iPod is really nice, since I just had an mp3 before, and I love watching videos on it and stuff. Call of Duty 4 also kicks ass, but I find it sort of easy on the computer for multiplayer, I don't know why. It just seems so easy to get good scores and lots of kills, while it was pretty hard when I played it on the xbox 360. Odd.

And then there was the new year. I went to a friend's (4 there including myself) and had a bit too much alcohol. A bit of a crazy day/night... I'll keep out the drunk crap I did and what happened, but it was all weird.. and fun.

Hopefully 2008 is a good year, and I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays. School is back in 2 days for me, I'm very excited (no). How was everybody's holidays?

Best two months of gaming for a looooong time

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Seriously, this fall is looking amazing. I've got Halo 3, World in Conflict, and an expansion for Company of Heroes just for this month of September. October I've got a bunch more, and November is the month I'm waiting for. Call of Duty 4, Crysis, Mercenaries 2, Assassins Creed, and the ones I mentioned, and even more yet. I've got too many games already! Not to mention I just bought Stalker off steam today (I can't even get enough time in a day to play all my awesome games I have on the computer) Maybe another 5 or 6 in the next two months couldn't hurt... I also need a next-gen console, just been gaming on my PC for quite a while. Some great 360 games coming out, so I'm considering one, but the PS3 has a great line-up for 2008... so I'm not so sure on what decision I should take on this. I'm pretty addicted to a lot of new music too, Nothing Left by As I Lay Dying (a great metal song) has caught my attention and won't stop playing on my iTunes, and I don't feel like stopping it either :lol: Liking All Time Low and From First To Last lately a lot too. Also, I've been playing Battlefield all night, and it's 12:30am, and I've got to wake up at 6:30 to get ready for school. I always do this :cry:


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Bioshock is amazing. I got mine for the PC. Still haven't beat it yet, and I'll be doing it a second time too. Playing lots of Lord of The Rings Online, Battlefield 2142, and Company of Heroes lately too. But all that gaming is cut down quite a bit because of school. Oh the joy of school. Science (Which I failed, and have to do on a COMPUTER), English which I love to sleep in and be a noob, Mechanics which is just messy and confusing, and Socials which is also online. Online classes are hard, I don't know why I'm doing it online again, I'd do better in class. Bit better this year though. Not the youngest grade (It's grade 8-12 here, me being 9 now).

Lord Of The Rings Online

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This is what I've been playing all day for the past few days anyways. I can't tell you enough how great it is, and it looks amazing on ultra high. I'm also a fan of Lord of The Rings, and how they've done the world is amazing to me also. Been playing it all day, got a Hobbit and a Man :D Other than that, I played a lot of Battlefield, Half Life 2, Company of Heroes, CSS, but I'm afraid this game is taking up the most time, I haven't been able to get a minute on those.

Got it a week or two ago, but with a couple changes to it

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1) The 8800 GTS is a 320mb, not a 640. 2) My processor is instead a Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 Bit worse than I had hoped, but it still works fine for what I can afford. Turns out right now I'm only playing Battlefield 2142, WoW, and a bit of far cry. Anticipating Bioshock, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, and all that awesome games coming out for PC sooner or later :D Ah well, at least I can game on the PC quite good.

New computer!

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After over a month, I still have not received my computer. I haven't been able to continue my schooling, or gaming since, either. This computer I am on now, is in safe mode. My dad works for one of those lame corporations, so that might explain why they say the computer is coming, and then make an excuse of why not to delay it. Hopefully I get it monday, which is when it's supposed to be now, but that isn't a guarantee. My PC is coming from Future Shop, but it's a good one. NVIDIA 8800 GTS AMD X2 4800+ at 2.4 Ghz 600W PSU 2GB RAM Windows Vista And my 22 inch flat screen monitor for only $100 extra. I'm not sure what my other specs are, seeing as how I don't remember what it was since it's been a month, but I'll update it later for full details once I get it.  Coming with my computer will be a brand new headset, speakers, and comes with a printer. The computer with come with default Mouse, and Keyboard, but that doesn't really bother me. The only problem I have is it has default cooling, and I'm not so sure what cooling it comes with, so that might be one of the only problems with this computer. But that's not all that I'm getting for it, as a gamer I'm buying a good bunch of games with this. Them being: - A pre-paid game card to continue World of Warcraft - Company of Heroes - Battlefield 2142 - Half Life 2 + Counter Strike Source All of this totaling to about $2200 CAD (w/ tax), hopefully this was a good deal And don't forget all the new games coming out this fall, such as Bioshock, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed (hopefully comes out for the PC), so I should be pretty happy. Hopefully this PC brings me great performance during the games I'm getting, and hopefully the future ones. Also coming from this computer, which I've been on for 4 years, and have gamed on since, with 512mb Ram, 6600 GT (used to be a Raedeon 9600), and Pentimum 4 at 1.7 Ghz, this will be a LOT better in performance. With all this coming soon (hopefully), my summer will be on this computer, and home-schooling a whole lot more bearable. Call me a geek, a nerd, or whatever, but I just love my computers and gaming. Looking forward to this all, hopefully by monday :D I'll fill you in then
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