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Beyond Good and Evil HD

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Soon we will have the HD of Beyond Good and Evil. And now, I wonder This will be the tendency over the next years? I'm seeing a Final Fantaxy X HD in some time, Xenosaga HD, and many other ****c games in the actual consoles. But the industry is going the wrong way with this? I felt like I spent my time playing Low-definition games instead of waiting fot this re-releases...

What happened to this?

I was just organizing my pictures, and I found this one:

Gamespot espanol

And this:


This pictures were taken at a Game Show in Mexico in 2006, and to be honest, this site it's not very good. I prefer the original version.

My new Chihuahua

Dear Gamespot fellows, today I present you my little Chihuahua, it's 3 months old, and it's name is Choco. He is little and cute, please leave your opinon!!!

Choco 01

choco 02

Choco 03

Choco 04

Happy Birthday Sonic

Last 23th was Sonic the Hedgehog's Birthday, and he spent some time with us, among his partner Tails. This happened in Phantas Star Universe, where everything was decorated with Sonic and friends statues. Here are some pictures.

There was many people around, so it was difficult to see Tails...

He was happy, I guess he likes to be the center of attention...

Yes, that's why he is Tails...

He's always thinking in this things? Can't you relax?

I'm here, the one in black. I asked for a picture.

He was hungry!

A picture with everyone, to the memory... (he was making the countdown)


Pool and Music

Last weekend I went to a pool to see my friend's band. It was their first live presentation, and they do it... regular... But it was fun, because I could play pool with my friends, drink some beers, and hear good music!

This is how we park cars in Mexico City...

The band rockin' hard... well, no too hard...

Me and friends playing... cheers!

You lose!

My brother doing some shoots...

They played some covers of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Velvet Revolver and many more...

By the way, they don't have a name... suggestions are welcome!

My Pets

Today, I only want to share my dogs.... the black one is Willy, he has like 16 years old, and the white is Brandy, he is younger... I think 7 years...

Here is the old Willy...


My hand and Willy...


He is hungry!


Hello Gamespot!


And he is Brandy...

My Playground

Hello friends, I want to share with the community my playground... it's not very big, but I have a lot of time here with my friends and my wife, hope you like it!

I played Street Fighter IV!

I came back from Japan, and I had the oportunity to play some test cabinets of Stret Fighter IV, and all I can say is that it rules! Here are the pics and a new character!