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Hows should someone win?

I was talking to one of my friends on this subject not a long time ago. We were discussing how a person should win giving the time and place. Lets say two got to the last round of a tournament. One was very skilled, and the other was less skilled,but could win if focused on the win not skill. In this matter what do you think is more important? Winning with skill,or winning no matter what if you use skill/no skill? Now in my opinion you ahould win with skill no matter what even if it means losing.

New games that are comming out.

There are a lot of new good games comming out this year. Zelda skyward sword, fear 3, and black-ops are examples. Are there any games that you want or are planning to get? I would like to know some games that people are getting or planning to get.

what makes games so fun?

ok.this blop post is about well you read the topic right?so,what makesgames so fun?i mean when we first started playing games it was something new, was something that we nevered saw before.after that one moment,that first game we played,would make us want us want to play more games.why?why are we so hooked to games that we keep buying,and spending money on? something that isn't even real?well heres my allow us to do things that can't be done in's something that takes us to different world where we can all sorrts of allows us to make things come true that reallycan'tcome truein real life.grand thift auto for that game you can blow stuff can steal cars,shoot stuff,and even punch a person out.ok..that about it.umm..what isyour opion on this topic?if you agree,or have a different tought,or just think that its stupid,put it down as a comment.thats it.or and sorry if this topic went over board.

the difference bewteen online games and games without it part 2

continuing from last time,the new super mario bros wii could have been great.since it didn't have online it went down a little.there are games don't need online.these games are good with or without example would be no more heros.for those of you that don't know it,it's a game for the wii with hack and slashing controls.this really didn'tt have online,but it didn't need it.the thing about online is that it be with games that have with one player can have it,but it probably wouldn't need it.this is about it.

the difference bewteen online games and games without it.

there have always been games that we like to play.some of us like fighting,some of us like shooting,and some of us like other games.some of these games are fun with friends,but what if we didn't know anybody?what if we had a really good two player game,but nobody to play with?i for one have been though this.there are however games that gets pass this promblem.these games have that have online are what people buy gave us more things to do then just beating a gave us the oppertunity to play with people from that don't have online in my opinion don't sell as much as online example would be the new super mario bros wii.this game lets up to about four players to has levels that know and played.this game could have been big with one eception,no online.i know some people that planed to buy this game,to be continued.

bleach weapons

okay,this blog post is going to be about the animation bleach.i mean it's going to be about the weapons in the show.tell me,if you ever watched the show,which of the characters swords would be your favorite?there ichigo's sword zangetsu,rangeku's sword haineko,and lots of other favorite weapon in the show would be zenpachi's weapon,which doesn't have a name.zenpachi is also my favorite character in the series.also if you could create your own zanpato,what would it be like?what would it's realese,and banki forms look like? my zanpato would be like a small knife in it's normal form,transform into two dagers in it's realese form,and it's banki form would like a sword with a long sword on the end,and's power would be lighting,and the banki form would give me the abilite to fire lighting waves.there's more to my zanpato,but that would make this too long.anyway,i want to know what is your favorite weapon in bleach?if you could create your own zanpato what would it be like?you can commit your favorite weapon,or your own if you want.if you do,then i thank you.

the three game systems.

know,i know that almost everybody plays games.this is not about the games,this is about the game systems that you play them know the xbox 360,the ps3,and the wii.what i want to find out is which system does everybody like best.these are my opinions on the game systems.the most sold system is the wii.the reason for this may be that out of the threesystems,this one is the has a good selection ofboth new and classic games,and the controls for the system is both fun and sometimes a good workout.the secound sold system is the 360.this system has above good selection of also has good graphics.the down side to having a 360 is that it burns up too quickly,and that it only has a five-year life span. the last,andthe lest sold system is the ps3.the ps3 has a very huge selection of also has very very good graphics.this system is probably the most powerfull of the three systems,even though it's the lest sold system.that;s it. i have more opinions on the systems,but i don't want to write them all down. if you ask me my favorite system is the wii.the main reason for this is that it's cheap. what does eveyboby else think?which system do you like best?you can write your opinions,or commit if you want to.on a side note,if the ps3 was the cheapest,then that would probably be my favorite system.

What i hate about pokemon haters.

now,i know that a lot a people play pokemon games.i myself love these the point is why i hate pokemon haters.i'm not talking about the people that play the games,and say that they suck.i'm talking about the people that never played the games,but says that they suck.people can't say that these games sucks,untill they play them.these games are very good to play. the pokemon episodes are really good cut things short you shouldn't say that pokemon games suck untill you play them. to the people that play the pokemon games,or the people that played the pokemon games,and says that there're bad or can write your opinions,or commits if you want the people that say pokemon games suck,but haven't played them,you can write your opinionsor commits if you want,but it will probably be ingnored.

Do you hate or like the legend of zelda games?

As everybody knows,there have been a lot of zelda games create in the past mouths,or years me these games were very good.the best zelda games i ever played was tloz ocanrina of time,and tloz a link to the past.i also played twilight princess,and majora's mask.the best thing about these games was the had to collect different items,and some weapons to proceed through the game.i also played tloz phantom hourglass,but the controls were horrible with the stylus and the story was boring.the majority of the legend of zelda games are pretty good to about everybody eles?do you like tloz games,or do you hate them? write your opinion, or commit if you want. just so everybody knows,i have not played all of the zelda games.i'm only writing me opinion on the ones i played.