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New Year New Gear!

I have been working alot these days, didnt got any time to write a blog about the new rig i bought, so after a long last i managed to save some time anyways here are the specs of my new rig:

Core i7 960 @ 3.2 Ghz 8M cache

2x6GB (12gb) Kingston HyperX @ 1600Mhz DDR3

ATi Radeon HD6870 1GB GDDR5 @ 256-bits

AZZA Hurricane 2000 Gaming case

Intel X58A-UD3R Motherboard



+80GB Intel SSD 320 series

Random 800 Watt PSU

Random Liquid Cooling

ASUS MS228 (1920x1080)


(Sorry for the quality)

Its so fast from my old PC! :D I decided to test some games on it and so far i am lovin it, the first game i beated on my new rig is:


Its not as good as i expected especially the graphics, they'rent nearly as good as battlefield 3, the only thing i found fascinating were the road textures and lightning, other than that i beated the game in 2 hours "Run time" cars were good but i missed CCX, customization was childish, sound was terrible, songs were *pukes*. . .

OK, so i will give the game a 6.7/10.

A couple of soundtracks that i have been listening to. . . .




And my blog ends, hope to write another blog soon enough. . .


At long last (Multi blog)!!!

Well i have been waiting for the new emblems of TGS 2011 for quite some time, and now i have finally earned them. But they dont seem what GS said they would be, fir instance the JRPG should be rare, Puzzler emblem should be epic and the same goes for the others; but well lets take a look at them: :)

Toy Story IconCommon

My Comment: Its pretty neat! I'd say its Cute!

Big Stories in Little Tokyo IconUncommon

My Comment: It isnt what i expected it to be but it still looks good but its not quite there yet.

I Want to Play a Game IconUncommon

My Comment: Exactly what it should have been but i dont like the colour scheme.

And another emblem is for pretending like pirates, i hope you all have it since it isnt that rare!

Here there be Pirates! IconUncommon

My Comment: It Arrrrrright!

And on is about the Gears of war 3, it looks surprisingly cool:

100% Club - Almost a Carmine IconCommon

My Comment: Its Lookin' Pretty good!

And the Greatest sidekick competition was greatly trolled, we all know. I hope gamespot learns from these competitions that internet polls are a complete joke specially if you have an attention of some external site. I really hated that trolls pretended that they were from reddit and many ppl believed so. Also i rarely saw any MOD activity is the greatest sidekick forum, fishy indeed.

And now time for some rant!

Gamespot has turned into Glitchspot! Yes and we all hate it one way or the other. I cant figure out that whether or not our activity is being tracked or gamespot is just halted? But I hope the staff gets it fixed soon enough. And i have also lost my "Glitched" emblem, the tagger and colletion and the aficiando emblem are gone from everyones profile.

*****First day at College*****

Yep! my first day at college was on 26/sep/11, Iwas not able toblog about it as i was very busy in my routine. It did went well, all i cared about was ragging and no one ragged me :D Guess i got lucky! The education seems to be tough. The thing is that what other countries call as *High School* is known as *College* in Pakistan so dont think i am like some 18-19 year old guy, I am only 16 lol :P And i have to go to academy right after three hours i come home from college, i know some people call academy *lame* but its Pakistan! You have to be working damn hard to get a decent job, here the average doctor earns only about 300$ :o All my teachers were good but i felt i was still in school because of the strictness of my college particularly but oh well i brought this on myself and i will have to bear it for 2 years straight! :P

I will also blog randomly from now on, please comment :P and Thanks for reading! (Typos Beware!!!)

My JRPG Blog.

Name of the Game:



Aliens are preparing to attack the earth while humans remain unknown of their existance. Humans from alternate reality (100,000 years ahead) travel back in time, humans who have learned to use entire power of their brain, who have passed through all stages of evolution, humans who have learned to overcome greed, hatred, jealousy. The leader of advanced human civilization (Xia) should find his great great great great great grandfather(Albert Parker) on earth because nhe is the only hope of Earth's survival, only he has that leadership character which is needed to prepare the humanity for the devastastion that lies ahead. So the leader of advanced human civilization has no other choice but to merge with his ancestor. Humanity only has 20 years to prepare for their arrival. To make his ancestor recognizable, Xia decides to merge with him so that his ancestor may get his ocular powers and hence become an icon, a hero, a hope, a

trust of humanity.

Starting Characters:

The leader of Advanced human civilization, he is seeking his ancestor on Earth who might be Humanities only hope of survival. Xia has learned to use entire power of his brain and he is therefore capable of changing molecular density, telepathy, transportation etc. He will merge with his great ancestor to grant him his ocular powers and make him a recognizable figure on earth.
Status: (out of 100)

Intelligence: Undefined
Endurance: Undefined
Luck: Undefined
Strength: Undefined
Mana: Undefined

Albert Parker (Ancestor of Xia):
A simple inspiring figure in his friends, always likes being in-charge of everything. He has to make humanity as powerful as aliens, and to do that he must combine with Xia. He is smart overall, he like unity and hates racism. He believes in mysticism and is always trying to control objects with his mind(But fails to do so every time)

Status: (out of 100)

Intelligence: 88
Endurance: 75
Luck: 47
Strength: 69
Mana: 0

Xia & Albert (Combined):

When the are combined, albert parker can access Xia's powers for a short time, this can be useful in combat, during kicking alien's butt. his statistics are dramatically increased.

Status: (out of 100)

Intelligence: 100
Endurance: 100
Luck: 100
Strength: 100
Mana: 100


Moderately equipped mercenary, used for ground based missions as a standard weapon.

Used for long ranged attacks.

A man trained at the peak of humans (Not really!).

Trained by Xia himself, these humans can do Major damage to anytihng in their path. They can telepath and can do many minor brain tricks, but an overwhelmed human is much more of a demon!

Supporting characters:

Advanced humans:

They can help us, but their portal from the future remains only for a short time so they have to back up.

Main Villian:

Aliens themselves, they want to capture Earth because it will strengthen their economy by establishing a major trade route across entire galaxy. They are strong but they can be defeated, by unity! Aliens have also advanced enough, but they still need a good amount of time to travel between solar systems, which can buy humans some time to advance, atleast at a moderate level.

Why is it worth playing?

It offers a new type of gameplay, a new storyline, moreover it can be morally good.



TGS Puzzle Activity [Emblem]

OK so i am done finding all the puzzle pieces and i am finished assembling them.

So here it is:


I assembled it with paint if thats what you wanna ask, thanks tovguy555 for tellin me about assembling it.

Hope to get the emblem soon.

FINALLY got 1000 posts!

Hye guys, got 1000 posts here, i know its very very low but still its an achievement and i had to blog it. Plus i joined Social Cafe Union, and its the best union i've seen so far here on GS. Its not one of the unions which decay by time, its still lively and there is alot of cool threads in its Board, god bless the founders of the union! So long.


With Eid gone. . . . . .

With Ramadan and Eid gone, I am finally looking forward to take on college! I cant believe its finally here, My classes will start probably in the midst of this month. As for gaming, I will be buying Deus Ex: HR pretty soon. In my summer vacations I beated Oblivion, DMC 4, Witcher 2, Dragon age Origins, Burnout Paradise. And achieved level 40 in NFS World. Not a good game btw. I also got 5 new emblems. I am really looking forward to get Bracket creation emblems as well. I will get lost in my routine as soon as i hit the college because my routine is tough. In the damned nation i have to work very hard to get good grades so i joined academy. I went to my friend's home and played Xbox360, i have to say it the games were fairly easy even though it was the first time i was held a 360 controller. On PC the same game is difficuilt. I watched dozens of movies including I am no. four, 17 again, Fast five, X-men First class and many more. Cant wait for this fall! many great games are coming, I lack time to play them, since there will be almost no vacation in the end of the year.I will post my next blog pretty soon!


Kung-Fu Panda 2 thoughts.(Spoilers)

Last night i watched the movie Kung-fu panda 2 and in this blog i will give a short review of the movie.

So basically Kung-Fu panda 2 is not what i expected but guess what its better! I was expecting some more training but in this movie Po only has to find his inner peace which is according to Shifu would be his most difficuilt task. Starting off the jokes were funny but they were overused in some parts of the movie where i lost all my rythm. The end fight is totally epic. The combat is good and funny. The story is dramatic and immersive. Po discovers his past. And the good thing is that in this movie Po loses almost every battle except for his last one! So this is kind of realistic that sometimes even the hero can be beaten to death.

I expect a sequel due to the ending which i would not spoil, go watch for yourself!

Thanks for reading.


Avatar Movie Thoughts.

So i watched Avatar the movie. Pretty late huh. But well its a short review/rant or whatever. First off why is a guy who is funding science project, destroys their work afterwards, wont he face some loss in doing so, or maybe the profit is much bigger. Anyways, the second thing is slow air troopers, in last battle humans were defeated by Betrayal, Unity, and stupidness. Even now we have fast planes then why the hell in 2184 we're stuck on some old fashioned helis. but they have a reason that the script was written 14 years ago! Well thats lame. But, lets move on, In the movie we saw that they live on a low gravity planet and humans have no advantage over them when the come on the planet, i mean a person becomes so strong so fast in low gravity environment but when the airplane landed all i saw was a guy with a broken leg struggling to push his chair forward, he shouldnt be doing this if he were an earthman, but they have a reson that in the beginning the guy was sleeping in a zero gravity environment, so how come he is even alive on pandora?!? thats lame again. Nowadays in ISS ppl exercise 4 hours daily to keep their hearts healthy, otherwise they will die. But the writer paid no attention to update his script. He simply rushed it to make a movie. SO avatar is a totally rushed and outdatedmovie.

I will give it a low 4.5/10. Its highly overrated.

Games that you have played the most and games that you will never play again.

In my case that will be Morrowind. Cause i modded it all by myself when i didnt had an internet connection so i had to experiment again and again in order to get a weapon according to my desires. I still remember killing Vivec XXXD that was themost epic part, henever stood a chance against me.

On the other hand i would never ever try to beat Amnesia DD again. That game was a nightmare. Especially the water monster part. Simply terrifying scene. I hope they dont screw up the sequel. That game deserves more rep. And yeah i wrote this blog in a hurry.

And yes, I await your opinion on this matter.

Games you will play in Summer?

Summer is all about relaxing and spending your time on something you love to do. Which in my case is gaming, I plan to play TES III Morrowind, Devil May Cry 4, Half-Life 2 and some other titles which I didnt finished.

Morrowind was the first RPG game i played in my gaming career at first i didnt knew what RPG was but then as i progressed, I got familiar with the elements that make a game RPG.TES III became the standard of RPG for me. But when i started playing other RPG's I noticed they werent good enough and then came Oblivion, I played it and i liked it but i didnt liked how games are constantly getting dumbed down nowadays. That is the sole reason why I dont have faith in Skyrim. Its even more Dumbed down the Oblivion!:|

As for DMC 4, it was sensational game, my brother loved DMC 3 so he got DMC 4, i played it when i was a novice in gaming. The game was smooth and easy, but the bad thing was short storyline, which is constituted of only 14 Chapters. While the DMC 3 was amuch bigger game. But, well it depends on the devs on how much they focus on making a better sequel than making more profit. Gaming is really going downhill nowadays, isnt it!?!:arrow:

Half-Life 2 was a game i never played even though i had it from a long time but i started playing it recently and found that its really really nice game. It stood well in the test of time. I imagine what it would have been for the people at its time of launch :roll:. But the thing that made me disappointed is the time you spend on a boat in the game. Its sickening, i mean its not cool if you say i saved the world on the boat but saving world with crowbar is something!;)

Other games may include Prototype, because i never ended that game, i liked how you can combine moves to get maximum fun out of the game. Its amazing. I am currently playing Modded NFS Shift, that game is awesome; OK, i know that most of the ppl didnt liked that game but with mods that game is a beast. I plan to upload a gameplay video whenever i have time.

Anyways, lets see what you guys think about summer, where gaming is going etc.

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