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So much to do....

Well, I haven't been able to post much here because I've been really busy with schoolwork, more than anything else due to AP Euro (outlines and such, have a 26-page one due next week so........) and college Biology (which took up an entire Sunday on studying alone). Apparently I have time to be here now but not sure how much that's gonna stick in the future.

But in any case, I've been quite happy because the anime for Mirai Nikki (the series where my username comes from) started last week. I read the manga a while back and I got really attached to it, so of course I had massive hype for the anime and I really enjoyed the first episode. Still waiting impatiently for the subtitles for the newly released second episode right now though.

As for gaming, I haven't gotten around to that as much nearly as I wish I could have. Only gaming I've had recently was my friend coming over today, played some Kingdom Hearts II and Portal 2, a few other things too but not nearly as much time as with the previous games mentioned.

Another random thought but recently I've gotten really attached to the song Aimai Elegy and I've been spamming it a bunch. Funny how almost every time I find a song I like and read the lyrics, I can find some way to relate to the song unless it's about a breakup or a just plain crazy song.

I hope you guys have had more free time than I have with my packed school schedule. But of course, I pack in time to enjoy myself in spite of all that work. :P Enjoy your week guys, I hope I enjoy mine too. :lol:

School, gaming, and whatnot

Haven't posted a blog in a bit of time, so I figured I might as well do so now.

School has been going pretty well. Good to see my friends again and overall I'm enjoying it. I was really annoyed with waking up at 6 for 0 period at first, but I've been steadily getting used to it.

After spamming a whole bunch of anime and manga, I felt like taking a break from that realm (aside from weekly chapters that is, still keeping up with those). Because of this I decided to spend more time on video games again, played some Super Mario World but kinda fail at it so I still have yet to beat it. But what I have done in recent times is play through Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. By far my favorite in the series up to date, the story was done very well and the ending scenes are very, very emotional and this game has quite a few plot twists that one would not expect. Definitely a great game and now I'm so hyped up for the next game that's going to come out.

As always I am still in that Vocaloid phase. In recent times, the song I have been obsessed with is Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku. Really catchy and apparently a sad song if you actually read the lyrics, but yeah I really like this song. There's a remix of it called Rollin'Girl Fulinkazan Hen that I really like as well, though I haven't found it anywhere online, only have it because it was on one of the Vocaloid albums I bought on iTunes.

In any case, assuming I have free time on my hands, I'll probably end up trying to play more video games, not sure what I'm gonna play once I finish up with Layton here but I'm hoping that after ages of not really playing at all I'll finally get back into that phase.

School already, hm?

Wow, to think that summer is going to be gone in a matter of days. After today is finished, I will have but 3 days left of my summer before the school year starts. Now in all honesty I'm actually happy about going to school - to an extent. The fact that I get to see my friends again and actually have a good way to spend my day rather than mindlessly sitting at the computer is a good thought. The bad? The fact that I have to wake up every day at 6 in the morning for 0 period and have to take college bio. Yick.

At least I still have some time left though. So I've been spending that on watching various animes. I finished Eureka Seven, which was amazing, and FLCL, which was very bizarre yet oddly enjoyable. At the moment I am watching Macross Frontier, which so far looks very impressive. Hopefully I can actually manage to finish it before the summer ends, though I can't depend on this happening so I just have to see. But I can't wait to watch more, after learning of the epicness of Vocaloids such as Gumi and realizing that the voice actor for Ranka Lee is Megumi Nakajima, who is the voice for Gumi, I had to watch and I have to hear more of her songs before the summer ends, if nothing else.

Though having spammed a lot of anime, I feel the need to take a bit of a break after MF and I will probably spend more time on video games for the first time in ages, assuming I actually get time to play anyway. At the moment I am playing Super Mario World, having a bit of trouble since I haven't played it in a while but I'll manage somehow. :P

For the people who are in my union, assuming Shinigami and I actually finish our practice match for the new game, it'll finally be launched. It still needs time to branch off into other series, but for those who like Naruto this could be fun, and even those who aren't exceedingly familiar with Naruto can give it a try for some good fun. If you don't know what I'm talking about and are interested, then just go to The Anime/Manga Battle Dome and if you look you'll probably find some mention of what the deal is, if not it'll be starting soon anyway so look forward to it. We need more people in the union so hopefully this attracts the masses. :lol:

So I hope you all enjoy what summer you have left. For those of you who have actually already started school, I hope that you are enjoying your school year so far and I am expecting to have a bunch of crazy times this year once I start as well.

Random Anime Stuff

Well some of you who have been talking to me probably know about how I've been going through the anime and manga series Baki the Grappler recently. I've finished the anime for it and I'm on the third part of the series, hopefully I will be able to catch up to the manga soon. In other news though I finally started watching Eureka Seven, I've known about it for a very long time and thought it looked pretty cool but never really started watching through it until today. I'm really enjoying it so far and it'll probably end up as one of those animes I'd rate as a 9 or even a 10, who knows? After that though I'm hoping I can watch FLCL and Macross Frontier before summer ends, because if I don't get around to them before school starts it might be troublesome to bother finishing them due to lack of free time and all. :P There are a few mangas I have in mind once I finish up with the above series but I don't have any immediate plans to go through them now since I have found that I am already quite a bit occupied with what's on my plate now. :lol: I've been thinking I should re-read through Dragon Ball and/or One Piece though since it has been a very long time since I've seen the majority of these series. I have been keeping up with the weekly One Piece chapters and DB has always been a major part of my childhood but it never hurts to have a refresher, any thoughts? I'm hoping that you guys have been enjoying summer, even after the stuff like Anime Expo and Comic-Con it seems like with the union I've been running and all the series to go through I've found a way to occupy myself after all, and hopefully in these last few weeks I'll get a chance to hang out with my friends before the school year starts. I was expecting summer to be a bore, started that way but from July on it really has been quite fun.

Pokemon! And union

Well recently I've been playing a crapload of Pokemon White. Pretty fun, so far I've gotten to Victory Road and I'm enjoying everything so far. And the game seems to have a pretty epic soundtrack, couple of my favorite tracks are in my sig at the moment. If anybody wants to talk to me about it then go ahead, I'll probably be ranting off about it sometime anyway like it or not. :lol: And most people are probably already aware of this but I'm leading a union called The Anime/Manga Battle Dome. Basically revolves around anime character vs fights and such, eventually gonna start up a game where users make character teams to battle. Sound fun? Well the thing is that we need more members to join. Active ones at that. While there are a few users who spend a good amount of time posting in the union, when they are not around it almost seems a bit dead. Even a small bit more activity would make things much more fun I'm sure. :P If you want to join or you know of anybody who might be interested in this then I'd really appreciate the help. I honestly do think this could bring some fun results. xD

I'm back from Comic Con!

Well I had a pretty good time, Comic Con was fun as usual and I got to buy some cool stuff. But wow, it is really, really friggin crowded there. Saying over 9000 is a massive understatement when it comes to the sheer amounts of people who attend that thing. :shock:

I'm not as super hyper and in crazy rant mode as I was for Anime Expo though so nope, I don't have walls of text to explain what happened there but if you guys wanna know anything in particular then go ahead and ask me.

Comic Con 2011!

Well tomorrow my family is heading off to San Diego for Comic Con. The con doesn't actually start till Thursday though, so that gives us some free time to do whatever once we get there, not sure what the plan for that is though.

I have high hopes for this, though after the epicness of Anime Expo I am really curious if Comic Con could come anywhere near as close to how awesome that was. I suppose nothing Comic Con has will be more epic to me than the Hatsune Miku concert was but maybe it'll pleasantly surprise me, who knows. Though having barely more than $80 is not the best way to start Comic Con. :? I'll survive but having that little money for a con might pose a problem since I'm used to spamming my money spending at these events.

I'm back!

Well it looks like I've survived summer camp and it feels great to be back.

Summer camp was interesting. It seemed like camp was always either really fun or terribly bad, there wasn't much of an in between. Some dreadful things included having to wake up at 4 in the morning to hike up some mountain-esque thing and having to deal with "homework" over my summer break. But it was fun spending time with my friends and the staff was really chill there. Many of the people were essentially around our age so it was easy to talk to them and many, many of them shared the same interests and jokes that I had so that made for a great experience. Funny how even in such places the name Hatsune Miku means something as well.....

But in any case, I'm apparently alive and well and I can finally listen to my Vocaloid music at last. :P

Apparently my union is a bit lacking in activity though. :? That's gotta be fixed.

I'm gonna be gone for a week....

Well starting tomorrow and until Saturday, I'm gonna be in summer camp. At the least, I suppose I could say it's better than sitting around doing nothing for a week, but on the other hand.....no electronics.

Normally this seems like the kind of problem that would only bother elementary kids who can't stop playing their DS (or in some cases 3DS) and would be driven insane without their video games. Well, if I really spent as much time playing games as I did back in those days that would be me, it WAS me at that age in fact, but it isn't. Just a problem though, electronics aren't just limited to handheld games.

For an entire week, I am stuck with no iPod, meaning no Vocaloids, how can I survive a week without Vocaloids after all that's happened? :( Furthermore, I won't be at the computer for a week, so no forums, no Facebook, no chat, nothing like that.

Instead, I'm stuck in a group of Boy Scouts with only a few being good friends of mine (and some in the group being hyper kids) for a week. With no music or internet.

I suppose it could be worse, but I'd say that this is probably the worst timing for summer camp to be. =/ Well I'm hoping that I can manage to enjoy/survive the week, and that you all do as well. :P

The conclusion of my Anime Expo time

Well, today, being the 4th of July, marks the last day of the Anime Expo, which deeply saddens me. I in fact had a great time though and I will never forget my experience. I do believe some explaining is in order though, as I only went over the first two days in my last post. The third day was great, better than the second day (well ignoring the Miku concert, no matter what that tops everything else but aside from that) because of a whole bunch of things. For one thing, I got to see the AX Idol, which is like the expo version of American Idol. Half of it is singing and the other is voice acting. It was really cool seeing the singers and actors and Kyle Hebert was one of the hosts so we even got to hear his Ryu impression of Kamina, great stuff. Then for the lulz my friends and I ditched one of my friends and were trolling him by giving really vague hints about where we were and had hilarious times with it. Lulzy stuff. And lastly, my favorite part of the third day by far was the Miku Dance Competition. The Danceroids gave a performance at the beginning, which was neat to see. They did briefly perform before the Miku concert but it was good seeing them again. After that, we got to see a bunch of cosplayers and whatnot compete in order to win a Miku Nendoroid, iirc it was a Yuki Miku, first legitimate one in the U.S. One of the contestants did really well, I remember very clearly during her performance where there was a part that she did some sort of jump that flawlessly made her hood go up and the audience was really surprised and caught by that. I was happy because she ended up winning the competition and my friends even ended up getting a picture with her too so it was really cool. After that day I ended up getting obsessed with the Vocaloid song Luka Luka Night Fever, really catchy song. Last day was, well, meh. Not as many people or events but there were a few good things. Some merchandise at the Miku booth had discounts so I took advantage of that to purchase a bit more and I ended up seeing the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie that I've heard was really good for a very long time now, great movie. All in all the expo was amazing, and I just can't wait till next year. I can honestly say that I have no idea how next year could be better than this year, but that's what I said the previous year and look what happened. xD I do hope you all enjoyed your pre 4th of July weekend as well as today.
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