Level 1: Not again!

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I was going to do some contributions today (I haven't contributed in a long time and have rarely visited this site). However, I am Level 1 (0%) again! I can't contribute because of this bug. When will it finally be fixed? :( It seems that this happens everytime I visit and decide to contribute. This is annoying.

Level 1?

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Why am I suddenly level 1? I should be level 20! I have been level 1 for almost a week. At first, I thought that it was a simple bug but I still have it. Can anyone help?

Giving the guides away

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 If you would like to edit the guides for The Pink Panther or What a Cartoon!, now you have the chance! I am giving both of my guides away. At first, you'll have to contribute so much that you have 80 points, I want to make sure that the guides will have an editor in the future. If you don't have enough information at this point, you could still become a trusted contributor (if you have 40 points or more). You can also PM me or post comments if you are interested. The reason I am giving them away is that I haven't been contributing lately and I don't think I will be very active in editing. I will stop being here regularly, but I will still post in the forums and visit sometimes. I have had a great time here. Bye bye! :)

EDIT: I have retired from all of my guides. Congratulations to the new editors!

I was lucky

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Well, last night, I watched Dexter's Laboratory on CN. They showed a few common episodes (including Dexter's Rival, Double Trouble and some other episode). However, I was really surprised when I saw the fourth segment. It was the banned episode "Barbequor". I got it on DVD.

Also, I got two "The Inspector" cartoons by DePatie-Freleng. The cartoons were made in the 60's.

I'll take some screenshots of Barbequor if you're interested in them.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Big Fat Awesome House Party

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This is a game that isn't in Gamespot. I wonder why, because they have some Internet games listed too. Maybe they don't list free games.

Anyway, this is some kind of introduction and review to the game. The game is totally free. After registering, you can make your own imaginary friend. You can select from a few heads, bodies and legs and then choose the colors and name the friend.

Then the game starts. You'll meet Notey, an imaginary friend who introduces you to the game. After reading it, you can start going around the house and meet other imaginary friends. Mr. Herriman asks you to make three duties a day. They can be cleaning fish tanks, washing windows and collecting Scribbles. Everyday some friend or person (Wilt, Eduardo, Frankie or Mac) asks you to help them in something. You don't always have to help them, but if you do, your popularity bar will rise.

If your citizenship bar is full (it rises after doing duties), you can go on an adventure with Bloo. The adventures are similar to duties and helping friends, but they take longer to complete. When you go on an adventure, the citizenship bar is emptied again and when you complete it, you get one more point in your popularity bar.

One reason to get the popularity bar filled, is the minigames. At first, you have "Bloo's Brothers" game with two different levels. When you first fill your popularity bar, you will get a third level, and later, new minigames. Starting with June 2006, you will automatically get one level for another game, "Curse of the Bloo Pearl". New games will be added every month.

BFAHP is a very funny game, especially recommended for all Foster's fans. The bad thing about it is that you can only do only three duties and help only one friend. That slows up getting new minigames unless you play the game everyday. However, the game is very enjoyable. You can visit it here: http://www.awesomehouseparty.com.

Top 500 user

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I finally am one of them though I thought it would still take a lot of time. Also, I'll write something else this week (maybe tomorrow).

New editorship, Level 19

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I just got in Level 19, 3%. Not a very big increase, but still something.

But more, I am now the editor for a third guide, this time "I am Weasel". The former editor was banned, for gaming though he says that he didn't do it.

Happy contributions, YuckieDuck

Question about an editorship

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After my contributions get approved, I have 79 points for "I Am Weasel" and if I make even one more contribution, I become the editor. However, I'm not sure about contributing to it so I could become the editor. The reason is that Horseman_Dude lost the guide when he got banned and he has said that he didn't have any reason to get banned. I don't want to get the editorship just to lose it. Anyone can answer if they want to.

Level 18

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A level-up again. I'll soon probably be a Top 500 user (I think I need to be Level 19 to get that emblem). A boring blog, but I'll probably write something more interesting in the future.

My first year on TV.com!

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A year ago, I registered here. I had been a member of TV Tome for a month and I didn't like the design of this site at first. However, I soon started to like it and this is really much better than TV Tome was. And back to being a user of TV.com, I only made one contribution at first, that happened in June 2005. I was just a member who sometimes would log in and read some TV information. Then I really got interested in this site in November 2005. I started posting in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends forums and also contributing. In December, I got my first editorship (that was for The Pink Panther). I slowly started rising in levels, got another editorship and now I'm here at over 600 contributions. Hopefully, I'll be contributing here for years.

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