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I'm not really active on here, but I used to use this blog to actually blog more than say a diary or my actual blog so


also i'm trying to type like a normal person again its really difficult

A while ago I was on a site called Swagbucks. Swagbucks awarded money for watching advertisements, filling out surveies, etc. And yeah, it worked, and yeah it used to be in my signature. It was a fund for my 3DS.

... It didn't work out that way.

I started hitting the monthly limit if profit regularly. I made about $200+ dollars from it. I figured since I was making so much free money, I didn't have to save for my 3DS right away since none of the games I want are out for it yet. Not a bad plan, right? I did spend the money however. I bought a lot of animu stuff, mostly.


5 CDS. Brand New, DJ Shadow, Wintersleep. (I don't care too much for these groups. I had a long list of CDs I wanted and I started with the cheapest ones, though none of these artists are bad) MOTHER+LOVE 1 & MOTHER+LOVE 2. Famous, hard-to-come-by (lol) MOTHER fanmix CDs. These are the most famous. Got them from Japan from a very angry postman. Aaaaand Nujabes CD (I LOVE THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING IT IS PERFECT AND SAMURAI CHAMPLOO AND LIMITED EDITION VALUE OF $70 SNAGGED FOR $20).
Mangos & Animus. MPD Psycho 1 & 2. Eyesheild 21. Entire Yu Yu Hakusho series + OVAs & movie.The Book of Lies series (favorite. book. ever. it inspired mother 3. see all of those papers in it? tabs of scenes that triggered a strong emotional or physical response from me i reread this book CONSTANTLY). Pokemon cards are my crack.

So yeah. I bought a lot. No regrets. But, I got banned. You see, the way I was making up all that cash probably wasn't the most honest way... however, it made it fast and the companies that sponsered SB, and SB itself, where not losing anything from it. At the time, I made sure there were no written rules against what I was doing. At some point they added the rule (just for me!) and I got banned. Ain't even mad tho. I got all of that crap out of it for FREE. While it lasted, anyways.

Also, since I'm blogging let me just say that things have really been going well! I have my BEAUTIFUL car now. I signed up for my own bank accounts and I'm working two jobs to keep them filled for my vidya/animu addiction. I still don't have my own 3DS haha, but there is a savings account just for that that gets fed every so often. I was taking dance classes previously but they really ate away at my wallet... I want to do them again, for sure, but I hated being poor all year long.

ma belle voiture~

I'm heading off to college at the end of next year. I know they college I want to get into and have been keeping in touch with it... feels like I'm already there, tbh. I'm taking community college courses to keep me busy during the summer until my AP work comes in (and more work-work comes with the season...). And DnD with a growing groups of friends really helps me get through the harder weeks.

As far as vdiya goes... I'm just playing loads and loads and LOADS or Pop'n Music. Half of the systems I own right now are not mine, including the PS2 I use for pop'n. I have Persona 3: FES too but i just can't get into the Persona games at all. I'd rather do the pain-in-the-butt Swap Magic gizmo for pop'n than put in P3. The game bores me to death i don't understand why its so popular.

little known fact: if i play pop'n all day until night i turn into a cat who plays pop'n and sparkles

that's about it. imma bounce now bros
stay in school
eat yo veggies
peace out \m/

NGL five characters

regular ds games don't look terrible on the 3ds

i mean, not bad and its almost like the purposefully made the games grainy but

not as bad as everyone is saying??

this as been a abnormal update from yours truly

a story to tell your children

"hey do you want to go shopping with me on friday"

"i would but my mom is signing me out to go antiquing with her"

"oh ok"

i ened up passing out at like 4 pm so no shopping anyways

is saturday

sign onto skype

friend is online

her picture

[4:41:47 PM] Myumi: i love your face
[4:51:46 PM] vidsnail: The snivy is yours
[4:51:54 PM] Myumi: dsjksfopasidfios
[4:51:54 PM] Myumi: fdgfd
[4:52:00 PM] Myumi: THANKS
[4:52:15 PM] Myumi: where did you get that sexy hat stud
[4:52:28 PM] vidsnail: Courtesy of my mom lol, she was boss at that crane, we went antquing and ended up at Point pleasant playing claw machines lol
[4:52:49 PM] Myumi: your mom is made of magic
[4:52:54 PM] vidsnail: Ikr

best day ever

Well, derp.

I honestly feel like an idiot now. |D;
You see, I had a blog up talking about Japan and stuff and I was devasted when nobody left a single comment for THREE DAYS.

I was all like "Well, obviously nobody gives a damn about me and the forums are rather boring so I'm just going to deactivate." As I delete all my blogs, open a tab to delete all of my trackers, I realized that I had my blog settings to be viewed by "Just Me."


But now it's set back, ya?
Just gonna say hi so I have a blog up and not some empty page. c:
So... love me? ;^;

now where is my menosbby.
dear, just letting you know
where ever you are
that the baby ducks
are overdue
for thier sendage to the moon
so see me asap

and btw, why did you lie
about apollo being awesome
you must be a sadist
b/c that game gave me nightmares
i wish i was kidding
it was really bad
except for kristoph
b/c he's hot
and i'm shallow