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Top 10 games w/description

10.Kingdom Hearts 358/2

At first i really didnt like the game very much being the KH game i played, but since i beat all that r out i realized i rally liked it. not really a game i would say. really jus fills all the gaps in.


Most action-packed kh game there is. in my opinion, too anime cleshay. (repeated and old.) w org Xlll and all ta=hat. regardliss, great game


1 of the most brain throbbing, little dog throwing, controller crushing game ever..... It's good if ur a beast like me tho. :D

7.Zelda OoT

The only reason its 7 is cuz 6-1 are amazing.This game changed zelda games for me. no zelda can compare. if you have a wii. GET IT ON VC!!!!


remember ppl, this is my list. any feedback will b accepted as long as it isnt crap talk. beautiful game. awesome level up system.... kinda like ff10


Greatgame, anwing any1 notice how all kingdom hearts games are on this list? DON'T UNDERESTAMATE THESE GAMES. diney this, disney thatone . i remember going to olympus collieseum everything is dark and then something comes beaming down by light. THEN ONE WINGED ANGEL PLAYS and u see sephiroth draw out his sword. cloud cid yuffie and squall r in the game 2.


Havent beaten it yet, only 7.... ANYWAY, final fatasy 8 is amazing. 1st off, all the charaacters are cool except for raijin and fujin.(2 ppl by seifer that say y'know? all the time in KH2 while playing as roxas) The love story is awesome. Squall is cool. rinoa is a beast. ifu get this game on psn, use squall rinoa, and either quistis or zell.

3.Final Fantasy Disisdia

Awwww the final fantasy fighting game on psp. its a 3D run around anywhere in 20 stages. its graphics are amazing.


Technically i beat it..... fought braska's final aeon giant jecht....this. game. is. amazing.... great romance. great music. great graphics. i wish i could play it again. recently got rid of ps2. BTW if u see final fantasy X-2... DESTROY THAT GAME.

1.FF7. Can't really tell u y i love this game.its just awesome. personally, i use cloud red XIII and vincent. i was sad wen i beat the game but im re playing it. i remember killin bizarro sephiroth. then hearingone wing angel come on w a blank screen and i was like O S#*% ! go youtube one wing angel

MARTH (brawl and melee)

Marth..................... a sword wieldieng hero........... ppl r getting confused over if he is a guy or a girl and i no 4 a FACT HE's a GUY.if you read HIS trophy, you'd see that it it says this... "Marth is the PRINCE of blah blah blah...." i showed this to my friend who OWNS melee, and he STILL thinks marth is a chick... how could i Knock some sense into him?!?! comment 4 (answer

......... Pretty dumb of him huh.......... .______.

Top 10 most ANNOYING videogame characters of ALL TIME >=D

Lets face it... Obviously you cant play video games without real characters of the game.But in every game there is an annoying as heck character in the game... i'm here to count the top ten annoying ppl in games of all time(my opinion, instead of wasting ur time commenting on something u don't like, comment on something u did)

10. Pickachu-pokemon... okay, i could put about any pokemon on this list. but pickachu takes it all!!!just the fact tht he say's his name OVER AND OVER AND FREAKING OVER makesit annoying as crap.although, pickachu is cool in the good old games of pokemon when they didn'tsay there names over and over, the just had battlecries. thats the reason he is number ten.

9. Ashley Grahm- Resident evil 4.... SHE bugs me for some reason... she is the only thing in that game that stopped it from being perfect... she gets kidnapped all the time... she stands in front of you when you shoot..... And She's Just plain annoying!

8. Toad- Mario series... Toads annoying voice and enternal uselessness makes him a magnet on this list.. but thats not it.... about a month ago i started to play a mario game on the VC 4 the wii.. i took this plumber all the way to a castle to fight a giant turtle and i go to this guy and he said,"Thank You !, But the Princess is in another castle!" thanks buddy, u mind telling WHICH cstle? He said this seven times in the game... :C

7. Blue turtle shell-mario kart series... ok this is maybe a bit of a stretch.. but can u tell me that u can'tbe annoyed when you are in 1st and on the last lap, and you get hit with a turtle shell from the sky and 11 ppl pass you. do i have to say anything else?

6. tingle(map seller)- zelda series... A middle aged man, following you on a balloon selling maps and dressed like a fairy... Must i say more? fine... he can be kinda useful sometimes. He sold you maps in majora's and in wind maker he sold you MAPS.... at outragous prices. but thats not all... the annoying part is all the bull crap you have to get through to get a map... i never have pressed the A button so fast... and he even has his own gay dancethat he came up with with....and he even has his own game on the ds... if you u see the game... DESTROY IT....

5.Duck hunt dog-Duck hunt..... EVERYONE has a story about the duck hunt dog..the dog laughs at you everytime you miss a duck...

4.Baby mario-yoshies island.... this is another prime example of a good game thatyou can'tbeat EVER because of this littlepunk. he cries and cries and cries... and you can hardly do anything about it....

3.Navi- zelda OoT...... thisphrase kills it all... A listen!!!!!!!!. this game is soooooooo good but navi ticks me off...

2.WALUIGI-mario series.... ok... i understand that wario is like mari's name, just upside-down.. waluigi is luigi with aWA. i like to imagine this..."hey wario! listen to this ! you know mario right?! turns out he has a brother named luigi! i got a NEW rival,a New hat. And a NEW name!!! now i can stop working at Burger King And KILL LUIGI!!!"

1.You MAY have guessed it..... !!!!!!PEACH!!!!!!!!- this punk wants you to rescue her from turtles with hammers, walking mushrooms,and flying turtles.. and for what?! talk about getting high off some mushrooms.... alright everyone!!! that concludes it!! i would like to say for ppl to comment me on this... share YOUR mos hated game characters! but remember this.. u track, i track!!!