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They are held to a higher standard. Tons of shitty games are hyped up for the Xbone like Ryse(lol), yet the wiiU "only" has this many games etc....

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Just buy the damn console if you like the games. Sheesh

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I heard it was an issue with gamespy, and the contract/license is up.

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There are plenty of games out already, and coming out. I have no idea why you bought an XBONE at all? $500 on a console with 2 piss poor exclusives.

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If you feel the need to label yourself as "mature" then maybe you should reconsider your priorities.

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Skyward sword is nowhere close to touching TP.

Skyward sword has controls that feel good, but are of course more difficult to play with as you aren't just mashing buttons anymore. So they decided to make enemies tougher than ever? WTF?

The graphics are awful for a wii game, but the style is nice and unique

The over-world is terrible and the dungeons are not fun.

Characters are actually the most likable thing in this game.

Repetitive warnings and fi are awful

How can this game possibly be better than TP? It isn't

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The only thing not to like is the insane cost of collecting some of the games now...

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It is a great game, but it's definitely the most difficult Mario & Luigi entry of the 4.

All I can say is to get better at the game. It gets much more brutal.

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they sold how many Wii U at launch?....if they kill off Wii U say in 2015/2016..you can expect half of that for their new system... I will certainly be the half that won't be buying it. :p

Why would you not buy their new system? Nintendo puts out tons of first party games...

The wiiU's lifespan is not even half over yet and you are already claiming that you won't buy their next console. You don't even sound like a Nintendo fan to me.

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PC is strong platform on it's own, but has nothing quite unique or fantastic to show off. It had that chance with Rome 2 and blew it. I am honestly bored with PC gaming at the moment.