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My Wiisaster

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Last night (Nov 18) I waited five hours at Wal-Mart to get a Wii. I was 17th in line out of 20. Once I paid for my Wii, I got in my car and came home. I took everything out and started to set everything up. Once I got everything set up, problems arose.

First of all, when I turned on my Wii, the first thing that came up was a menu asking to insert the Start-Up Disc. I didn't know a Start-Up disc existed, but I searched through my box for it, many, many times. When I couldn't find it, I came onto Gamespot and made a thread about it. Not many people believed me because they said no such disc existed. So then I posted these pictures.

At this point, most people believed me but they didn't know what I should do about it. I called Nintendo but it was past business hours so I went to sleep, although it did take me awhile.

The next morning, I woke up and called Nintendo and talked to a rep. I told her about the menu asking for a Start-Up Disc and she was baffled. So to make up for it, they are sending me another brand new console in the mail by UPS (2-day shipping).

After this, my dad decided to post about this on the IGN boards. Most people over there didn't believe him either. He also told them how Nintendo probably planned to use a Start-Up Disc because of these pictures shown below.

Wii box sticker label that show contents

Wii box sticker label, zoomed in

Wii box with the sticker label of contents peeled off

Wii box with the sticker label of contents peeled off, zoomed in

As you can see, Nintendo planned to have a Start-Up Disc at one point in time of the Wii's production. Last night I was pretty pissed, but now I'm not all that mad. I got to play the Wii at my friend's house and I had a blast. The one thing I'm kinda hoping is that maybe Nintendo will send a free game or a gift with the new console as a 'sorry' for what happened. So, there's my crazy story about my Wii.