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And how many of those have RROD? My brother has an 360 under his bed with RROD and just bought a new one instead of getting it fixed.


How many PS3s sold because of YLOD? Thats the entire reason Sony had to make a slim.

Ah really?? The issues with the PS3 versus the fat 360 were WAY lower. They made a slim because of the fact that they could manfucature the Cell alot smaller than before. Look at the PS2 and PS1 they all got smaller. If you could manufacture a console that's physically smaller, and can consume less electricity wouldn' that be a smart thing to do?

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Microsoft's trick for their new Xbox.

1) Release a bunch of core games and exclusives we have begging for like a new Kameo, Perfect, Killer Instinct, etc. at launch or near launch.

2) Trick all the core gamers into buying the new Xbox.

3) Release a good amount of core games for the first two years and then....

4) Appeal to the casual audience who has been a little hesitant in buying a new console for the next 5 years.


Hmmm sounds strangely like the 360 right now. I love the 360 but i don't understand Microsoft's deal right now. It's like they aren't willing to do anything other than terrible Kinect games, and milk the franchises they own exclusively. Come on Microsoft wake up and get some stuff rolling here!

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Atari vs Colecovision?

Nintendo vs SEGA?

EA vs Activision?

Others i don't know?

Which was the nastiest in your opinion?


I always thought back in the days of SNES and Genesis were the worst, but now its seems that the struggle between Sony and Microsoft is the most bitterest rivalry in game history.

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I bought a Vita at launch and had the same exact issue with it minus the analog stick issue. I thought they would have patched it by now. I don't know because I sold mine a week after because I got tired of it crashing and having to reset it.

Have you tried to hold the power button down for 30secs and messing with the options it gives you. I can't exactly remember what they were. If that doesn't work I would suggest returning it and trying another system. If not well sorry mate, it got nothing else for you other than maybe calling Sony directly.

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It might be a server issue or something. That has happened to me too on MW3 a couple of times.

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Hey people, I was thinking of getting a Resident Evil game before the new one come's out. I was going to get Operation Racoon City. Then I saw a bunch of people saying it's terrible and what not. Is this true? If it is I'll just get Resident Evil 4 HD.


I bought it the day it came out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its not as bad of a game as everyone makes it out to be honestly. Yes the AI in the Campaign is dumb but you can play the entire Campaign online with other people. The multiplayer was addicting, but I'm noticing that there are less and less people playing the game online. They just released the Spec Ops DLC for it, and it seems to me that the game online is slowly dying.

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Not the worst but the most disappointing were Resistance 3 and Killzone 3


I agree with you on that. Killzone 3 was disappointing to me because it was just more of the same. Killzone 2 was epic because it was such a leap from the first game on PS2, and the graphics were amazing. Resistance 3 really didn't feel like a Resistance game, not because Nathan Hale wasn't in it anymore, but because it felt empty.

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To rank from worst game ever to just plain bad.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire

2. Silent Hill Downpour

3. Brink

4. Silent Hill Homecoming

5.Aliens Vs Predator

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Yeah. Love the game, hate the box art.