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Anyone got a light?

How's everyone been holding up?

Maybe some of you have wondered where I've been this past week, or maybe not. First of all, and to explain why I've been MIA for so long: Exams. A simple word, yet one finds it difficult to slip it in the "Simple" category when it comes to reality. Three tests, all crucial and major-related: Business Data Communications, Management Information System II, and Enterprise Resource Planning. Finished two tests till now and the third is tomorrow.

I did pretty well in both and hopefully will do well in the second. Needless to say these three tests have literally been hazardous to my health. I don't know how many packs of cigarettes I've smoked and how many cans of Red Bull I've drank in the past week, but I'm sure the number falls somewhere in between "Many" and "Quite a lot". Not to mention getting myself drunk at some point because of the stress and logged into GS with GTA IV on my mind. I was pleased to see its consequences were not great.

The latter are even considered to be "half-a-disaster" (as we say here), compared to GTA IV. It was launched April 29th at 6:00 PM here in Virgin Megastores and I've also been controlling myself as to not getting myself to buy it. If I did buy it, then I know I would have played it at some point and wasted quite a lot of study time. And if you consider that to be not much of a problem, this came to my attention now through GS. Bad news all around... The guys upstairs at Microsoft sure are building "Piracy's Coffin". But it's clear that Sony beat them to it (smart lads). Hopefully I'll be getting GTA IV tomorrow and maybe shout out: "FREEEEDDDDOOOMM!!" from my balcony, but that will probably get me shot or something. I'll give it some more thought later on.

As for now, I need to get back to studying. Sorry if I made you read too much (Or not read at all). Anyway, till then, take care everyone.

New Case On The Way

So it took me alot of time to get a new PC. Call me crazy but during all this time I kind of lost interest in games. Okay I might have been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, but that's as far as it went. That all changed when I got myself a 360 and started playing Gears of War, Mass Effect, CoD4, and then Bioshock a couple of weeks ago.

You would have really enjoyed watching me play FPS' like Bioshock and CoD4 when I first started, because I never did play a FPS on a console. Needless to say I prefer the mouse and keyboard over the controller.

I just called a good friend of mine who works in the PC industry (I call a friend not a store because I'll get cuts ofcourse) and he recommended these parts (Briefly):

Case: Enlight PIV 400W (Blk)

CPU: Intel CPU QuadCore 2.4GHZ 8MB 1066Mhz

RAM: 4G DDR2 800

Motherboard: Intel 975BX2 "Bad Axe"

HDD: Western Digital 500GB SATA

And to my dissapointment:

VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (1GB)

I've searched almost everywhere for the 8800 GT but it's nowhere to be found! I got "lucky" today when I got a call from a store I visited a couple of days ago asking them for the card: "Yes sir the GeForce 8800 GT is for $700 and will arrive in 15 days :)"

Yeah, I hung up in his face. I swear this guy thought I have the word "@$$" printed on my forehead through the goddam phone!

All the specs above are well within my budget. But I'm here for your opinion. Should I get this case or wait a bit and buy the Geforce 8800 GTX for $680? No I'm not going to buy the 8600 and then sell it for half the price to get the GTX...

Been A Long Time

...Since I last wrote a blog. So I thought I'd go ahead and write one for the heck of it, even though it might not be that interesting (What a good way to start it too).

Here I am, six hours away till my Oral Communication (English) class starts. It's going to be the first class I attend since a long time. Believe it or not, it feels kind of weird, yet the change is good.

In other news, and after a long wait, I finally got Bioshock. Most of you know that I refused to buy or play any other game until I found it. But it doesn't end here. Although mild excitement filled the air when I got a call from the guy who I told to get it for me, I return home only to find out it doesn't work. Two '.dll' files were missing, I had to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (86x), tried to use the 'shaders.spk' contributed by GameSpot, and downloaded a new "Bioshock.exe" (Crack)... Outcome: It even failed to launch.

My old PC, and after failing me with Two Worlds, has failed me once again with this. As they say: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." So I'm going to get a new PC soon. This time it's serious. So serious it's not even funny.

I also bought Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended a while back, but I couldn't install it since, before the installation even commences, it tells me I have to close Internet Explorer. I don't even use that browser! I keep getting pop-ups every now and then from IE7. You guessed it, spyware or adware. I thought a virus scan with Anti-Stealth Tech was in order. Feast your eyes on the Report.

Maybe I'll use some old connections and get me a good PC while paying some money every month for it.

So here it is: I will not play or buy any game until, this time, get a new PC. (Hope it's not one of those 'loud mouth' cases)

End of Story. The End. Full Stop. And good day to you Sirs!

Quick Update

How you guys been doin? Just wanted to inform you that I haven't died yet. hehe. For those who realized, I haven't been on GS for these past couple of days due to serious problems I'm facing here. I just got my hands on a PC and took the oppertunity to write this. I'll be back in 2 days or so hopefully. Really miss this place. So you guys take care. Hopefully, I'll see you soon.


Yes!! Finished my finals today and I'm confident :D I'm happy about it. So... Drinks on me!

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Yes they're empty, part of my bottle collection here :P But I'll go get some unopened ones from the cellar if you can wait a sec. :lol:

I thought about not doing a blog about this but does everyone see what I'm seeing? :lol: Please tell me you're seeing it aswell.

Thank you MC (and some advice for everyone)

My Finals are up (and been up for quite some time now). I have two finals on Monday, and another two on Tuesday. Because my M.I.S teacher decided to re-schedule our final from (next) Saturday till Monday, I got pwned. And that's not all: He also told us to create a website, and barely explained how to use the program. So here I'm stuck with my finals AND the Website project that was due for today (I submitted it).

First of all, I want to thank -Masterchef- for helping me out with the Website (that counts 10% of my overall grade) by providing me with buttons and a banner. All of the buttons and banner shown here are made by -Masterchef-. So thanks MC. I wouldn't have done it without you man (literally). He told me I did great, but failed to say what the grade was (I'm betting it's an A). I credited you like I said. He was very impressed with the buttons (Seriously). Told me they look great :) It took me about 25 over-all hours to finish the website (which cost me alot of my final-studying time). So my M.I.S grade is an A till now, and it's a Major course. Which means that my GPA will certainly improve. This is what my PC table looked like just before I left to submit the Website. Took this pic with my very old, half-destroyed Webcam. (Yes, they're all empty). Stayed up two consecutive days working on it. Still haven't slept till now.

The bad news: A friend died in a car crash, driving really fast at 2:00 AM while talking on his cell phone, shouting at his fiance about how she decided to leave him for some a$$hole. He didn't see an intersection (thanks to many politicians, the road was pitch black), smashed into an Electric pole and went to coma and passed away today. I didn't find out about this until today. Funny how he was just sitting next to me yesterday in CS II. It's also funny how one day some one's there, and in a heartbeat, they're gone the other. Life goes on though. Thought I'd write it here cuz I never share such things with just about everybody here (RL). I also wrote this to say: For those of you who drive, be careful, try not to be reckless, and take it easy on the gas. Also, try to summarize everything you have to say when you're talking on the phone while driving, I do that every time.

So that's about it. Think I'll hit the books now. Till then... :)

100 Posts!! And in One Day!!

Yes you read correctly. 100 posts in June 2, 11:57 a.m till 6:47 p.m!! I don't quite know what happened but one post kept following the other. I guess it's because I joined The Silent Killers Society and I kept posting alot since it's members are quite active. For those of you who want to know if I did these consecutively, then the answer is no. I went out a bit today and then came back after finishing my studies and work, just posting on GameSpot. I totally forgot the time and before you know it, I hit 100 posts!! I'm not THAT happy about, because it doesn't seem to be such a big contribution. But hey! This blog is only to remind me about this and to set my very own new record of 100 posts in one day! Quite funny actually. :lol::P

Summer: Beaches, Babes, and...


Yeah. They say heat does crazy things to people. Well, I don't know if I just turned crazy or something, but just right now, we killed 3 gigantic cockroaches in our house. Don't know where they're coming from: An open window, balcony, some hole; We don't know. And now, I'm typing with shivering hands. Why? Not because I'm scared of them, but because one of them actually got to my mind about 30 minutes ago:

So here I was, sitting all innocent in my room with the AC on, surfing GS. When I heard a sound coming from the AC. The AC in my room is just above my PC table. I thought it might have been from the ice it makes so I ignored it. After 2 minutes the noise became annoying, very annoying, it's like there was some kind of mouse in it just scratching it's way out. So I turned it off and to my luck, the sound was silenced. But a mere 10 minute break from an AC here will get you sweating, so I made a huge mistake and turned it on. At that second, THE LOUDEST SOUND I HEARD AN A.C DO just came out! It made me jump! While I was in the air I actually SAW a cockroach's leg fly out of it and hit me on the forehead!

Nuts, Nuts I became I tell ya! I ran out of the room and stood at my door just searching for the leg. After I found it, I just kept staring at it to kinda accept the shock and prove to myself that I'm not crazy. TWENTY MINUTES! Staring, staring, and more staring... This cockroach is by FAR the worst I encountered. What's also worse is the probability there's more of 'em at my house. But I don't care, I'll be waiting for one to show up, and when it does..... Pure torture. Alcohol and matches. I don't care if I burn down the house! I'm taking one with me! I'm telling ya, if a perso touches me on the shoulder right now I will MOST DEFINATELY PUNCH HIM! I'm so Jumpy God-Damn it!

Well that's it. I hope I didn't bore you but I just had to take this out of my system and share it with someone.

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