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It's a GIRL!!!!!!!

...Actually me and my hubby have known for sometime now, but it'S still fun to announce :)

Consuela Jessica - born 11:08 pm January 25, 2008.

- pictures coming.

All hail the "16 MANTRAS OF FANBOYISM"

1) GameSpot is the most reliable source for reviews. Except when another publication rates the game you're hyping higher than us. Then that publication is the most reliable source. Until next week, anyway.

2) A person who owns just one console is inherently less biased than editors at GameSpot who have access to all consoles.

3) The term "exclusive" is tricky. Its definition changes depending upon whether a hot game appears on your platform or not.

4) Innovation is what it's called when your console has a unique feature. Otherwise, it's called a gimmick.

5) Your specific needs are shaped around your platform's features. For instance, if your console doesn't feature HDTV support, then it really wasn't that necessary to have, anyway.

6) A game that is scored less than a 9.0 on any platform you don't own is called a flop. If it does achieve that score, it's called overrated. (According to the GameSpot rating system, a game rated 8 or above is "great," but we all know that it really means "flop.")

7) Sales numbers are everything, as long as the numbers are best for your favorite company or console. If that means you have to dig up numbers for sales in New Zealand stores from seven months ago to prove your point, so be it.

8) Likewise, it is up to you to monitor how companies are doing and report every dip in stock price of manufacturers of other consoles. You're all experts in the fields of economics and finance, so your analyses will always prove correct.

9) You must realize, that some companies are evil, and some are inherently good. Some companies do it for the money, others do it... so, well, you can brag about them.

10) Perhaps the most clever thing you as fanboys can do is to come up with derogatory names for competing consoles, such as Xbrick and Xflopinstead of Xbox or FlopStation 2 or POSstation 2 instead of PlayStation 2.

11) On message boards, the best way to convey your point is to write in all caps, ignore the rules of grammar, and include lots of "LMAO's" and "LOLs" in your post.

12) It makes perfect sense to insult a company's lineup of games one moment and at then hope those game come out onyour console the next.

13) Playing a game on a different console for ten minutes at a friend's house qualifies you as an expert on that game and console.

14) You are obviously the most knowledgeable person about hardware. So when you're talking about the difference between CISC and RISC processors, everyone should stop and listen.

15) A sequel on another console is a "rehash," while a sequel on your console is not; in fact, it's highly anticipated.

16) Your platform is the best one in existence. Any time you see what might be evidence to the contrary, it's clearly because others are blinded by their idiotic fanboyism.

Follow these mantras and you will succeed on your journey toward total fanboyism. ;)

MY OFFICIAL "How and Why I Got a PS3" Blog

I've always said I'd wait until a significant price drop or a game I really wanted to play came on the PS3 beforeI got one. When Tekken Online released I was pretty close to buying one. But common sense kicked back in and I realized I didn't need a $600 Tekken machine.

3 weeks ago came an opportunity too good to pass up ;)

The Gamestop I work part-time at just out of the blue received a refurbished 20 PS3. When I came in one day to see how things were going in the store, the manager told me about it. She let me look at it and not only was it in PERFECt condition, but it was packaged with a BRAND NEW (I mean STILL PACKAGED) SONY SIXAXIS controller.

Wait, it gets better. :)

She showed me a email telling me about "employee appreciation weekend" where Gamestop employees get 25% off anything in the store.

I'm still an employee, even though I worked a whopping 1 day a week and I haven't been scheduled for over 2 months because of my pregnancy.

After doing some quick caculations in my head I told here to hold it for me until the end of November

This is what my receipt looks like (edited to protect the inoocent).

That's right, after trading in my PS2 and some games I don't play anymore:
PS2 = $25 + (extra $30 trade-in credit coupon) = $55
Games + (extra 50% store credit coupon + extra 10% Edge card) = $96

Long story short, for my 20GB PS3 w/brand new Sixaxis controller, I paid $150.67:lol:

So withoutfurther adu, for you doubters out there, my brand new PS3.

My still-working-perfectly launch 360

2 billion dollars.......

That's how much Sony's gaming divisionhas lost in the past 9 months.

$914 million from Jan - Mar LINK

$237 million from Apr - Jun LINK

$841 million from Jul - Sept LINK

...and no end in sight.

It took MS over 2 years to lose that kind of money on the original Xbox.

Tekken 6 is coming to the 360

Every single game Namco-Bandai has released on the PS3 so far has failed to meet even their minimum sales goal.

But here are a few more clues from IGN.

"Bandai Namco is also including a ranking mode, and even has plans for downloads. The downloads will actually be kicking off well before the game's release. On Friday, the marketplace will take delivery of themes and icons, which we'd suggest you download immediately to show off your excitement of more "6" games coming to the Xbox 360. " - LINK

Need elaboration?

"Doug, you've been saying watch Namco, watch Namco in the mailbag. Now it gets rumoured about Katamari, Ace Combat, and another series coming out on 360 as well. Is this what you were hinting at? Or without saying too much, is there possibly more to come?

Yes, these are two of the three games I was hinting about. There should be more to come. At least one more. Not sure when that will be announced, though. Probably later this year."

--Douglass - LINK

Just a matter of time. Believe it. ;)

Sony officially becoming the "Al Bundy" of the gaming industry

If you ever watched "Married...With Children" you know it centers around loser Al Bundy who constantly talks about the good old days and how great he was....back then.

After reading Sony's rebuttal to MS criticisms of PS3's half-baked online service, their only response was:

"The over 200 million PlayStation branded products sold to date were proof that consumers worldwide support Sony's ability to deliver hardware, software and services to suit this industry" - Dave "Emmy" Karraker (SCEA)

What that has to do with the online service being a walking joke (hell you need a firmware update right out the box just for it to work properly) I don't know.

What it does show is that Sony is riding on past accomplishments not realizing there's a red-headed couch potato called the PS3 spending up all of his money.

System Wars: Seriously

I often have a certain forumite who tells me that I take the System Wars forum too seriously. While I won't mention this forumite's name because frankly they don't deserve the attention :lol: , but considering this person's history here in SW, that person claiming that I take this SW seriously is a hypocrisy sandwich with a bag of cheetos. :lol:

Evidently, this person has either forgotten why SW exist, or they never knew in the first place. So for their benefit, and anyone else, I'll give a brief origin.

When the Gamespot forums first stated, there were only General Game Discussion and Console specific forum. Unfortunately since these budding forum were during the start of the next generation console wars, these forum were overrun by rabid, preteen internet dorks known affectionately as Fanboys. Most of these fanboys were MS haters who were pissed that MS was entering the console business, so needless to say that it was the Xbox specific forum that was being attacked the most.

It was then that early forumer Alex Watchtower, submiited to GS admins the idea of a "War Room" forum that would channel the fanboy garbage into that and clean out the other forums. The admins agreed and thus "System Wars" was born. I even remember the first caption:

"...Looking to start a fight, or finish one? The System Wars forum is just the place to talk up your favorite console while telling other people that their console is junk..."

You see back then, people were proud of their fanboyism. They had no problem saying with pride "I want (insert console here) to fail".

It was only recently when these fanboys realized that GS sees them as sideshow freaks, fools, and all around dorks did they started to justify their actions with "I don't take SW seriously" cop-out.

Gamespot doesn't believe it for one minute. They constantly get hate mail from these people who claim not to take it so seriously.

SW exist because fanboys are real and they are to be taken seriously. If GS was to close Sw down today, what are the chances that most of thses nerds would spam other forums trying to get them to bring back SW. It's pretty much a no-brainer.

So I say to this forumite and any others that this appllies to. Do I take SW seriously? Not at all. That would require me to spend a significant amount of time bashing a console. I don't do that. Never have, and never will.

Is SW something to be taken seriously? Yes it is. Because contrary to what most people there say, they are there because they are fanboys in one form or another.

-fin :wink:

The System Wars reform agenda.

It's no secret that System Wars is not, nor was it ever, the first place you'd go to find a logical discussion about consoles. But I remember a time when if you described the General Games Discussion Forum as the Oxford Debate Union, you'd describe the System Wars Forum as Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. While Oxford is far more civilized, restrictive, and rule-laden, Speaker's Corner is less structured and discussions get passionate, heated, and even volatile. It's opened to the public, which means you tend to get a lot of the rift-rafts of society. But every so often, you get people who has the intellect to be at Oxford, but instead chooses to be with the commoners.

That's System Wars....or rather, that WAS System Wars. Before the split up, System Wars was a vibrant mix of rift-raft and normal minds. Real world logic was the rule that always won out in any debate. Also the terms "flop" and "owned" (in whatever spelling you chose to use) actually meant something. SW was wild, crazy, but it was also "fair and balanced", which was what made SW the mindless fun that it was.

But then the split happened. And when it was over, only the rift-rafts were left. By rift-rafts, I mean flamebaiters, spammers, and pretty much people who threw real world logic out the window in the interest of "pwning".

A little over a year later, the level of SW hit total rock bottom. There were always "unwritten, but understood" rules before. But now when it comes to arguments, the rules are pretty make up the rules to suit your position. It doesn't have to make sense, you just have to have enough people agreeing with you to be right. If you can make enough people mad or riled, who cares about being right? System Wars is no longer the Speaker's Corner, but instead the "Jerry Springer Show"

At first, I felt this place was too far gone to ever return to a decent state, but then I met other forumers who not only remember the good old days, but want to bring them back.

And thus, I have joined with these forumer to try to bring back the old SW we knew and loved. Naturally, we realized things will never be like they were before, but we plan to give it one hell of a try. Hopefully if the admins at GS accept my proposal, this could be the dawn of a new era in SW and we can return to the days of commoners and rift-rafts arguing about consoles in harmony. :)

System Wars versus System Wars

I find it funny and sad that there are a bunch of Gamespot System Wars rejects who have dedicated their lives to "Fighting the Good Fight" against the brutal fascist that is Gamespot. Most of these guys are permabanned forumers why forgot they agreed to a TOS before they created an account. Apparently, they feel like the rules shouldn't apply to them. That they are "special". So they created their own "System Wars" website, where they are free to express themselves however they feel, whether that be with profanity or pornography.

Now, you would think that they would be content. After all, they got what they wanted, right?

Apparently they are not content. And this is evident by the need to make multiple accounts here at GS and post anything that would bring attention to themselves.

So you ask yourself, why did they go through the trouble of creating an entire website for themselves when all they pretty much do is find ways to come back to the very site they hate? It's real simple:

They figured out that there's no fun in total freedom.

What's so cool about being able to curse at someone when they'll just curse back. Where's the shock value in posting porn when not only does no one has a problem with it , but it is, in fact, encouraged. It's like being the class clown in a school of nothing but class clowns. You're not special, you're not original, and worse yet, you're not noticed. And for someone who craves attention like these boys do, this is unacceptable.

So there's only one thing to do. You have to go back to that restrictive, rule-imposed forum where your antics will get the shock and awe that you crave. So what if you get banned, at least you're getting noticed. Go back and piss and moan about how lame Gamespot is and how you're just doing everyone a favor, then just make a new account and start the fun all over again.

It makes me wonder what these little boys would do if Gamespot ever decided that SW was more trouble than it's worth and shut it down. I honestly believe these boys would implode within their own nothingness.