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Max Payne 3

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So i bought the new Max Payne game on release day. Gotta say it's a pretty good a shooter. BArely going halfway through. Kinda disapointed that the "graphic novel" mode is gone but in a way it's understandable. It's different time and people want to see the scenes animated. Eitherway the gameplay is pretty good. A bit more graphic and bloody but still entertaining. Can't wait to finish and pass it!

Happy Thanksgiving

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It's that time of the year, we give thanks and stuff our face. Im thankful for my family,friends and that the world didnt end on 5/11 or didnt have a zombie apocalypse. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Quake

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I know it's a bit late for me writing this but that earthquake was horrible. The March 11th earthquake and Tsunami are going down in the history books. Man, i bet the people from Haiti are barely recovering from their quake and now japan has had one. Sheesh. And the death toll is expected to be around 10,000. And now there's the whole nuclear situation. I hope they get back on their feet. Hopefully everything gets better. They're Japan, they'll get back on their feet soon.


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Wow, this place is really dead now. Or maybe i've been away for to long lol. So it seems that none of the people i use to talk to are here anymore. Kinda sad but oh well. Ah man, i use to have fun on this site back in 06-08. Anyways just stoping by and seeing if anyone remmebers. Here's my email if anyone wants to IM me or just write,

On a side note, I went through TV/GS, and myspace. Wonder what's next

Gradutation, reflection

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Well, tomorrow I'm graduating from High School. Time goes fast. I decided to make a blog here on this site because, well, this is where all the magic started. At least for me. This was the first site where I became member of a social network. That was almost four years. Four years. It has been some crazy four years now that I look back on it. I was looking at some of my old blog post and I gotta say I'm pretty ashamed of myself XD. Horrible speller and not really good at writing. And most of the people who i talked are pretty much gone. Heh, man alot has happened these past four years. I've met all sorts of people. I've experienced all sorts of things. Both good and bad. Now it comes to a close. In my own way I'm going to miss high school. You know, i actually made a blog here talking about going into high school. It's weird. So yeah I'm going to miss my friends most of all. For most of my years in high school I was a loner now... But yeah anyway that's over with and next up is college. I've learned that it isn't all fun and games and that sometimes you have to be serious and responsible. So yeah that's pretty much all i can think of. Anyway I hope whoever read this enjoyed. So, bye.

Anybody there?

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Haha Hello to anyone reading. Man i have not been here in a good while. I bet no one remembers me or even knows me. It seems all the people i talked to on this site are gone... Anyway yeah just thought i'd make a blog. I havent made one in almost two years. Thanks for reading.

Anyway Hi... and bye!

a blog...

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eh, thought i'd lget more points so i made a random

I seem to be back on my feet after Hurricane Ike. I think it's safe to say things are back to normal. I was a little sad to see that nothing change both in rl and tv but oh well. Oh yeah the elections are coming up

I, YamiGuzz, completely endorse Barack Obamas

oh yeah i just i want to say Hi to anyone reading this

Hurricane Ike

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Yup, i have a front row seat to it apparantly. Everyone in my town, Houston, seem to be freaking out. According to the news we're going to have a lot of wind and rain. The good thing is don't have to school today. YES!!. Currently we are staying in my home. My parents we're thinknig of leaving but there's going to be a lot of traffic. Of course we're boarding up the house. If this like Rita, back in 05, we shouldn't that much of problem. I just feel bad for the Galveston, it's already flooding.

Max Payne movie!

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i've waited for this movie for some time now. I just saw the trailer yesterday and looks pretty good. if you want to see the trailer i got it in my profile here. I hope it sticks to the original story unlike Hitman which was pretty cool also.