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Nintendo wins...

After watching the Nintendo E3 keynote, I'll say right now that they stole the show. Nothing short of full remakes for Final Fantasy 7/8/9, the original Spyro Trilogy and original Crash Trilogy could save Sony now.

First, Nintendo seems to have come to their senses. Metroid, Kirby, KID ICARUS, new Zelda, new Golden Sun... Dear ARCEUS, Nintendo. It only took you 4 years to get back to the fans. Now, I have to wonder what else is in store for us. If Sega had come out and announced something major, it would have been nothing BUT Nintendo at E3.

Finally free of work... (Stupid "no all caps" rule. -_-; )

Ahh... No longer working, at least for a little while. Time for some down time and gaming.

First off, I'm selling my 360 and most of my games. I don't play it, I'm not a fan of the system, and I need the money. Thankfully, a friend thinks he can get me $250 for the system (incl. hard drive and controller) and 15 games. I really hope so, as I want some games that I'll actually play, or something. Might also try selling off my old phone as well, as I got a new BtackBerry Curve.

Next, I'm not playing my DS as much for a bit, simply because I need a break from it. I still felt like I was being a little forced into playing Pokemon HGSS, and that doesn't sit well with me. I am playing through older games, though, and I will pop it in for random playing from time to time. Mostly the Japanese version of SoulSilver, though.

I'm mostly trying to work on Jade Empire, which I got the limited edition of, and Riviera for the GBA. Also working on Pokemon Emerald, but that's a given. Anything else? Nope... Not that I can remember.

So yeah, expect me around a bit more for now.

Running Windows 7/Dying Xbox360

Yay! Running Windows 7, and I've managed to improve it's resource usage a LOT. My first time around wasn't as fun, but now it's running very smoothly. I even have Blu for my Twitter client (I'm Teradyne on Twitter), and adecent setup for my writing (Wordpad and OpenOffice (Want Office 2010))and blogging (Windows Live Writer). Now for sound and video recording... Yes, I'm a geek.

In other news, My XBox360 is starting to take a turn for the worse. Not really sure how much longer it's got, but I don't play it very often, so it's sort of good that I have nothing to play on it right now. Not entirely sure if I'm goign to get another one, though. Not for a while, anyway.

Oh, and I'm making another run through Pokemon Colosseum for Ho-Oh, and through Pokemon XD for Lugia. I'm also raising some Pokemon to Lv 50 for the Lv 50 EmeraldBattle Frontier. HGSS just lost my interest due to forcing myself through it. That, and I bought a US copy of HeartGold before I finished my Japanese copy of SoulSilver, so it sort of felt like I needed to rush through. >_o

Also, Minun and Pluslecan really kick ass in some situations, like Lv50Battle Frontier. I found that out the hard way. ;~;

An obsevation: Pokemon and Competition

Here's something that's been on my mind as of late: Why did Pokemon suddenly become ultra-competitive? I'm not talking about personal rivalries and such. I mean what Smogon and their ilk created.

Back in the 151 days, players weren't very competitive. There were ways to play online using the AOL chat battlers, so online battling wasn't a factor. Then came the 251 era, and the discovery of DVs. Back them we had the GSBots on IRC, but even though there was "competitive battling", it was a VERY friendly and open atmosphere. There was almost no elitism, and what little was there usually ended up getting squashed by the community.

Then the386 era hit. At first, things were rather calm. Then came the discovery of the improved IV system... and EVs. Soon after, Smogon came into existance. That's when all hell broke loose. Competitive battlers started taking over other forums, forcing their style of battling on others. It became even worse with the 492 era, with more and more competitive battlers showing up, though fewer of the new people showed signs of elitism.

The old saying goes "Don't hate the player, hate the game." Well, in this case, it's really the players who are at fault. It was the ultra-competitive players who eventually ran people off (examples being the GameFAQs/GameSpot FireRed and Emerald boards), and they did case a LOT of trouble for the veteran players. Many still do. I've have my fair share of run-ins with the high-rank competitive battlers, and each run-in ended up with them attacking me for using a metagame that isn't Smogon's.

Here's the thing: there are TWO prevailiantmetagames: Smogon's, and the official metagame (AKA the Japanese metagame). Smogon's uses strictteirs, "standard" movesets, EV training and IV breeding, and in come cases, use of cheet devices to gain pokemon with the right stats.Accuracy and evasion-altering moves and itemsare shunned or out-right banned, as are OHKO moves.A majority of battles are 6vs6. People tent to stick with teirs, rather than a team of favorites.

The Japanese/Official meta is a different beast entirely. The "Banned" Pokemon are changed with each tournament, the onlybannedmoves are illegal moves and movesets, and it's usually Cup rules (Lv 50 All, 3vs3 in single, 4vs4 in double and multi). Also, IV breeding and EV training usually aren't considered, as people tend to use Pokemon as they are, rather than throwing them away for not being "perfect enough". However, moves like Double Team and Sand Attack are taken advantage of, as are OHKO moves. Finally, people tend to stick with favorites. Oh, and you don't see "standard" movesets, but many random sets that seem to either be thrown together, or use the Pokemon's abilitiesin a not-so-apparent way.

That said, so many people push the Smogon Meta in English-speaking countries that I've often wondered one thing: "Do they even play for fun anymore? Or are they just playing to say 'I'm better than you.'?" I'm serious about that, too. So many people todayplay only to win, rather than play with their favorite Pokemon. They'd rather hack in the perfect battlers than work with what they have. I can respect the IV breeders, as they at least put some damn work into their team.

EV Training, while necessary in the Smogon game, isn't asneeded in the other, and it takes so little time that I question if it can be considered "hard work". In 2 days, I've EV trained 12 Pokemon for the Emerald Battle Frontier. I could have trained more if it were JUST EV training, but I had to get them to Lv 50 as well. I could do the same in the 4th gen as well, if not quicker, due to the specal stat weights.

When all is said and done, we have a split: Smogoners and non-Smogoners. From personal experience, a majority (51%+) of Smogon battlers are rather elitist and unruly, thinking that their style of battling is the only "real" way to battle. I have respect for anyone who can play there and not become elitist themselves, or throw up from the stupidity. On the flip-side, I've found that most Official/Japanese metagame battlers are very nice, have great manners and sportsmanship, and for the most part, actually seem to give a damn about having fun.

Again, this is from my experiences, and your mileage my vary.To me, the Official/Japanese meta is much more fun, and you see some very awesome and trippy sets and teams. For those who play the Smogon meta and have fun, and aren't elitist, I applaud and respect you.

Burnt out...

I know why I can't get into HGSS now... 1) I went from JP Diamond to US Pearl, to US Platinum, to JP SoulSilver, and then to US HeartGold. 2) I forced myself to finish it.

Not only am I burnt out from 4th gen, but I lost my desire to continue playing after forcing myself to keep going. That's why I always say "I'll beat it on my own time". If I'm pressured/forced into it, I don't enjoy it, and I feel more compelled to chuck out out of the nearest window than to continue playing it. That said, I'm taking a MUCH needed break from it. I wasn't playing it THAT much, but after what happened, it might be for the best to just leave HGSS (and maybe DPPt) alone for a bit so I don't completely ruin it for myself.

I MIGHT play some Platinum every once in a while, I don't know. I sorta want to finish FireRed and Emerald first, and maybe work on some other games, butsince Platinum is "done" aside from Battle Frontier, it might not be as bad. That, and I like Sinnoh more than I do Johto.

That said, has anyone been burnt out of the games yet?

My gripes about HeartGold/SoulSilver so far...

Can't believe I'm doing this again...

1) No Game Corner. It's in the Japanese version, and it's absolutely AWESOME. I love the bonus rounds. I can even buy coins. While Voltorb Flip is a great game, it was VERY poorly executed. Had they added the ability to buy coins, and not made the entire room look like crap, I could have respected it more.

2) Lack of Johto Pokemon in Johto. THey made this mistake the FIRST time through, why do it again? Sure, they added a few more, but it's through the PokeWalker and Safari Zone, which makes things MUCH harder. I could always trade, but... eh... I'd rather catch em myself. It gives me that connection.

3) The Azelea Gym. Small gripe, I know, but I didn't like the way they changed it, and Bugsy is given WAY too much power with U-Turn this time around.

4) The Story. I LOVE that they expanded a bit on the story, but then I think, "That's all?" Seriously, I would have expected a better ending this time around. I griped about it last time as well.

5) PokeGear Rematches. Seriously, would it have KILLED them to include the option to use the damn VS. Seeker? Leveling off of wild Pokemon Pre-Elite 4 is a pain in my scale-covered tail. I literally chucked my copy of SoulSilver across the room one night because of how slow of a process it is. I'm all for reliving the past, but Arceus DAMN, did they have to regress a major feature? Loss of Day/Night wasn't that bad, but this is.

6) Rehashed Battle Frontier. I didn't want much changed, but couldn't they have at LEAST put in new Frontier Brains? I guess not with the Vs Recorder's Battle Videos, but still... It would have been nice.

This version has some great changes, but these glaring flaws really hurt the game overall in my eyes. I love the Pokeathlon (especially after the disaster of Sinnoh Super Contests), and while I didn't like Jotho, I have much more respect for it this time around. However, I'm still having a hard time getting into it, where as 3rd gen is working perfectly for me.

That's all I have to say this time around.

Games I need to review soon

I just realized that there are several games I need to write reviews for. Of the list, I see five priority-level games I need to take care of:

Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Pokemon BOX: Ruby and Sapphire

I also need to finish Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness again, and finish a few runs of Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire. Yes, I'm a HUGE GBA and GCN fan, and an even bigger Pokemon fan. :3