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Just finished Lair of the shadow broker DLC on Mass Effect 2, omg it was even better than original game wow!

Love that DLC. So many good things going for it.

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I love unlocking achievements and think they allow me to experience the entire game at times (such as rewarding for exploring and for honing skills). However, I won't put myself towards working towards grin heavy achievements like the Seriously achievements from Gears of War. There's no fun to that.

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The 360 has a tricky situation when it comes to playing Original Xbox games. The problem you're experiencing isn't exclusive to you, it's just a fault in how the 360's are supposed to play KOTOR. Here's a list of all the games that can be played on 360 for more information.

Almost all the games have some sort of issue. KOTOR does experience severe lag during fights. If you can find an original Xbox, I'd suggest picking it up, as that's going to be the best way to experience all the games without issues, outside of purchasing the games on Steam (if they're available that is).

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I finally found Marth through an online site. Been searching forever trying to grab it. Hopefully Meta Knight won't be that hard to find.

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I'm loving my Wii U. Great game selection. Can't wait to see what's on the horizon.

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I think Ubisoft is capable of creating games with fresh ideas as seen by this year's Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. They've done the same in the past with Outland.

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Locked for obvious reasons.

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@Litchie: All but the digital version (assuming you are in the US). Retail price is $59.99. (Includes physical Bayo 2 disc and Bayo 1 download code) Digital price is Bayo 2 for $49.99, Bayo 1 for $9.99. So really works out to be the same.

I saw them separate on the store. That's great pricing for both retail/digital.

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While the 2 mil threshold isn't a bad one, considering that all budgets Capcom is throwing out there require sales of over 2 mil, I would still like to see Capcom make more smaller games. I would also like to see Capcom somehow realize that people will pay money for a Mega Man game.

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I still don't understand why he's leaving in the first place, if he does that is. The Heat went to four championships in a row. Why would you want to leave that?

Maybe because they lost their last finals in 5 games, losing three straight by a point differential of like 57 points. The team isn't getting any younger, especially Wade. As Aljosa said, the only way I can see LeBron returning to Maimi, and the only way they win another championship, is if they make some big moves to compliment LeBron.

I think the Heat management are capable of doing just that, not to mention that Wade and Bosh are both completely capable of improving their game in the off season. While Lebron may want to win another championship post-haste, the Heat weren't really challenged in the East this year.