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Why You No Blog Anymore?

Hey Yagr, why you no blog anymore? I'm not sure. I think it could be a combination of being busy or lazy. Maybe more of the latter than the former. Definitely more of the latter considering that I've been playing a little too much Europa Universalis. >_> -------------------------------------- Now for a short update, I am back in New Mexico for the time being. A cat is currently rubbing against my back and has been doing it for the past ten minutes. I don't know if anyone has had a cat before, but it gets annoying when a cat rubs against you for hours on end. My car is currently in the shop getting repaired. It had a little brush with a concrete pillar a while back. Once it's fixed, then I'll be on the road back to California for a friend's wedding and then back here to look for a job. Hooray for job searching. *grumble* Now I have to help my parents pack up the house. They decided to move to a larger house on the opposite of the city. At least I have something to do.