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What Happens When You Get 30+ Engineers in a Bar and Fill Them Up With Beer 2

Hey, it's more of this enthralling story. :P Here's Part One. Part Two begins: ------------------------ Steve caught up to the waitress. "So -" "Nope," she said as she carried another order to an awaiting table. "Steve can wait as long as he wants," Steve said as he watched the waitress go to work. ---------------------- "Two words. Aerith. Dies." Yagr threw his hands up in frustration. "I like 9!" Ryan said in a crackling drunken voice. "And not to make this conversation even more nerdy," Hawk said eyeing his victory. "I still watch Naruto." This caused a storm as all the guys at the table chimed in on what they thought was the best anime series. ---------------------- Margaret looked on with Jennifer and Lauren. "Boys," she said shaking her head. "Well, I mean Naruto is a good show," Jennifer said. "Not you too," Margaret said. "I like Cowboy Bebop," Lauren said. "Helloooo nurse," Duncan said sliding back into his seat near them. "Oh. Yeah, now we're ****ing interesting," Margaret snapped. ---------------------- Tristan looked up at the large neon lights. Music was thundering inside and he could only imagine that everyone in there was dancing to the phat beat, or whatever hipsters called it these days. Looking down at his schematic, this had to be the place to find the Cal Poly girls. ---------------------- Yagr looked at his spoonful of pale green mush. He kept it at arms length away due to its aromatic properties. Something told him this would be a terrible idea. Okay, Hawk said looking around at those participating in the event. This is the first of many wasabi shots. You guys are idiots, Margaret chimed in from behind. Alright, Hawk said eyeing everyone and ignoring Margaret. Chow down! Immediately the room was filled with the sounds of people moaning in pain. ---------------------- Steve watched the cute waitress from the bar and contemplated his next move. Here have a beer, the bartender said. Its on the house. Steve looked at the bartender in quiet surprise. Then he looked at the glass of beer and shrugged. Beer is beer after all, right? ---------------------- I feel like Ive been punched in the jaw, Paul gasped. I shouldnt have smelt it first should I? Duncan said, his face red with beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. Yagr was busy drinking all the beer he could find. This isnt helping! he said a few minutes later as the pain refused to subside. Who wants some more? Hawk announced. No one dared to look at the crazed professor for fear that they might get a shot. I do! Leveque said. Yeah! Thats what I want to hear! And youll have one as well Yagr, Hawk said. Ah great, Yagr said in between gulps of someones beer. ---------------------- Neil looked around the new bar he had entered. I dont recognize anyone here, he said to the cute SoCal girl on his arm. Shou-should we keep looking here? She nodded and together they combed through the bar and the pounding sound of the bass. ---------------------- And yes, if you're wondering these are based on actual events. :P More to come.