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What Happens When You Get 30+ Engineers in a Bar and Fill Them Up With Beer 1

Yagr and company entered the bar The Screaming Whale and followed the waitress to the back area where a number of long tables were set up for them to enjoy. JD stopped and looked at the tables, taking a good long couple of seconds taking in the set up. "Shouldn't the tables look a little more straight? I mean they're off by a few degrees." This caused a few of the other engineers in the group to take a closer look at the tables and their arrangements. One of them even took out a piece of graphing paper and began to sketch the area. Yagr looked over at Paul and Warren in alarm. Warren grabbed JD's should and pushed him towards the nearest seat and turned to look at the waitress. "We need alcohol stat!" ------------------------- "I don't know what you're talking about?" Yagr said a few minutes later to his professor across the table. "I mean you have to expand to two bases if you're going to survive as Terran," Professor Hawk said. "I just go one base all in with Protoss and win almost all the time," Yagr said. Professor Hawk slammed his fist on the table before pointing at Yagr. "I hate Protoss one base all ins!" Just then, the waitress arrived and asked for everyone's drink orders. Yagr and Hawk ordered Sam Adams Summer Ale while Steve ordered a Dos Equis. When the waitress left, Hawk looked over at Steve. "You almost sound like you pronounced Dos Equis correctly, like a native speaker." Steve's eyes lit up and a mischievous grin appeared on his face. Yagr groaned and looked at Hawk. "Do. Not. Encourage. Him." ---------------------- "So wait," Duncan said as he looked around the now filled room. "Where are all the girls at?" "I'm a girl," Margaret said. Jennifer and Lauren also raised their hands indicating their femaleness. "You guys don't count," Duncan said dismissing them, and subsequently ignoring their indignant stares.. "I mean, where are the girls from Cal Poly? Weren't they supposed to be here?" At this point, from the table behind Duncan, Tristan gave the bad news. "Oh. I told them they wouldn't be on our tab, since this is our night to celebrate the conference." At once, all of the guys in the vicinity including one professor turned to look at Tristan with a "quick and horrible death to you" look in their eyes. "What?" Tristan asked with the shrug of the shoulders, completely oblivious as to what occurred. ---------------------- "And that's how I saved the conference," Neil said to the cute girl from SoCal. "That's soooo amazing," the cute girl said while batting her eyes. Neil wished he could remember her name. It wasn't fair that she took off her name badge. "So where are your friends? I thought they'd be with you?" "Oh yeah. They should be here," Neil said as he looked around the bar. Then it hit him. "I may have come to the wrong place." ---------------------- "I'll order another Doss Eqwuus," Steve said in a sultry voice to the waitress. The waitress looked at him quizzically and jotted down his order before leaving. "She wants me," Steve said with a far-away look on his face. Yagr turned to look at Hawk and shook his head. "You're playing with fire man." "I no longer care," Hawk said as he took another long sip from his Guinness. ---------------------- Tristan was pushed out of the bar. "Find them Cal Poly girls!" about every guy said before they made their way back. Tristan shrugged and looked at his smart phone. How was he going to find a group of girls that he didn't know? This was going to be quite the engineering problem. So he took out a piece of paper and got to work. ---------------------- "The best move I've ever seen," Professor Hawk said continuing his story, "has to be when I saw a number of archons take out a fleet of void rays after being vortexed." He looked up at the expectant faces of Yagr and Paul. "I couldn't believe my eyes." "You talking about the Archon Toilet?" Lucas said next to Yagr. Yagr and Paul jumped at the sudden arrival of Lucas. "When did you show up?" they both said in unison. "So, Archon Toilet, I know that move," Lucas said ignoring both Yagr and Paul. "Best move I've ever seen, in that context," Hawk said again. "I remember that match. That was insane," Lucas agreed nodding his head. "Did you catch the MLG finals?" "I did. Still can't believe a Zerg player won with the Terran's widow mines in store," Hawk said. "I wish I was better at Starcraft," Yagr said as he watched Hawk and Lucas get into an animated discussion about last weekend's MLG finals. ---------------------- Steve walked up to the waitress, slightly staggering as he did. "So," he said as he neared her. "Nope," she said quickly as she took another round of shots back to the bar area. Steve smirked. "Gonna play hard to get huh? I can play that game." ---------------------- "Best Final Fantasy game," Hawk said looking around the table. "Go." "6 by far," Yagr said. "X for me," Duncan chimed in. "8," Paul and Lucas said, causing Yagr to look at them in alarm. "What?" they each said. "It's not a good game," Yagr said. "I can't believe none of you said 7," Hawk said incredulously, talking over the coming storm of FF8 debates. "I only have two words for you. Aerith dies." "No," Yagr said. "I mean how can you overlook the best scene in all of gaming that is the Opera of 6?" "8 is all an experiment! They had amnesia the entire time!" Paul and Lucas chimed in. "I liked 9 the best," a slightly drunk Ryan said as he struggled to sit down at the table. Yagr and Hawk ignored everyone as they began their debate. ---------------------- Neil walked out of the bar and onto the street with the cute SoCal girl in hand. "Maybe they were in that bar?" he said. The pair of them crossed the street and entered the fourth bar on their trip to find the group. ---------------------- And that's the start of the night. :P On Wednesday I hosted the fourth annual Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference and let's just say that the after party got more than a little silly and nerdy. That's what you get when you mix engineers and alcohol. :P