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The Beginning

I'm rather excited and somewhat nervous at starting a blog. The first posts are always the hardest. This and future posts will be, well, about anything that comes across my mind. Whether it be a movie I just watched or video game that I'm racing through, or something else entirely. I haven't thought that far ahead, hah!

To start things off I guess I should mention that I just finished watching this French movie District B-13. I assume most would wonder why I would even bother with seeing a French film. It said, on the backside cover, that it was a martial arts action film. I have a weak spot for martial arts. There were some good fight scenes, but this movie, as a martial arts film, is a little weak; there weren't many fight scenes as a matter of fact. But as an action movie, it's well done. I have to say that the best part of the film is when they start playing a French rap song. Oh yeah, you read that right, haha. Check it out if you want to see something unique and different. Unique as in a martial arts film done outside of Japan and China that doesn't star Jet Li, Jean Claude Van Damme, and the other big names.

In my gaming news, I recently purchased Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes and LOTR The Third Age. I've heard too much about Metal Gear Solid and fallen for the gorgeous MGS4 trailer to not miss out any longer. The Third Age is just one of those games that I rented and liked. It's not too deep, but then again I haven't played it entirely. So I'll get a review up for it soon, when I have the time that is. Being an engineer in college is tough on free time.

That's about it, hope that who ever reads this enjoys. I'll try to keep them coming on a regular basis.