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Just a Short Update

It's been some time since I've written a blog, and as I sit here in a coffee shop using some free wifi, I thought now seemed like a good time. I have spent almost the entire summer in my grandmother's log cabin by the beach in Carmel, CA. That time is about over as the house was on the market the moment I settled in. As luck would have it, the house was purchased about two weeks later giving me two months until I have to get moving. That two month period ends on Aug, 7th, upon which I'll need to find a new place to stay. So far, I haven't found a suitable location, or at the very least, a cheap location. Most areas in the Greater Bay Area are rather expensive. Coffee has never really stuck to me. I'm saying this as I take a larger sip of the bitter liquid. I rarely, if ever, drink the stuff. Only on the occasion that I find myself waking up in a place that isn't quite my home. Second time it's happened in the past three weeks. Anyway, I'm also searching for a job. Trying to get my foot into the door hasn't been harder and thankfully I have some friends helping me out with my resume by telling me what I should change to make it stand out more. In the mean time, I have been working diligently at writing a few novels and I'm close to completion for one of them, whereupon I'll be searching for a publisher and cross my fingers. I have a number of ideas that are sticking so far. So fun times are ahead in terms of moving, finding a job, and hoping someone would love to publish my novels. What's going on your neck of the woods?