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123rd Minute

I was going to write about what I did this past weekend, but upon waking up this morning and turning on the NBC online streaming coverage of the Olympics, I found I really couldn't. Not when I just watched a truly magnificent women's soccer match between the US and Canada. What a match that was. A back and forth battle. Canada's Christine Sinclair put O'Canada up by one heading into the half before Megan Rapinoe tied it up early in the second. From there, in about a 15 minutes stretch the two teams put up a flurry of offense that included four goals, two more for Sinclair making her only the second player ever to score a hat trick against the United States. The end of said flurry came with a pair of controversial calls where the referee first called a delay of game on the Canadian goalkeeper, awarding the US a free kick at the top of the penalty box. The kick wasn't well hit, yet it careened off a Canadian hand, earning the US a penalty. When it comes to penalties and Abby Wambach, it's almost automatic as it was here tying the game at three a piece. The game headed into extra time where there would be no golden goal, or in other words the game keeps going if someone scores. The first period was well played by both sides as the game took a much more physical tone with numerous players needing extra time to get up. Heading into the second extra period it was clear that the US had just a little bit more juice left in the tank than the Canadians, some of whom were visibly having a hard time trying to keep up. Despite this, the US just couldn't get the ball into the back of the net as the Canadians became more and more desperate to hold on to the tie having almost no energy to mount a considerable offensive push. Finally, in the 123rd minute, Alex Morgan headed in the fourth goal for the United States giving them the lead for the first time the entire night. The game ended thirty seconds later as the US and Canada hobbled off the field. I'm pretty sure my short summary doesn't do the match justice as this was a fantastic match to watch. Each team put their entire strength behind the game and it showed. The US will face off against Japan a rematch of last year's World Cup finals. Japan won that meeting in penalty kicks. Canada meanwhile will battle France for the bronze.

Game Grumps

God damnit. This is too ****ing hilarious. I'm going to assume that everyone knows who Egoraptor is, the funny guy who animates and does funny voices. Well he joined up with another youtuber and created a new show called Game Grumps. On this show these two guys go around playing video games and giving out commentary. While this in itself isn't exactly new or groundbreaking, it's just so god damn funny to listen to. Here's a little snippet of their playthrough through Pokemon Emerald. Linky.

Now I Know Why

For the past couple of days I've been staying up rather late. So late in fact that I've had a few people send me texts online wondering why I was still up when they were waking up for the day. Now I know and I feel stupid for it. A few days ago I picked up a large jug of green tea. Needless to say green tea has a large amount of caffeine per fluid ounce, at least when compared with dark soda. So yeah, now I know why I've been staying up for incredible hours alert and whatnot. I should rethink of when I decide to drink it now. >_> I should have known it had caffeine, but noooo. I just decided to buy a jug on a whim and sat around at 4 AM wondering why people were surprised to see me still up.

Yagr Plays Racquetball

Buzz buzz. Buzz buzz. Grumbling, Yagr reaches over to his vibrating cell phone and looks at the text. 'Hey you coming to play racquetball today?' - Warren 'Yes.' Yagr typed in before placing it back beside his alarm clock, its red digital numbers revealing it was before 7:30 in the morning. Buzz buzz. Buzz buzz. 'Okay. We're meeting at 11:30. Bring money.' - Warren 'Whoopdedoo.' Yagr typed back in before placing the phone inside a drawer in between a few book so as to muffle its vibrations, and turned over in bed. --------------------------------------------- "Okay, so here are the teams," Warren said looking around that the other three players. "I'll be with Dr. Wellington and Yagr you're with Paul." "Oh great. What even teams these are," Paul said, noting that of the four of them, Dr. Wellington was the only one who had spent time playing the game. Hell, half of the rackets in their hands were his. "Ok, you guys can serve first," Warren said. It became apparent rather early that the teams were indeed unfairly balanced, even if Paul and Warren were on the same level of poor play, which resulted in the majority of miss hits, shanks, wall scrapes, and hit players. Play almost stopped for the day when Warren hit the ball straight into Paul's jaw. Sensing that he might impart a few words of wisdom, Dr. Wellington drew the three of the aside and decided to teach them how to properly serve. None of the three caught on, each determined to do it their own way: Warren hitting the ball with little to no rhythm or afterthought resulting in a large amount of double faults, Paul hitting the ball softly so it soared in the air making it easy for the opposing team to smash the ball hard back at the wall, and Yagr just hitting the living crap out of the ball against multiple walls. In short, it was a disaster for everyone but Dr. Wellington. Yagr pulled Paul aside before the start of the third game. "We need to change something up," he said. "I was just thinking that," Paul said nodding his head. "How about we change sides while serving? That should work." "Okay. And how about you lower your racket from the side of your head. It's not helping you afterwards," Yagr said. "There's a reason I have it there," Paul said. "And you need to start diving for the ball," Yagr added. "What? I do not need to dive." It did, much to the frustration of Warren. "Stop hitting it to me!" Warren said as he flailed about trying to hit the ball rocketing towards him for the fifth time in a row. "Just trying to see if you're awake, that's all," Yagr said. "Well I'm awake, unlike you were this morning," Warren shot back. "That's what you get for texting me at 7:30 in the morning. Who does that on a Tuesday?" Though they had a sizable lead after their first service, Yagr and Paul quickly lost it due to Dr. Wellington's serve. "Why does it always reach the stupid back corner?" Yagr lamented. "At least you're not busy trying running into the wall trying to hit an inside out forehand. What an annoying sport this is," Paul said as he rubbing his aching left shoulder. The game ended in a third consecutive loss and thinking fourth time's a charm, Yagr and Paul agreed to another game. "You could have gotten it if you would have dived!" Yagr said after they lost another point. "Yeah, and have a split skull in the process," Paul said. "We can get the hospital stuff settled after the game. You worry too much," Yagr said. A few points later, Paul did indeed dive for the ball, albeit a bit late and into Yagr. "I dove. Are you happy now," as Paul tried to untangle himself. "Was there something you wanted to tell me?" Yagr said with a mischievous grin. "Yeah. You're fat," Paul said detaching himself. "I am not!" Yagr yelled back. Despite their efforts, Yagr and Paul came up empty handed and ended the day 0-4. They all shook hands and headed off for lunch. "We should do this again. How about next week?" Dr. Wellington said after taking a bite into a Jimmy Johns sandwich. "Yes let's!" Warren said, his eyes alight. Paul and Yagr looked at each other and sighed. "Sure why not?" Yagr said. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hooray for sports! In all seriousness, Dr. Wellington is a cheap cheap player. Stupid drop shots and serves that skid off the side walls and not rebound. I've always known he was a wizard of some sort. >_>

He Knows

Creeeack! Paul and Rebecca stared at each in alarm and panic. For a split second their limbs failed to move as they heard a pair of footsteps closing in on them and the closing of the large doors. Rebecca acted first, pushing Paul off her and then pulling him down into a chair, leaping into another one and grabbing her book just as Yagr appeared. "Oh hey Yagr," Rebecca said in a calm tone as she casually turned a page in her book. "Yeah, hey," Paul said trying his best not to stutter. Yagr glanced at them and waved as he headed into the kitchen area of the clubroom. Paul sighed seeing that Yagr had his headphones in and was apparently just here for to purchase a few bags of chips. Maybe he was heading into the lab for more research. Rebecca kept her face aimed at the book, yet kept her eyes on Yagr's back. Yagr moved with quick precision, opening the payment jar and dropping two quarters before bending down to snatch two small bags of Doritos like a hawk catching a mouse. In almost the same move, he had placed the top back on the jar and was walking back out the door in his usual quick step whenever he wore his headphones. He waved to them again and was gone, disappearing behind the makeshift wall that separated the clubroom from the office area of the large room. Soon the door opened with a large creak and closed with a soft slam. Paul and Rebecca let out a breath of relief and looked at each other. "Do you think he knows?" Rebecca asked, placing her book down flat on the table. "I doubt it," Paul said standing up and looking at the door. "He usually doesn't process anything when he has his headphones on." Just then, Paul's phone vibrated. He picked it out of his pocket and looked at the text. 'OMG you and Rebecca! Eeeeee!' - Morgan. Paul's heart sank as he read the text and he slumped back down in the chair. It vibrated again. 'Rebecca, huh? She's hot." - Warren. "What is it?" Rebecca asked looking at the vibrating phone with dread. "Oh he knows," Paul said as the sixth text came in. "And so does everyone else." Rebecca clenched her fist and pounded it on the table. "Oh I'm going to kill that roommate of yours." "Mom?" Paul said as he answered the phone. "Why yes dear. I'm calling to congratulate you on nabbing such a good looking girl." "What? How-" Paul stuttered. "Why facebook of course." "Please tell me you have a shotgun," Rebecca said getting up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based on a true story. A-hehe. I'm such a stinker. :P And to be honest, her book was held upside down.

A Little Summer Update

So I've been a little busy this summer in terms of gaming and other stuff. I decided to go back through and tackle my backlog of games for my 360 (read only two) and try to get through the remaining achievements for a few others. Nothing too exciting except that I finally got those blasted freeflow medals for Arkham Asylum. Don't know why it took me so long to just sit down and finish that game with 100% rating. I finished that night with a run through of Alan Wake, to which my roommate expressed a lot of interest in. He's a bit too busy softly cursing through Mass Effect 3 multiplayer or trying to set obvious traps for griefers in Minecraft on his laptop. As for my backlog of two games, I'm having a blast racing through Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. I love Criterion's games and Hot Pursuit has reminded me a lot about Burnout 3 Takedown, one of my favorite racing games. I actually went into the game thinking it acted like a Burnout game, seeing as how Hot Pursuit was at times called Need for Speed: Burnout or Burnout: Hot Pursuit, I found it rather odd that the other cars weren't ramming off the siderails every time I tried to shunt/slam into them. That's the key difference between both Burnout and Hot Pursuit, the physics engine. While both games look the same, they don't feel the same and I'm rather pleased by that. While on one hand I want another Burnout, I do realize that everything Criterion makes can't be a Burnout game. That would grow tiring after a while. So after getting used to a much more realistic racing engine, I've begun to love the game and simultaneously hate it while I try to grab all the gold medals. The Racer Time Trials and the Cop equivalent Rapid Responses are by far the worst. Both require going from point A to point B within a certain time limit. The only difference being that as a Cop, you can pick up time penalties, two seconds for every boundary you hit and three seconds for every pedestrian car you graze across. Interestingly, you get no penalty for actually crashing into a pedestrian car. While this would make it seem to be the hardest mode, the two cousins are well balanced. As a Cop, you can realistically get a gold without obtaining too many penalties (say two or four seconds) and not take any shortcuts. As a Racer, since you can't get time penalties, you have have to take a shortcut and use the nitrous like a fiend to have any chance to grab a gold. In short, it's a fantastic game and I can't wait for Most Wanted later on this year. The other game in that backlog, Odyssey to the West, is alright so far. I haven't played too much into it, being distracted by Hot Pursuit at the moment. From what I have played, I have to say that the game controls are a little off. I'm not sure how or why, but they feel off. Maybe I'll get back into it later. Outside of 360 gaming, I did pick up the Humble Indie Bundle, and have to say that it's a steal. Eight games for $15. Even though I already owned Limbo on the 360 and Psychonauts on Steam, getting the remaining six for that price is still a steal. I've been playing through Bastion a bit and I've been thinking about getting through Amnesia some time as well. I might post a blog detailing my experience through that horrifying game. Finally, outside of gaming in particular, I've been working in the lab, which is falling apart for some odd reason, and getting some other stuff done considering my post as an officer in an engineering society and what I'm going to do about moving back into my apartment after my time in purgatory. If anyone has a game they'd like to play when I get internet back for my 360, just name it. I'm going to go grab some lunch.

One Direction

"Hey, I didn't know you were still around," Meghan said as she entered the clubroom. "Yep," Yagr said looking up from his laptop. "I'm still here." "Cool," Megan said. She made her way to the snack area and filled up a cup of water. "Are you going to that One World concert that's coming up?" Yagr asked. "One Direction? No," Mean said shaking her head. "I didn't want to upset my younger sister. I couldn't find enough tickets for the two of us and decided not to create any tension between us." Yagr studied Man. "You just made that up. You couldn't get tickets period when you tried." A small smile on Mn's face appeared. "So. It sounds better that way in my head. Less guilt." "Uh huh," Yagr said nodding his head. "By the way, why are you typing whenever I'm talking?" M asked. "What? Oh nothing at all. Why do you ask?" Yagr asked trying to shield his laptop. "Are you writing this conversation up on your blog thing? Oh my God! You suck!" Drippy Dee said as she tried to shut Yagr's laptop closed. "It's too late now," Yagr said as he saved the file just as she closed the laptop. "No. Don't you dare post that online! Don't you DARE!" demanded Shoop Dog. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-hehe. :P

Hey! Yagr's a Year Older!

So hey it's my birthday today! Awesome. :P I'm now at the lovely age of 27 without a valid driver's license. That last part isn't entirely true, I just have to wait for my new license to arrive, and in the mean time try to celebrate without going to bars. Either way, I do get a chance to celebrate with a few gifts, or rather, try to figure out how to. My parents decided to give me a kindle this year. While a kindle is a great thing to have, I do have a rather sizable library of real books. Not saying that I'm not going to use my kindle, I just don't know when I'm going to. I do have a rather large backlog to get through, so my kindle may have to collect dust until I manage to get through it. It was one of the reasons I told my parents I didn't want one for this past Christmas. Anyway, I'm sure I'll find a use for it sooner or later. Aside from that, I spent the weekend with my 92 year old grandmother who promptly gave me money and took me to a bookstore, where you guessed it, I bought a physical book. Again, no idea when I'm going to use my kindle. >_> I did, however, get to chat up the cute bookstore worker. So that was a big plus. Gotta give a shout out to Horgen for telling me about the Harry Hole books. Outside of that, I just ordered a set of Cards Against Humanity, the Apples to Apples clone mature edition, and decided to dive into Dragon Age. So, nothing to spectacular for me today. Just waiting for my new license to arrive so I can go drinking. Hopefully sometime this week. Hopefully.

New Yellowcard Album: Southern Air

I typically get stupidly excited whenever a new Yellowcard album comes out and with the band having reformed after a short hiatus, they're just about to release their newest album titled Southern Air to come out this August. Their previous album When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes received an acoustic version a few months later and I can't stop listening to it. Yellowcard is a pop punk band along the same routes of New Found Glory, Paramore, and a little bit of Anberlin. Here's the newest song from Southern Air titled "Always Summer".

Yagr Obtained a... What Now?

As I wrote out in a previous blog, I had to move to an actual dormitory for the summer as my apartment building is undergoing summer construction. I got placed into a small one room accommodation that held two beds and two desks, all made out of fake plastic wood. It was a small place made all the more cozy with my large boxes, furniture, beanbag, and luggage. I was actually enjoying the place. There was a good view out the window where I could see the planes coming in for their landing at the nearby international airport. Then I received a little shock today. Rather, the shock walked in the front door. I tend to keep my door opened whenever I'm inside as a sort of invitation for people to say hey and what's up. So having a guy walk through the front wasn't a big surprise. It was a surprise when the guy introduced himself as my roommate. Yep. I have a roommate for the summer. If you're wondering, I was never told I would have a roommate. I even checked my email letting me know about my summer accommodations, and yep, no mention. So yeah, I was extremely shocked to be told I would be having a roommate. It also turned out the guy was equally as shocked as he looked around the room at all my stuff covering his bed and desk, and after a quick key check (where I hoped he was in the wrong room), he headed off to get his stuff. In the meantime, I rearranged the room and somehow found room to place everything. The guy (whose name escapes me, despite the fact he told me what it was) returned with only three bags, thankfully, and got situated. So yeah, I have a roommate for the entire summer. Hooray... >_>