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I cant wait till the holidays, My DS is gonna be packed!!!

First a GTA GAME!! for the DS how this will work i am filling my pants to find out, Then Skate it, then Rock Revolution. AHHHAH, more guitar hero, DEad Rising Wii bound!!!! FTW this is awesome!!

and the new Castlevania game looks BA!!

Xbox original drops to $54, I'm getting a Xbox!

Well now, screw 360, screw ps3, screw Wii, and SCREW THE WORLD! I'm getting a Xbox, the games I'm gonna pick up are as follows:

Unreal Championship 2

Morrowind GOTY

Halo: CO

Halo 2

maybe Star Wars KOTOR

Any suggestions would be nice.

Goose out.

Well you know what...

I am tired of trying to catch up on all the latest system, I'm sticking with my 64, cube, and NDS Phat. NOW I hear that they are making another DS, Well I'm tired of it, I just don't care any more. It's all being over complicated. The only thing i might get would be a Wii.

What happened to the good old days?

When u could post about any game on the DS forum now u have to post it in a discussion thread where no one listens to u, I post one topic about Metroid Prime Hunters and I'm pounced on by a mod to not bump or no CAPS. Well I'm tired of it REBEL AGAINST GAMESPOT MODS!!

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